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    Michigan Wasteland, gee, that's never been done in Minecraft before.......
    Oh wait......
    I did it 4 years ago.......

    I can't believe anyones even still doing these in 2016. But obviously not with any kind of standards, which we had back when I ran 3 of the biggest Fallout Minecraft servers. I just decided to take a look at the forums out of nostalgia for old times sake. I'm sorry to say it, but especially with the kind of applications you've been accepting, this will fail.

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    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][/font]

    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif]
    June 15th 2014
    Welcome back everyone! Fallout: Lost Days IS OFFICIALLY BACK!The server has no whitelist, and all you need to do to get added to the server is post your ign and character name in the thread.The server is not up yet and is currently in build, but will be released in the next week or so!We need staff and builders so if you are interested, apply below!I am so excited for this to be back and I hope you guys are to!!![font='Helvetica Neue', ', Arial, Verdana, sans-serif} ']
    Will be released soon

    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][/font]


    Head Admin
    Position Open

    3 Positions Open

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Mods[/font]
    5 Positions Open

    Trial Mods
    3 Positions Open

    Junior Trial Mod

    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif]Completely redone as of June 11th![/font]
    This is the lore we are going by with each of the two most recent games
    The Enclaves base at Raven Rock, and subsequently Adams Airforce Base were destroyed by the Lone Wanderer. He had however spared Colonel Autumns life, while still choosing to support the Brotherhood in restoring power to the purifier and supplying clean and free water to everyone.
    In the Mojave, the NCR won the second battle of Hoover Dam, with the aid of the Courier. They wiped out all Legion Forces, who retreated to their territory across the Colorado, but were not heard from by anyone ever again. Their were many rumors that they fell to in-fighting, as both Caeser and Legate Lanius had been killed by the NCR in the Mojave. After their victory, they marched into the Lucky 38 and killed Mr. House, who's small number of Securitrons where not a match for the full might of the NCRs army. They took control of New Vegas, and become hungry for more expansion.

    Chicago, 2270
    The Midwest Brotherhood of steel had pushed there controlled cities to far. Harrasing them, oppresing them, and running them into the ground, caused people to rise up against the BoS, but couldnt do it without a figure head to lead them. Then appeared a mysterious figure known only has "Nakamura". Nobody knew where he came from, but nobody complained, for he rallied the people. He was the figure they wanted, the one they needed. After a brutal 4 year struggle, and the deaths of thousands of citizens and BoS, Nakamura had finally found the resources and manpower to create his own section of the Chicago Wasteland. And so began the construction of New Chicago, a bastion of hope in the horrid wasteland that consumes the planet.[/font][font='Helvetica Neue', ', Arial, Verdana, sans-serif} ']Over the next 7 years, Nakamura had opened old supply caches he had set before the war, bringing out his modified Secuiritrons through a design he had stolen from Mr. House. Nakamura before the war, knowing of the coming Secuirton Combat Drone line of robots, knew it would outshine his company, and possibly put him out of busniess. With his options cut back, he had only one choice. To steal the blueprints of the Securitrons, and make a modified version of it. Having these mass produced didnt help. The combat module was still not up to par with the Mark II operating system that House had developed. In his last attempt at surviving in this capitilistic nation, he made the Synthetic Intergrated Combat Humanoid, or S.I.C.H. A group of robots that resembled humans in body structure, but underneath were metal organs, and metal muscle fibers. With the body being mostly organic, (for optimized self repair), armor was not redily available. So Nakamura took kevlar and weaved the mesh together with the flesh of the SICH Drone. Due to its late arrival to the pre-war america, and its inhumane ways of production, (It used live subjects to build off of), it was not as expanded as the Secuirtron line of robots. Instead, being custom built for the sole purpose of a flagship robot in the name of Nakamura's robotics company, Endeavor Cybernetics. These robots detered the BoS from taking back what was once theirs. With New chicago begins to draw attention from across the wasteland, many new factions began to show up. Including the NCR, who began trying to "civilize" such a ""wild" land. Even rumors of factions like the Enclave, or even TSS, a rumor made from random wastelanders attempting to make an "oasis on earth" style legend, but with little proof to back up either factions existence in the New chicago Wasteland, it seems they will stay simple rumors.[/font][font='Helvetica Neue', ', Arial, Verdana, sans-serif} ']With so many factions and people in the still immature Chicago Wasteland, conflicts were bound to happen. The NCR and BoS began a war when the NCR began to claim the land that was not theirs. The war did not last as long as many have surmised, and it was over within a few months due to the Midwest BoS's numbers, weaponry, armor, and training surpassing those of the NCR military in the area. The NCR's Ranger troops however are putting up a very good fight, and could possibly turn the tides of battle in this war.[/font][font='Helvetica Neue', ', Arial, Verdana, sans-serif} ']Being as the BoS were occupied with the war with the NCR, NC had time to expand further, and dig deeper roots in this land yet untamed. They began setting up small outposts and even exploring the local area that was not yet mapped. In there searches they found Lake Michigan, a lake blemished with the constructions of man, having become a major port and prized destination among cruise lines, and chinese communist, before the war. They learned of a mysterious figure, known only as "Governor Johnson", establishing a town in an old prison on the lake. There was even an oil rig, trying to harness the commodities found beneath the lake during the war. They also found Detroit, a metropolis right at the end of its building boom near the end of the war. Though not as Industrialized as Pittsburg, it was home to a sizable amount of factories that many factions could be trying to get their hands on. Now, in the year 2283, its up to you to decide the fate of the still immature Chicago Wasteland.

