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    I think its a great idea that they removed them from being craft-able,most of the server I played on factions always had 6 - 20 gold farms going in the on top of nether so they could sell gold or make notch apples and had over 1500 notch apples and they set up the same build on every server they deiced to play on becoming the kings of pvp.

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    Hi, go to the email that you first used to buy minecraft and if you have not deleted it you will find a bill of sales from mojang and it will have a key code that can be used to restore your account.

    Search for Mojang in your email, then go to "Please keep the following details if you ever need to contact customer support about anything (http://help.mojang.com). "

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    Hello , I have just open a server running the digimobs mod and I am looking for players to join it, the server as no ranks and you can use all items.

    We have a mod pack for "technic" name DigiServer. We also run the following mods:






    ip: digix1.ddns.net

    apply here to be whitelisted

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    I can’t think of the name however there is a throwing spear that has an end that you embed in the ground so it can act as defense to horse charges.

    100% support!

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    Quote from c3p0_»

    The usual little kids stuff. "If you date me I'll give you diamonds" blah blah. That was usual happens when you grant 14y olds powers. They should get over it, it's minecraft not datecraft.

    Don't date in videogames, make your dates play videogames :P

    It happens a lot, I seen server wedding ,fights and even divorcer courts.

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