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    posted a message on Rotator Block!(Rotating blocks,rails ,redstone items and over Ton More Uses!)(Has lots of Pictures)*150+ Supporters!*-Control Th

    This special device made with Red stone , Cobble ,Iron ,Wood and a Slimeball.


    Version 1 of the Rotator
    *Right Click Rotator*

    Animated 3d Gif.

    Here is the Block map i created and used for this model

    How to Use:
    If placed on floor the Job of this item is to rotate the one item above it 90 degrees clockwise Instantly each pulse of power, Right clicking the Side of it makes it set for counter-clockwise or vice versa.

    If placed on the ceiling the Rotator is turned upside down and rotates the block below it 90 degrees clockwise Instantly each pulse of power and By Right clicking it the Side of it makes it set for counter-clockwise or vice versa.

    To Place block on the Rotator Just Hold Shift while placing.

    If Breakable items like tourches and signs are placed on top of rotator or a rotated block they will not brake or pop off from the rotation.

    When the Rotations are Changed the Arrows on the side turns to the Correct direction needed.

    When Right Clicked The Rotator will make a Click Noise and When Power is applied it will Make

    a quick Buzz noise. To not be confused with the sound of Pistons.

    And if power stays ON the Rotator it still only Rotate 90 degrees once, Similar to how Dispensers Work
    sence update 13w04a came out Despensers and Droppers can now be faces up and down, I think rotators Could maybe work on there sides to add a way to turn these devices clockwise or counter-clockwise much like clocks.

    only suggesting this cuase i seen new update and i think Rotators could help make

    survival mode and Adventure map creation alot more Wide Range.

    Version 2 of the Rotator
    *Redstone Rotator*

    animated gif showing all sides of the rotator version 2

    this is the Blocks Map i used for the model. below

    Version 2 Info: Version 2 Works about the same way as the version 1 Rotator and has same recipe but instead of a right click to change direction of the rotating instead block rotates based on the side where you apply power.

    Added (3/20/2013): If Rotators are added This Would be a Good Way to Add More Face Blocks and Maybe some With useful Functions as well.

    Director Block Name not fully set only temporary
    New redstone Block to add Director Block Its made to go hand in hand with the Rotator The ideas are related so does not count as wish list
    ike seen below animated gif.

    Director block does not produce signal in any dirction besides the one block space in front of it. like seen below not animated.

    this block used with rotators would be used for Extremly advanced curcuitry.
    if used you can create more advanced compact clocks, timers, decoders ,turrets, Rs Nor-Latches and lots more.

    this block can be used with Pistons as well.
    recipe for this block is simple.

    Suggested names for Director: Redstone Director. only one suggested at the moment.

    uses 7 Solid Stone and 1 Redstone Torch.

    List of items and that can be rotated.


    2.normal Rail tracks

    3.Detector Rails

    4.Power Rails

    5.Pistons Normal

    6.Pistons Sticky

    7.Any Logs

    8.Any stairs cases


    10.Jack o' lanterns

    11.Trap Doors


    Blocks hope to Work with Rotors :



    3.Iron doors

    4.Wood Doors




    1.If this is use in Mine Cart systems that have many X Crossing points using Detector Rails

    the track can be spun 90 degrees allowing the Minecraft to go a specific Path. Good for mining and Minecraft Puzzles.

    2. If used Upside down with Dispensers you can make Automatic Turn Turret. This is Usefull for Adventure Maps and House hold Defense.

    3.if used With Repeaters this can make 2-4 way circuitry much easier.

    4.If used with the 13w01a Redstone Comparator this can be used to make Extremly Complcated Circuitry.

    5 If Used with 13w01a Hopper thats placed with the Out funnel to the side you can make one hopper do the job of 2 Hoppers. Like for a Cart Line filling 2 Carts on 2 Tracks or Fill to separate Chests.

    Havent Thought of more useful Functions. If you like you can suggest more.

    1.if Used With Pumpkins/ Jack o Lanterns this would be Good for a front Yard or in a Haunted house?

    Havent Thought of more Decorative Functions. If you like you can suggest more.

    152+ Supporters at this moment

    doing recount soon

    Other Redstone related Ideas by other people

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    posted a message on OP-Bedrock - Blocks That Can Only Be Broken By Ops
    Quote from thedestroyer4312

    There are plugins for this... and it's pretty much pointless.No support.
    Plugins are not Vanilla there mods

    I Highly Support this idea.
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    posted a message on weakpoints in minecraft
    if this is added all the kids would Yell
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    posted a message on Bedrock/Indestructible Obsidian Doors
    Quote from ZeeYoshi7

    It should only be available in Creative Mode for map making.
    this i agree
    and support for this idea only if its like this.
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    posted a message on New Plank Colours!
    i support this. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on new skins!
    i think this can be done by a new potion call it Shift Potion?
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    posted a message on Command Block function : Detect Mobs/Entities/items [Mob effects,mob Enchants, Better Minigames,Quests and Arenas]More Cmd Block
    Okay i think this could assist a lot of map makers who make like Arenas, Mini Games and Monster pits in ways to make them better for the players experance.

    Detect Mods

    for the testfor command like this

    like the @p,@a and @r there will be commands like this for mobs.

    @mc = mob closest
    @ma = mobs all
    @mr = mob random

    these commands would be used to detect a mob or mobs in areas. also there will be Arguments to detect specific mobs.

    like this: mob=<Mob Tag name or id number>
    this could be how its used

    example: /testfor @ma[mob=54,r=20]
    this command would look for all zombie within a range of 20 blocks.

    example: /testfor @ma[mob=!54,r=20]
    this command checks if no zombies within a range of 20 blocks.

    added: also /effect and /enchant can work on mobs with this like so.

    example: /effect @ma 1 60 2
    this would give all mobs it detects Speed 2 for 60 seconds.

    example: /effect @ma clear
    this would remove effects just like it does for players.

    example: /enchant @mc 19 2
    this would enchant closest mob held item with knock back lvl 2, this only works if they have item in there hand.

    Detect Entities

    Now these could be alternet to add these would be Entity Detection this can mean mobs or any type of entity. it can be used same as those above.

    @e = closest Entity
    @ae = all Entities
    @re = random Entity

    Example: /testfor @ae[mob=53,r=20] this would check for all zombies within range of 20 blocks.

    this also add a New Argument could be used: item=<item id>

    it could be used to detect if a player drops an item in a place or check if area is cleared.

    example: /testfor @ae[r=25,item=1]
    this would check if a dropped item is on the ground in the area range.

    or this

    example: /testfor @ae[r=25,item=21]
    this would check of Falling sand,gravel,anvil or dragon egg is in the area range.

    I done thought of a ton load of uses in adventure quests, mini games that are more precise and better Arenas
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    posted a message on Rename Horse Armor to Barding
    i accully would like this they did same thing with cats it wont hurt in the least. support.
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    posted a message on Escher Block (Gravity Block, Read inside)
    this be great for adventure maps and some mini-games 100% support
    one question could this block be effect be the amount of power going to it like this if it has max power it have further range it effects and smaller power lowers range/reach of this block this would give map makers great control with such a device.
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    posted a message on More Slime stuff
    not bad idea support.
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