    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][/font]
    Major Factions
    New Chicago Police Force
    Chairman Nakamura: Me
    Vice Chairman: Available, Apply now!
    Police Captain: Available, Apply now!
    S.I.C.H. Commander: Available, Apply now!
    New Chicago Lore:
    The sprawling city of New Chicago, a bright beacon of hope in the desolate wasteland!Created by the mysterious Chairman Nakamura. Some say he has been alive since before the war. Some know he has. He ran a company that rivaled Robco before the war, but was always a step behind Mr. House. His main goal, after he awakened from his stasis (no one knows when that actually was) was to seek out Mr. House, as he was sure he still alive, and destroy him. He was determined to keep their rivalry going. But after he learned of his death at the hands of the NCR, he became determined to one-up him even while he was in his grave, by succeeding where House had not. After defeating the pesky Brotherhood of Steel and clearing them from the downtown area of the ruins of Chicago, he established the area he had claimed there as the city of New Chicago, erecting giant walls around it, protected by his currently small number of Securitron robots. His city is free to inhabit, and run by his Vice-Chairmen, Yuri Provinsky. After the city was taken and established, Nakamura retired into what was once the Sears Tower. Rarely does anyone enter, and rarely does he ever leave. He leaves Yuri to mostly run the city, but is still involved in its exploits, most of which they are very secretive about. Its common knowledge that he is working on rebuilding an old robotics facility to create more Securitrons, but that should have started pooping out robots years ago. Could it possibly be linked to the rumor that he is looking for something? Something of great importance to him? Either way, theres defiantly something very secretive going on within the great walls.
    NCPF and other important NC info:
    New Chicago is a free city (as In no faction territory, anyone can live or do whatever in it). However, there has to be some kind of order over it. To fill this need, the Chairman started the New Chicago Police Force, that keeps a somewhat loose control over the city from their compound built high above the city onto of an outdoor level of the pre-war Sears Tower.
    They can use any armor excluding diamond. Any Securitron members will be using diamond power armor.If you want to be a Securitron, just say so in your application.

    New California Republic
    General: Available, Apply now!
    Captain: Available, apply now!
    Colonel: Available, apply now!
    After winning the second battle of the Hoover Dam in the Mjoave, the NCR fully supported Kimballs push to bring order and the republic to all of the wasteland that they could. His first push was for the Chicago Wasteland. And so a whole fleet of NCR troops and citizens set off for the untamed land, but not to a lot of success. They were restricted by the BoS in the area, who they thought they could easily overcome or ally with, giving their dealings with the Mojave chapter. But they were wrong. The BoS in the area easily overcame them, and has restricted them from expanding in the Chicago Waste. But despite all this, they have created quite a fine city for the NCR, quite close to the magnificent city of New Chicago. President Kimball issue to visit the city soon for a short amount of time, to oversee some of the goings-on in this part of his territory.PerksThey can use Leather armor and iron combat armor.They have 2 Vertibirds in their possession.

