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    Well, I dislike the egg idea and favor the baby animals (cute!!! hopefully). Different genders seem interesting as well.

    To prevent overbreeding:
    -as posted above by numerous others, feed 2 of the same animal (different genders required?).
    -limit of 1 baby per female in... let's say 60 MC nights?
    -babies require... let's say 60 MC nights to grow into adulthood? (possibly genders are random after reaching adulthood?)

    Solve problems here (since Notch reads the forums) to push Mojang into making it happen. = possibly faster updates/more coding done = almost everyone happy?

    Also, I'm not really a programmer but from what I know of reusing code in the hierarchy format reduces code and therefore reduces process time for searching for things (as it's easier for computers to search) and equals less lag (which everyone complains about from time to time, such as if you don't have the latest gaming computer). Reduced codes allow easier debugging (from my limited experience) and may make many people happy. For people whom dislike code recycling, out of curiosity are you actually working with the code for mods/bandaid-fixes? This paragraph may require some programmers' knowledge.

    My 2 cents.
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