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    Playable with other resource packs! To do so, load both resource packs, and put this one on top!

    The Real Nature Resource Pack is a set of detailed, photo-realistic textures, which, of course, make your Minecraft worlds look more realistic. Originally a set of beautiful sky textures, designed by CraftMaster7, this pack has acquired a new Project Lead, _Tirenay, along with more textures! You can now experience a world with realistic sky, water, lava, and an increasing number of block textures. Enjoy! For cloud textures, Optifine is required! Get it here!

    Want to help? Contact us at [email protected]!

    v 2.3

    - Repaired broken sky textures

    Cinematic - By DimasGamers

    Version Compatible With 1.7.2 - 1.8.9

    Current Authors

    _Tirenay | Project Lead, New Texture Creator

    Former Authors

    CraftMaster7 | Original Author

    If you have any textures you have made, or would like to make, that you think would fit into this Resource Pack, feel free to send them to us at [email protected] We will be sure to give you credit for your textures. On top of that, we would also appreciate if people would submit textures for various mods!

    1.0 - Initial Release - Updated to work with Minecraft 1.9.x and 1.10 - New water, lava, snow, and end sky textures

    2.0 -

    - Added Stone, Grass, Dirt, Brick, Clay, Sand, Gravel, Wood, Planks, and Leaf Textures

    - Remade water textures

    - Modified the main menu

    2.1 -

    - Added 60 New Textures!

    2.1.1 -

    - Fixed Optifine glass texture appearing white.

    2.2 -

    - Remove MCPatcher Clouds
    - Fixed Optifine glass, for real this time
    - Added more blocks
    - Remade dirt block
    - Remade grass overlays

    2.3 -

    - Repair sky textures

    The Real Nature Resource Pack is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

    Creative Commons License

    - Retexture blocks
    - Retexture GUI
    - Remake Lava Textures

    Have Suggestions? Post them below or send us an email!

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    Quote from undefined »

    From the screenshots, it doesn't look like it changes all that much. Maybe show some sky changes? I love the moon and the sun, but that looks like the only change. I would love to see more of this pack. Right now, it looks more like a "Realistic Moon and Sun" pack.

    For the clouds, you need optifine.

    Here is the clouds!

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