    Brotherhood of Steel
    Head Elder: Available, Apply now!
    Commanding Officers: Available, Apply now!
    Head Scribe: Available, Apply now!
    Many know the history of the midwestern chapter of the BoS, if you could even call it a chapter. Broken off from any main Brotherhood branch, they are on their own. Some call them outcast, but they insist that they are still apart of the Brotherhood. They are giant dicks. They have a large presence in the wasteland, but unlike in DC, they use their presence to terrorize its inhabitants.
    They will be able to take training to use diamond power armor.

    Colonel Autumn: Available, Apply now!
    High Captain: Available, Apply now!
    Major: Available, Apply now!
    Most people had deduced that there were some surfing Enclave remnants in the Chicago wasteland. But no one knew that recently, there forces tripled, possibly even quadrupled in number, They were joined by the disgraced Colonel, Augustus Autumn. Him and a few Enclave forces escaped Adams before it was destroyed in 4 vertibirds. They touched down in Chicago only a few short weeks after leaving. They fled here because Autumn had some intel that there might still be some remnants here. However, knowledge of them has been reduced to whispers, some believing that they had been whisked away by the Vertibirds that landed here years ago. But, as history would state, whenever their secretive like this, their planning something. Some say that it won't even be long before they show themselves again.
    They can use chain power armor, which will have the same strength as diamond.They have 4 VertibirdsYou must come to them wearing a haz-mat suit (golden armor) to be accepted.

    Minor Factions
    Dark Water Enterprise
    Leader: Available, Apply now!
    Second in command: Available, Apply now!
    An Original faction. Merchants, prospectors, mercenaries, body guards, if you have the caps, they will do just about anything. They have a shipping dock in Lake Michigan, as well as a shop and and tower not to far from the NCR.

    New World Restoration
    Leader: Available, Apply now!
    NWR came to be through much hard work and determination by Samiel Lucien with the help of multiple others. NWR's goal has been to make the wasteland a safer place to live as well as reviving the wasteland bringing plant life to the wastes. These goals have come from the multiple wastelanders who have seen how bad things are in the wasteland and want to try to make a difference. While NWR does research hugely on plant life they also work on water purification, armor, and technology research as well. Problems have occured however during there research in terms of their water purification and plant research. Water purification never seemed to be fully purified and while they could get plant life to grow when it came to trees it quickly died. Research and rumors have lead to NWR being on the look out for a G.E.C.K which would allow them to finally be able to efficiently purify water and allow trees to grow. While on search for a G.E.C.K NWR continues their research and their attemp to make the wasteland a better place for others.

    Talon Company
    Leader: Available, Apply now!
    Spots Open: 3
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]It was.. God, so many years ago, when the Lone Wanderer destroyed the Enclave at Raven Rock.. This was the beginning of the end for us, we were now alone against an army, and the goal of keeping the wasteland lawless became near impossible. So the commander thought and dreamt, waiting out a year, and then another, until the day he just.. surrendered, He was dragged unarmed before the Brotherhood, offering a plea-deal of sorts.[/font]
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]They would take his life, leaving the capital wastelands to the Brotherhood's whims, and they would spare a vertibird (Or boat, whatever fits better) to transport their officers as far away as they could get- to a place called Detroit, they'd heard stories of it, and as the verti-bird landed a good distance away, the rumors of a massive force and hounds, ad endless riches there increased, driving them to a insatiable rush to arrive..[/font]
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Sadly, this journey took a bad swing, and they were mired down, making a very slow crawl to the town, by the time we arrived, things were different. The magnificent city was a ruin... So, they took the best opportunity possible- they secured a small rig on the ocean, and fortified it to act as a mobile command center. When they ran out of supplies, they would take land, terrorizing and enslaving the strangers they found- oddly, like their previous contract...[/font]
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Their fate, though, is uncertain. Will they be another ghoul of the capital wasteland in the [/font][font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]mist, or a [/font][font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]full fledged, imperialistic force?[/font]

