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    Quote from Laguy442

    Cheating is based on a particular players point of view. I didn't think EE2 was cheating but that is just me. What I don't really care for is someone else defining cheating for all of us. Your opinion is just that. An opinion.

    Congrats, you've noticed we all have our own opinions, but I never asked for yours. Now do us a favor and stay on topic. thanks.

    Quote from Mr_TJP

    Because Energy conduits just aren't cool enough.

    Hey, do these cables do the same thing as the energy conduits?
    Also why are the end of the cables blue? Is it just to destisgish from the normal wool cables?
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    Quote from Special1001

    Now we just need a EE2 replacement and everything is good. *-*

    There is already one built into Minecraft. Its called "Creative Mode".
    Simply use this mode if you would like to cheat.
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    Quote from zombiepig333

    Nice work on a mod like this, considered doing it myself at one time but decided against it.

    Anyhow, here are a couple of things you should think about-

    1. Using the same textures as the original mod. Because of the license that Redpower is held to, the textures from the mod cannot be used in any other mod, so they need to be unique to avoid issues.

    2. A use for some of this world gen. The basalt and marble will have uses, as will the gems, but other than that most of the worldgen has no real purpose. Consider making new uses for the unused worldgen (especially tungsten :3).

    3. Adding some new features. A straight port of Redpower world should include some of the things that Elo was/is going to add in the future. Be creative and come up with some new ideas!!

    That's all, keep up the good work :) .

    Hey, Thanks for the feedback.

    Just some things I would like to bring up.
    This mod is not mine. Only the idea is.
    Lyoko James is the actual mod author.

    I understand the textures are simply copied from Eloraam. This is not my fault though.
    I've made alternate textures to most of the blocks, and even offered to give them out to anyone who wanted to make this mod.
    I'm not sure why loyoko james released this mod with the RedPower 2 textures. I thought the pictures were just placeholder textures.

    Also, this mods only purpose is to preserve the RedPower World Gen blocks when updating. This mod is not suppose to have any sort of functionality of RedPower. It would be neat to have, but Id rather not go down that route.

    I also want to shed some light on a very similar mod to this one. Its called NumiRP which can be found here

    NumiRP is basically this mod already, but more. It contains a little more functionality to RedPower. Such as, actual world generation, Gem Tools, and even a use for Tungstun.
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    Quote from Pichugames

    Firstly, she has said stuff even in June ( https://twitter.com/...632504143208448 ). This may not be the update you are looking for, but she is indeed alive. Infact, 7 months 14 days would put us at December 22. Look @ https://twitter.com/TheRealEloraam and tell me that there isn't multiple updates before then. As for the placeholders they "are" a great idea, but what if Eloraam doesn't use the same ID's as your placeholders? (I meant if she changed them to appear after items like most mods have) You would have to go through a hell of a lot of work in order to properly add the official RP2 to your world. I do understand that it is a good idea, but in practice it might not end so well. Finally, Eloraam is [size=large]NOT [/size]my goddess. Not that you would care though.

    First, there might be some things in the part above that apply. I do understand that the updates are taking awhile, but if this is anything like what happened with 1.2.5 to 1.4.7, then I would expect there to be a bit longer to an update. You have to keep in mind that although the 1.5 redstone update didn't break RP2 as bad as she expected, its still a lot of code fixes to make. 1.5 did change a lot of redstone stuff which is what her mod is mainly based on, but it also had changed a lot of rendering stuff. On the other hand, RP2 is a rather large mod. It will naturally take a lot to update because she might fix something at one part of her code, but then that manages to break another part. I'm just saying that its impatient because you can't wait for an official update. I would understand that a circumstance similar to logistics pipes could occur and the torch be passed on, but I would honestly rather wait for the update. That way there wouldn't be all the s***­-slinging going on that there is anymore.
    (screw censors. >.<)

    **As an added note, sorry about not sounding nice. Its just that Elo does what she does for (basically, you aren't paying her)[size=large] FREE[/size], she doesn't get paid a lot for it (adf.ly is pathetic revenue, lets be honest). There are donations that can go to her, which I understand is what you wanted to have happen with the igg thing. The only problem is that you were injecting yourself into it where you didn't belong. Why would someone add a middleman to the donation cycle when they could just go and donate right away? She only does this because she thinks its fun, and she somewhat cares about the community. I'm not saying full-on cares just to be safe, but I'm sure she does care a lot for the community.

    PS for the record, this is kind of lame and might not apply very well, but straight from her blog.
    http://www.eloraam.c...nload-redpower/ (its right below the donation thing)
    [/background][/size][/font] The only reason I'm putting this in here is that the world gen blocks are directly representative of RP2, and as such count as a "modified" version. It also would appear that you have no real permissions. I wouldn't say that you are the one who would get a whacking if (which she wouldn't) she came back all the sudden and saw this. Just thought I'd leave that as food for thought. Not that it means much, but something to consider when you want a sort of port or update or even just the worldgen. I would ask her on her twitter about it just to be safe so that she doesn't flip ­ when she sees such things as those.

    This mod will be compatible with the next release of RedPower. If you understand the basic concept of what is being done you would realize this. If the blocks ID's change in the next RedPower release, all I have to do is modify the config file.

    Technically her work is not even copyrighted. She can say that all she wants, but in the end. Its not. She made a mod for a game you are not even allowed to modify.

    That's like robbing a bank, and then trying to call the police to report someone who stole money from you, that you originally stole from the bank. Obviously this is clearly in different context, but I hope you get the idea.

