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    The server works like a charm, I have one quibble.

    It seem's my password is unencrypted, as it was spoken verbally in a support ticket.. Outside of that, this is an amazing company.
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    Quote from chucknorris3000

    I'm not 18 yet. (Still 13 :) but I can still play and I know some people who can advertise. I play a lot and op would be great but I can still spread the word without leadership. (Ps I have experience with leadership on other servers)
    Quote from skcokami


    That 13 year old has more knowledge in grammar than you. So don't be an ass. Just saw this thread, and wanted to say that too 'ya.
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    Great mod, good work!
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    "Hated. Hopeless. Sleepless. Sane.
    Alexel Bear's the Shadow's Hame."

    For a long time, you may've looked upon the minecrat forums, searching and searching, you wanted role-play, not poppycock with no finesse, or art! And here, you'll find what you desire! A world hand-crafted by a talented world-painter, a lore rich, and magnificent. Staff to aid you, rather then hinder you. You are the world, do you wish to become a king? A shifty thief, a suave bard?! It's all possible! Long have we been working on this project, starting with our contacting of mister Patrick Rothfuss, who with great thanks to him, will allow our world to be based upon his, and the Kingkiller series, and now, we come to extend to you the offer of a lifetime!

    This means simply, you are not exploring the world of toliken, or the world of George R.R. Martin in this place, but you are exploring a place unexplored, teeming with new possibility, new advantage, and with this comes all new foes, new allies, new enemies! From the Amyr to the Chandrian, from the halls of the university to the fishing city of Tarbean, all is open, all is unlocked, but you hold the key to it all, there now comes your story, and your adventure!

    You problably are forming an idea on your head already; large-scale wars with you leading armies, your hand bringing down punishment to those who defy your word, vengeance. Perhaps you are more daring, and your mind shudders to imagine the consolidation of an empire, your power grooming under your hand, or perhaps your mind is that of a simple, yet detailing one, whereas you see yourself making a family, trying to live the day by day on the slums, where crime is law. No matter what your vision is, no matter how daring, how stupid and how amazing it is, they are all possible. In a world where imagination molds the mystery of this land, you are the one who pulls the veil down.

    At our start, you shall be open to explore the country of the commonwealth, all of it's plains, from the singer's hall's of Imre, to the mysterious city of Hallowfell! As time goes on, and we begin to increase in player amount, we'll be unlocking many-a-thing, starting with Celad, and then the Aturan Empire. After all of the nation-states are released, you can expect a new race to tantalize your intreats, along with a brand new world to explore, and dream off, all rich for the taking..

    Deep in the four corners, of all towns and villages near. There is tale.. Blue flame. Blue flame engorges the world, blue flame sets all alight, dozens dead, dozens fear. All knew the signs of the Chandrian, though many conflicted. They knew in their hearts that this flame signaled their arrival, why make such a brass move? Why unveil from the stories, and prove their existence as solid, indisputable truth..? No one knew, but they did know the Amyr, their saviors of stories past.. Were none to be found. The gates of the commonwealth began to close, as their borders solidified the mountain passes, the keeps of great: They all closed, and in that moment, the world shuddered. As tales like that in story solidified and a fear burrowed into the world's heart.. and blue flame roared from afar.

    Here begins an epic tapestry, the return of the Chandrian, and the Amyr's calling. The world is shaped by the actions of you, the player, and with it comes many things. In the months to come, in the years of this world you shall play. The Chandrian shall overcome the gates of the commonwealth, and entries shall be found, the world at your disposal upon that day. You have the opportunity to follow the Chandrian's will, and be one with Encanis. Or instead, choose to worship Tehlu to your last breath.. All is possible, all shall occur. But as we have said, it is you who shall shape it.

    We need willing friends, and aids to make this come to life, and you just might be one of them. We have use for many people, from builders, to graphic artists, to admins and lore masters! Below you will find Applications for Each.. Please, with this. Either post it here, or PM it to me on the MCFORUMS.

    MC Name:
    Experience coding, and in what language:
    Why do you wish to aid us?:
    Can you write plugins:

    MC Name:
    OOC Name [Not required, just for identification. First name, or nickname can be used]:
    Experience in administrating:
    Why, why do you wish to become an OP on our server?:
    Age[Not required, at all]:
    What do you bring to us that we don't already have?:

    Lore Master's:
    MC Name:
    Why do you wish to aid us?:
    Have you read The KingKiller Chronicles?:
    Are you someone who writes 'well'?:
    Can you give us an example of your writing?:
    How long have you been writing:
    Age[not needed]:

    Graphic Artists:
    MC Name:
    Skype name:
    What type of graphic art do you do?:
    Are you willing to do some, or give example?:
    Age[Not required,]:

    MC Name:
    Experience building Role-Play Structures:
    Can you voxel, well?:
    Examples of builds:
    Why do you want to aid us?:

    Thread is under construction.
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