    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]ROBCO[/font]
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Leader: [/font]Available, Apply now!
    [font=Verdana, Geneva, Tahoma, sans-serif]Spots open: 7/7[/font]
    Joshua Lancaster was the sole survivor of Vault 73 in Wyoming. It was designed release different gas's every so often to kill off a specific group a people. Finally, right before it was to late, Joshua was able to craft a unique gas mask and stopped the gas's from continuing to be released. As a result of being the sole survivor, a hidden room opened inside the vault, with some armor and weaponry, and information leading to an abandoned ROBCO facility in the ruins of Detroit that was said to have a wealth a amazing pre war tech, as well as training to use it all. When he got there, he discovered a secret bunker underneath it. Inside there was a large monitor, and when he stepped in its room a recording of House himself started playing. It said that if someone was viewing it, it meant that House was dead, as Vault 73 was actually owned by House and designed to only let someone out after he died. The recording of House said that it was now the task of the viewer to use the amazing tech found in the bunker to take down Nakamura, who should be somewhere in the region. So thats what Joshua set out to do. He created a Bar, Grill. and Strip Club on the main level of the facility as a front, so he could get to know the people of the region and earn some money. He secretly waits for a moment, when he amazed enough people to lead a strike to take down Nakamura, as he takes it as his sole duty in life.
    They can wear any armor (excluding chain) and have the benefit of tons of pre war tech and gear at their disposal.

    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][/font]
    Respect the staff and players
    If you have a complaint or suggestion, please report it to mods/admins
    No 1x1 towers or bridges to break into bases
    Chests can be looted
    No Griefing
    Absolutely NO X-Ray Clients or Mods
    Absolutely NO Modding or Hacking clients
    No looting in Faction Bases or Cities
    No Colors in roleplay Chat
    No Inappropriate Names
    No Racism
    No Sexism
    Keep cussing to a real minimum
    Recite part of the lore in your own words in your whitelist app
    When in Local Chat, Use Correct Grammar (As Much As You CAN)
    Put a "Diamond" In Your App to show that you have read the rules
    Use Relevant Skins
    Do not spam
    No backseat moderating(kick/temp ban)
    Follow the New Life rule
    No KoS or RDM
    No metagaming
    No saying that your parents died in ANY WAY in your biography in your whitelist app
    No joining a faction for malicious intent (ie. spying) or for the sole purpose of harming them
    No groups of more than 3. Anymore is considered a sub-faction, which you must apply for
    No bandit or raider factions
    No diamond armor unless you are a securitron, a BoS or Enclave member, or specifically told you can use it by a staff member
    Use common sense, there are some rules that are not stated but you should know, hence the common sense

    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][/font]
    New Chicago
    NCR Capitol City
    The town of Brushfire (NCR controlled)
    TSS Utopian City
    The town of Red Wolf
    Scattered abandoned Vaults
    Scattered abandoned Cites

    More To Come
    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][/font]

    Info to come later

    [font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif][/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Whitelist Application:[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]OOC[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]In game name:[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Character name:[/font]

    Staff Application
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]What position of staff are you applying for?[/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]:[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]What is your [/font][font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]Skype?:[/font]

    Builder Application:
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]What is your ign?:[/font]
    [font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]What is your Skype?:[/font]

    Faction Leader Application (add this to the normal app):
    We expect and will accept nothing less then fantastic apps, that show maturity, and have had ALOT of work put into. It needs to blow us away
    What faction and position are you applying for?:

    Sub-Faction Application:
    Name of sub-faction:
    Ign of 2 other members that will join:
    Why we should have your sub-faction on the server lore:
    How it fits in with the server lore:

    [font=verdana, geneva, sans-serif][font=tahoma, geneva, sans-serif]Banners[/font][/font]

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    Quote from Dualmittens

    I began RP'ing in the same way the owner did, joining Lost Day's a number of years back and playing actively there. Although when I look back on it, the RP was less than decent

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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    I'm so sorry guys, but after losing the map officially due to our hoster going out of business, we've decided to end Reclamation. I'd like to direct you to the many other Fallout servers right now, such as Brave New World, Echoes of Mankind, and Wild Wasteland. Please give these servers a chance, they are all managed by very good people and would love the extra members in their community. Thank you for sticking with Reclamation for this long, and I'm sorry to have to end this. With love, Noah King, Twizzler_Lord.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    You're SPECIAL points are still way to high. Tyler already told you, and it even says right in the app that you can only have a max of 40.
    Do this: First of all, add up all the points before submitting your app again. Start with 5 in every category, and then add 10 points in whatever way you see fit, so long as you EXPLAIN YOUR SPECIAL POINTS IN YOUR BACKSTORY.
    Speaking of which, that's way to vague. Please add detail to all of it, but especially the part about growing up in a Vault (What's the Vault number? What happened? How long was it closed? What was the experiment? Why did it open, why did you leave, and how many people left? Things like that). And then pleased add a lot more detail and story about yourself after arriving in Denver. Applications are not allowed to end with just arriving in Denver.
    Until these things are corrected, denied
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    Quote from Bard252

    Server do you even live?

