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    Hello Administrators,

    My name is TinKart and this is my application to the CodexMC SMP server: My IGN is “TinKart”, and my YouTube channel (TinKart) can be seen at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCUDaV8bkcxFr6HSogeqDPw

    Timezone: GMT – 4:00 (Eastern time) Same as Brhysh I think!

    Currently I am 14 years old, however I am mature enough to know when to stop, as well as when to have fun! As for my Skype name, I can disclose that if I am accepted, otherwise I’d rather not display it to the whole internet :P.

    I would like to join Codex because I see it as a great opportunity to meet new people and make new, long lasting friendships in a comfortable community of Minecrafters and YouTubers alike. I would like to take this opportunity to share my knowledge and extend my own Minecraft community by playing SMP. Also, Derpaco and I have been searching for an SMP server to play on together for a while now, and with active members, quality videos and open applications, CodexMC was the perfect fit!

    Now that I have gotten through the mandatory stuff, let me formally introduce myself, and let you know what I can bring to CodexMC. My real name is Josh, and like I said, I am fourteen years old. I am currently a freshman in high school but I have already advanced to higher level classes that contain upperclassmen and are more complicated than what most freshmen take. Because of this, I have a very good understanding math and logic which helps me innovate and experiment with new redstone concepts and designs.

    Outside of minecraft, I have a whole host of hobbies including (but not limited to) , playing hockey, playing soccer, fly fishing, playing the trumpet and plenty more! Now if those subjects aren’t enough to start up a fine conversation, than I don’t know what will. :P Basically, what I’m getting at, is that I am a very interesting, open minded person who will never cease to amaze.

    My channel was originally based on redstone designs and tutorials, if you have ever spent any time surfing the /r/MinecraftInnovations subreddit, you might have come across a few of my videos. Overall, my redstone series has done pretty well on both Reddit and Youtube, my most popular video has over 500 views and over 40 likes! The reason for this success is that I put time and effort into making each video as high quality and informative as possible.

    Before each restone video, I check the web to make sure I am not copying a similar design, and then proceed to record a video in full 720p HD with a headset as my microphone. After uploading, I also take care to make custom thumbnails for each video and to write a high quality description that shows the viewer that I am serious about producing good YouTube videos. The same process goes for my Let’s Play series by the name of , “Let’s Play TinKart’s Way” (it has quite the catchy ring to it).

    I mention the process in which I make my videos because I want to make sure you know that, if accepted, I would represent the Codex server well, so when someone happens upon my video it will shout out to them, “I AM A GREAT SERVER” and they should (hopefully) become a fan and check out the server and the channels of all of it’s members.

    In terms of my own personality, I am very kind and forgiving. You won’t have to worry about me getting angry or upset about any pranks or jokes. Unless they are really mean, like if you stole my rotten flesh, boy I would make a fuss about that! I am always willing to make new friends and collaborate with other people. In fact, I am excited to collaborate as it would be a new experience for me and my subscribers! I have 55 of them by the way. My friendly personality and my 50+ subscribers will be a great asset to your server bringing with them, a great reputation and just that much more publicity.

    Thank you for considering my application, since I haven’t given my Skype name, you can reply to me either on the forum, or PM-ing me on twitter at: https://twitter.com/joshgirardrocks I would appreciate it if you could contact me even if I don’t make the cut, just so I know you’ve read my application and maybe you could provide some constructive criticism!

    Make sure to have a gander at my application video: *Note the custom thumbnail:
    If you would like an example of my intro/outro and comentary, see this link:

    >Sincerely, TinKart
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    Quote from Alterna_Hunter

    You're UNDER CONSIDERATION. Your channel isn't brilliant, but you're very nicely scheduled in your uploads. Another reason I'm debating on accepting you is that I'm not sure wether or not you've read the OT, though judging by the influx of forum applicants we may have to be clearer on the fact that you're not supposed to apply here. App wasn't amazing either, but I'll discuss it with Ad. You'll hear from us.

    Thanks for having a look at my application! In terms of the OT, when I was notified about this thread, I was using an iPod (therefore I was on the mobile site). I was sure to read the OT carefully, but being on mobile, the formatting was wildly astray, and I managed to miss the specifics of applying. If you would rather I send my application to the Redux site, I can definitely make that happen! :) I am sorry for my carelessness as I should have reviewed the thread once more while I was on my computer.

    > I hope you can understand and empathize with my mistake, thank you for your time.

    Sincerely, TinKart
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    Dear MineCity admin,
    I know that you are only accepting applications for a limited time, and I have just only stumbled upon this thread. I recognize that you would like the applications to be in video form and I do plan on making one soon. With tomorrow being the start of a Jewish holiday and all, it is possible that I might not have my video done by then.
    I am just informing you of my predicament so that you can know that there is someone still here ready to apply! So don't close the applications! In the meantime, you can review my content and video quality at:

    I am constantly trying to grow and improve, so my newer videos are much better than my old ones (as with most small youtubers :P )

    Thanks for (hopefully) acknowledging my reply, TinKart

    p.s. There will be an application accompanying this soon...
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    My name is Tinkart, (YouTube username as well as In-Game-Name) and I have been an active YouTuber for a few months now. As I am getting into the swing of things on my channel, I thought I might as well take the next step and apply to an SMP server!
    Outside of Minecraft, I am a very active person participating many sports and activities and still maintaining straight A's in school. Sometimes this leads to a less than adequate video schedule, Uh oh! However, I am very confident in my ability to produce videos at a constant rate and on certain days of the week so people know when to expect them. For ex. If I can only make one episode of a certain series per-week I will make sure to always produce that one episode. For each video, I take the time and effort to make it enjoyable and the best it can possibly be for my audience!
    In terms of Minecraft, I am very skilled with redstone, as that was what my channel was originally based on. I enjoy narrating longer videos (such as Let's Plays and SMP episodes) and, based on the feedback, I am pretty good at it! You may have seen some of my videos on the Minecraft Inventions subreddit, and they tend to do pretty well. This is because I take the time and care to make original videos that I think will enhance the viewer's Minecraft experience and make them a better player (maybe even a little smarter too!)
    I think I can bring to your server, a great, new, friendly personality ^_^ along with a huge extent of Minecraft knowledge. Also, even though I am a fairly new YouTuber, I am learning and developing my narration skill quite rapidly. I would love the opportunity to learn, grow, and make new long-lasting friendships on the Redux server. Now let's get to the nitty-gritty...

    Age: 15 (Although I am pretty mature, but fun, if I do say so m'self)

    YouTube: TinKart --> https://www.youtube....kcxFr6HSogeqDPw

    IGN: TinKart

    Location: United States

    Real Name: Josh

    Mini-Bio: As you know I am a YouTuber but I have many other hobbies; besides YT I enjoy Sailing (competitively and leisurely), playing Hockey and Soccer, and playing the trumpet. I also love to spend my time on the river fly fishing.

    Favorite Part of Minecraft: Probably survival, although I love the new redstone concepts and machines you can design after the 1.5 update! It's sort of a mixed bag between the two.

    You can reach me at: https://twitter.com/joshgirardrocks

    For an example of my video and audio quality, you should check out this video; (just make sure you have the settings at 720p HD!)

    >Thank you for considering my application, I would greatly appreciate it if you contacted me even if I don't make the cut (and maybe give some constructive criticism too).
    >Thanks for your time, Josh
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