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    Good Morning,

    I am looking to hire someone/team (with suitable skills) to create a texture-pack with a few items (armor/weapons) it would require optifine and the CIT feature.

    I have looked into it but would like to discuss what can/cant be done as a texture artist would know better than i would regarding this.

    I am a manager/developer at FilthyMC https://www.filthymc.net

    We are a professional minecraft network and are willing to pay a honest price, I dont want to put a price here as i would like to discuss our needs and your skills and be provided with information on how difficult it would be to create and the timescale for you to create it. (payment would be discussed) usually pay freelancers 50% upfront after discussion then remaining balance paid after completion. (can be changed to suit) (could include bonus depending on how satisfied)

    Thank you for taking time reading this.

    Many Thanks


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    OMG Amberstone never ceases to amaze me!

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