    Quote from GiddyTLP

    I was about to ask the same question as Bard.

    Quote from ZappyChild

    I don't think it's dead because it really isn't alive yet, it's like Frankenstien right now, they're just putting all the bits together before they shock it into life!

    Quote from Bard252

    Server does not even life.
    >was builder
    >was friend
    >was potato for server
    >was almost trial-mod

    Yes, this server is still quite active and very much alive. We've all been pretty busy with school lately, but we are still hard at work on the map!
    And Bard, I don't ever remember you. Not as a builder, friend, or almost-trial mod. I've never heard of you before, unless you changed your name or something
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    In game name: TmynameisT
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Country or timezone: US eastern
    Have you played any Fallout games? Which one(s): Ive played Fallout 3, New Vegas, a litt bit of 1, 2, and Tactics, and have also read just about everything on 1, 2, Tactics, and Van Buren. We don't speak of.... that other one.....
    Why do you want to play on this server?: Because I'd love to actually be a player on some Fallout servers again, and this is the only server coming up right now that actually looks good, aside from Reclamation. Plus I have full faith that a server run by Brady will be amazing And of course I love Fallout.
    Did you read the rules?: He who will sa- oh I mean yes
    Have you read the lore?: Indubiously. Ohio, Enclave, all that jazz

    Name: Desmond "Ecko" Hume. Goes by "Mr. Ecko".
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Character's signifying traits and attributes: He's fairly weak, but makes up for it with what counts in his field- being a thief. He's smart, agile, and able to talk his way out of most situations. He specializes in procuring and collecting objects, though his over confidence can get him way in over his head. He loves to outsmart people, and can talk a little to much about it. He strongly opposes violence and killing, though isn't afraid to indirectly have someone killed but only when it is absolutely life-or-death necessary. He can also incapacitate a target that doesn't have him outmatched in weaponry with his cane, also when the situation absolutely warrants it as necessary.

    Appearance: He has a relatively small frame, skinny, and about 5'8. He always wears a pre-war suit along with his gentleman's cane that he doesn't need, but helps in his trade, and is proficient with at incapacitating enemies with.



    RP example (At LEAST a paragraph):
    Desmond sneak past the automated security of his targets secure basement. He already pick pocketed his mark earlier to get the password to the bunker underneath the non-assuming wasteland house, now he just had to get past the turrets and ironically dumb robobrains. He finally made it into the "treasure room", where his victim kept the experimental XRE Rocket Launcher he had been hired to steal. He struggled carrying the heavy way, and while trying to carry it out, accidentally shot off a rocket into a side corridor. After the loud explosion, the automated defenses instantly leapt into action and turned towards him and began firing.
    "CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP" Desmond yells as he drops the launcher and tries to out run the one turret and two robobrains fire. He manages to run outside the bunkers door and slam it closed when he turns right into his mark, standing directly in front of him with a 9mm pointed at his chest.
    "Um, I can explain?" Desmond futilely tries.
    "I don't think so k-" Desmond stops him mid sentence ramming right in the guy, knocking past him, and hits him in the head with his cane as he's running back, stunning his mark. He quickly turns and throws one of the rocks he carries just for this situation at the button for the bunker door, and the robobrains make quick work of his victim, not being able to discern him as friend. Desmond stops and pants heavily, before finding and hacking the terminal he previously did not time to do and disabling his marks defenses. He walks back into the bunker once again struggles lifting the heavy rocket launch, headed to take it to his fence to sell it to his employer.

    Character biography (At LEAST 2 paragraphs):
    Desmond grew up as an almost privileged child. As much as one could be "privileged" in the wasteland. He was born in Dog City, the dog-infested post-war ruins of Denver. Due to the large population of crazed dogs that basically rule the streets of Denver, giving it the name "Dog City", survivors live in the top levels of the cities immense skyscrapers in various camps and almost "mini towns".

