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    Quote from lolmastergeneral

    New friends. New homes. New beginnings. A new world.

    This is a semi-vanilla server. Aside from anti-griefing plugins, the only major things that derail the vanilla feeling is Essentials and LWC.

    There is a certain level of maturity that you need to have, but anyone can join. Just so long as you follow the simple rules.
    1. Use common sense.
    2. No griefing.
    3. No hacks.
    4. Do not impersonate staff members.
    5. Obey the staff members.
    6. Do not ask for op, ranks, teleportation, or items.
    7. No trolling/flaming.
    8. No 1x1 towers.
    9. No hacks.
    And here are the Chat Rules:
    1. English only, please.
    2. No spamming.
    3. No excessive caps.
    4. No racism or sexism.
    5. No advertising.
    Pretty simple, yes?

    When you first join, you'll find yourself in a massive tower. Here you'll find the rules board and the plugin help board. Don't be alarmed when you find that you can't leave; the answer lies in the list of Chat Rules.

    When you're done, there is a line of doors you can use to exit. Good luck on your adventure in this Brave New World.

    We have a variety of plugins that aim for a better and more fun experience in Minecraft.

    Some of the plugins we have are:
    • Essentials
    • WorldGuard
    • WorldEdit
    • LWC
    • NoLagg
    • BuyCraft
    • CoreProtect
    • AutoMessage
    • xStats
    • NoCheatPlus
    Some of the more useful commands are only available to those with a higher rank. To obtain that rank, fill out this form and wait for approval:

    IP: bravenewworld.no-ip.org:25608

    Playtime: 2 hours
    People I you've met so far on the server: Zicreator and Lolmastergeneral
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