    Desmond was born in one of these, and a rather large one, that consisted of 100-200 people. His town was made up of four buildings that were very close together, and consisted of the top of five stories each. They were connected by one of Denvers "skyways", incredibly high up highways. This made towers form a "block" of sorts, with two towers on each side of the skyway running between them, and maintenance doors allowing access to the skyway which served as the market and common place. Given the enormity of the city and natural isolation given by the dogs and radiation infused dust storms, there was basically a never-ending supply of certain resources. Except for Salisbury Steak, there diet consisted of mostly non-perishable canned goods and virtually no meat. They wore mostly pre-war clothes and adopted a lot of pre-war trends- whatever was left behind in department stores and apartments. Violence, while of course still there, was not usually a huge issue.

    As such, Desmond did not have all the terrible conditions growing up most other children in the wastelands were used to, and did not have an especially rough childhood. He had a loving mother and father, who was also the mayor of his town, and an older brother that he looked up to more than anything. Desmond was obsessed with the pre-war culture and items he was surrounded by. When he turned 17, he took most dangerous, and important job someone in his town could take- Collector. He would journey out into other parts of Dog City and collect information on the state of the city, and primarily, gather materials, food, and other resources back to the town. In his spare time, he would watch these holotapes he found on his private terminal, of an old, pre-war show about a sauce, handsome master thief and expert con-man that always outsmarted the law enforcement chasing him and solving their hardest crimes for them using his particular skill set, and never any guns or violence, which he appalled. Desmond tried to emulate him as much as possible, almost always wearing pre-war suits and fedoras he finds scavenging through old department stores, always pretending he was stealing from some imaginary person.

    As the mayor, his father bought him how to talk his way out of dangerous situations and trouble, should he ever find any. His brother, Ecko, taught him how to use his most valuable possession (A gentleman's cane, almost 200 years old but locked in a case, kept in mint condition, composed of sturdy, durable wood surrounding a solid metal core, an iron handle on top meant to look a serpent, with a secret button that activates the small retractable blade that ops out the bottom) as a weapon , and incapacitate an attacker without killing them. Though Desmond, like his pre-war hero, was against violence, he knew that in this world it might one day be necessary to save his life.

    Then one day, when he was 20, everything changed for young Desmond. On his way back from collecting, Desmond stopped in a tower on the outskirts of his town, and saw a group of men of ten to twenty men onthe other edge of his town. He had never seen them before, but They were carrying flags with the image of a bull on them. His father was yelling angrily at a man that seemed to be in charge. the man was saying something about "demanding a tribute". Then grabbed his brother, Ecko, and gave him to two men who began to drag him away. A merchant Then there something at the men. They immediately shot him.their leader told the two men dragging his brother to go back to camp.

    Desmond did not stay to find out what happened. He was very distraught, and caught to hold back tears, and not look or turn back, as he followed them back to their camp to try and save the person that mattered most to him. When he arrived at their camp, he saw his brother, stripped down to his underwear, hanging to a cross outside of it, his captors nowhere to be found. Desmond ran up to Ecko, almost crying, trying to save his barely conscious brother. But Ecko could just barely utter the words "Please..... Dezzy..... you can't save me... please... you have to kill me to end my suffering.... please Dezzy.... I love you". So Desmond had to do the one thing he had vowed never to do- take a life.Take his brothers life. But he couldn't let his brother continue to suffer like that. So he took his blade, and stabbed his brother in thechest. This destroyed Desmond, and he vowed to take down the men responsible. He found out They were just there t wait out the radiation dust storms, and two days after his brothers death, he followed them.

    Not until They got all the way to Flagstaff, Arizona, did he start to come to sense. He immediately realized that he couldn't just take down the men that killed his brother. That it wouldn't be that easy. Because They were an army. They were the Legion. His grief and rage eventually wore off, and he realized he needed to move on. Revenge wouldn't solve any problems. So he had to find somewhere to go, because he new he couldn't go back to dog city, his home. After a brief stint in New Vegas, attempting to drink and gamble his problems away, which he found out wasn't for him, he just kinda drifted for a while. He finally took a job with a small trading company, that was not long after bought out by the Summit Trading Company, based out of the ruins of pre-war Columbus, Ohio. Once again, he realized that that life wasn't for him, so he quit when they got to Ohio. He decided it was finally time to pick a new home, so he settled down in Ironville, keeping his head down and keeping to himself. And when it came to choosing how he would make his living and occupy his time, he did the one thing that came naturally to him. He adopted the life of his fictional idol. He became a thief, and set out to be the best. On his 21st birthday, he adopted the alias "Mr. Ecko" so that he would never forget where he came from, and what he had lost. And he began his new life.
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    This server loks awesome, and I really hope that it does well! Will be sending in my app soon
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    posted a message on ☢Fallout | Echoes of War - A Post Apocalyptic Roleplay Server☢
    Quote from Dualmittens

    Or a good one like Wild Wasteland and Echoes of Mankind B)

    Or a good one like Reclamation because it didn't actually die like Wild Wasteland B)
    It's sad that I guess you hate Noah now to but ok
    (EoM is cool to tho)
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    Quote from _VitrifiedSword_

    I posted an app a while ago and I don't think it got read, but I can't find it to copy paste it to repost, is there an easy-er way to do this? Please help.

    Actually, your application was reviewed a while ago. On the same day that you posted it, in fact
    Quote from Dexevara

    Hum I feel you just copied the last app and changed some stuff so I suggest filling the blank version of the application. Also your backstory is ridiculously short, your rp example is also too short. Have atleast 3 paragraphs for your backstory and a longer rp example.

    Quote from _VitrifiedSword_

    Also, where's new Canada anyway?

    I have absolutely no idea what you mean by that. I guess my only answer would be, "non-existent"
    Quote from JRyno

    Will this map have Boulder Research Facility?

    Yes, if by that you mean the Boulder Dome Research Facility. It will be the faction base of Ravenwood
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    Quote from rurikk

    Hello, I was accepted last April and have been checking on the forums almost every week to see if the server is up yet. Is there a due date to when you guys are planning on launching? If there was one posted, I must have missed it, so I thought I'd ask here.

    We have been through...... a lot of hard times since April. However, we are doing very very good right now and I plan to post an update on our progress soon! We are looking at a release date by the end of October at the latest, hopefully!
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    Quote from KappaPhoenix

    C'mon, can't you think it over again. He is mainly science based other than John. My plan with this char was to join the Brotherhood and become a scribe anyways, so combat wouldn't take much place.

    Hi, I'm incredibly sorry for the inconvenience, your app actually was really good and one of the only few good mutant apps I've ever seen, but we still cannot allow a Nightkin for many reasons, beyond just combat, one being personal ill experience with mutant creatures. It's just a policy we have. There is a slight chance that this could change, and we will notify you if it does, but that is very unlikely and I would plan on it, and I do hope that you will make another given the quality of this one.
    Also, I do doubt that a Nightkin would have the..... mental stability to join the Brotherhoood, especially in a scholarly way.
    And one last thing, we will not be having the Brotherhood until after the pre-release do to a recent lore change and switching another main faction to having a spot during full release
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Fallout: Reclamation ☢New Lore Added 7/19!☢New Ownership☢A new serious Fallout RP server!☢Completely new/original map an
    Quote from Iomegadrive1

    How come everytime you guys are involved with a Fallout RP server, something some how goes wrong, and a new owner has to be brought in?

    I think you're confusing us with a different server. I have been the owner of all 3 servers "we" have ever been involved with, the "Lost Days" servers. Starting with Lost Days, which lasted about 6 months, then I made Twizzler Lord my co-owner for Lost Days 2, which lasted around 2 weeks until we decided to start completely fresh with Reclamation. I was the owner with him as my co-owner for Reclamation from when it started last December, until a couple weeks ago when I decided to take a step back and make Twizz full owner of Reclamation. So what you said kinda doesn't apply to us at all
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    posted a message on [1.4] Fallout Reclamation Recruitment Post, Looking for Builders, Artist, and Plugins Devs, with Faction Leader spots opening so
    Quote from letterking


    I'll talk to some people from SoOF, but unfortunately, build pics are required. If you could just build something post-apoc/Fallout looking in Single Player, take a couple pictures, and upload them, that would be great!

    Honestly, I don't think we need a website dev right now, as we currently have an Enjins/forums sight and someone who manages it. But, I could be wrong, and if anything comes up I will certainly let you know!
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