    I understand what she means though, and the only thing that would be considered copied from her mod are the textures. I never once asked Loyko James to use Eloraams textures. In the OP I clearly offered to supply my own textures simply to avoid this issue. None the less this is not my mod, so I cannot be held responsible.

    This mod does not modify any of eloraams work what so ever.
    The only thing this mod does, is add blocks and items to the game, and if you set the config file up right, these blocks can override the RedPower 2 blocks inside of your world. Allowing you to have "placeholder" blocks. This in no way modifies Eloraams work at all.

    Last warning about this issue.
    Please stop bringing the indiegogo topic up. You're clearly misguided at what has been said, and what the intentions were. You are simply going with other peoples opinions on the topic, and I don't respect that. I don't need your feedback regarding this matter.
    It has already been dealt with. So simply just let it go, there was a time and a place to discuss this topic, and that time and place is certainly not here, and certainly not now.
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    Quote from Mystic_Tower

    You don't have to gain permission for private packs. If you don't distribute it, or make money off it, basically no modder would have a problem.

    I think he is talking about the Private packs that Feed The beast offers. Apparently you need permission from every single mod author before they allow you to have a private pack. Its also funny the way he describes the way he will be using the mod pack

    >"So hereby, I have informed you that I will be using the Redpower 2 mod"
    Like Eloraam will have no say in this.

    But I think you are allowed to use RedPower2 in a mod pack if it is distributed by Feed The Beast, simply because they offer it anyways. I think you are only suppose to get permissions for additional mods that are currently not in Feed The Beast.
    Don't quote me on this though.
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    Quote from Pichugames

    Really? You aren't happy with Elo having a life so you take it into your own hands, even after making *an *Indiegogo (being proper with the terms here) that's just going straight to her donation link anyways? I would learn to be patient, as the best things aren't always immediately there. There is a reason they say that patience is a virtue.

    How is this not being patient? This has nothing to do with being impatient. It's not like I am asking someone to remake RedPower because I am sick of waiting for an update. I am simply asking someone to make placeholder blocks which, can allow me to play on my current redpower worlds WHILE I wait for an official update from Eloraam.
    Please elaborate on how I am being "Impatient".

    Simply. If you do not have anything nice to say. Don't say anything at all. Keep this up and I will report you.
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    You added tungstun blocks, You do realize when people install RP PR7 these blocks will be removed since RP does not have such an item.
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    Perfect!, I tested it and it works great. Had to mess with the config file a bit though.
    Also, will this work with multilayer?

    You should definitely release this in your own thread.
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    Quote from LyokoJames

    Its okay, Instead, i'll just add the ores themselves to the ore dictionary. Will you have Omnitools installed so you can use the forge lexicon?

    It's a block that allows you to turn equivalent items and block into each other based on the ore dictionary.

    Btw, I'm almost done, just got to figure out how to actually release a mod.

    There seems to be a problem with the initial config file it generates. All of the block Ids except one default to an Id around 4090 instead of the one I give them as default. I think it's because you supplied block Ids under 256, which is normally reserved for vanilla.

    It's alright, it just means the first time you load up minecraft with the mod installed, you'll have to quit and edit the newly generated config before loading it up again for real.

    That's fine, if you want to release this mod under your own thread, just have instructions to set it up.

    I don't run omni tools, but the ore dictionary thing is not a big deal for me. As I will have different mods that generate the ores for me, besides silver, gems, tungsten and nikolite.

    I cant even use these ores without redpower anyways, so there is no point in adding them to the ore dictionary. As if or when RedPower gets updated and installed, the items should automatically be added added to the ore dictionary.

    When this mod is done. Will I be able to still mine the gem ores and receive gems, and will I nikolite ores drop 4-5 nikolite items?
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    Quote from LyokoJames

    I am considering not only adding some ingots into the game and letting you smelt the ores into them, but also adding them to the ore dictionary. Could you provide me with your default ids for silver, tin and copper.

    Silver ingot - 9258:3
    Tin ingot - 9258:4
    Copper ingot - 9258:5
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    Quote from SparcMan

    I'm wondering if a kickstarter would help move things along. How much money would Elo need for it to be financially viable for her to focus on a 1.5.x or 1.6.x release of RP 2? Might be worth considering if anyone can get Elo to agree (Direwolf20?) :D

    Maybe somthing like Indiegogo would be more acceptable.
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    Quote from Necrosus

    Let's get this straight, RP2 ISN'T going to be updated by Eloraam (according to the people on forgecraft so I'm pretty sure of it).

    Green saphires, Blue saphires and Rubies are available on Greg Tech.
    There are a wide range of Black bricks and white bricks, with pavers and so one for both
    and, infact, the modding comunity have created every thing from RP2 excluding Frames.

    Remember, you will need frames for a world to be compatible with 1.5.2. It'll be easier to make a new world.

    Look now, you don't have to be such a Debbie Downer.

    I don't know what you heard from these people over at forgecraft, but until Eloraam actually says she is finished with this mod, there is no reason in my head to think RP2 will not be updated.

    I don't need frames for my world to be compatible... dono where you got that idea from.

    You are kind of missing the whole point as well. Even if RP2 does not update. This mod will still allow for the epic Volcanoes, Marble caves and awesome rubbertrees that RP2 once had.

    Having this in a 1.5.2 or even a 1.6.2 world would be truly awesome. Allowing me to bring part of RedPower 2 over, would be amazing enough.

    Then if and when Eloraam wants to update her mod, my world should theoretically still be compatible, and there should be absolutely no reason for me to restart my world, and since LyokoJames is doing an awesome job. I should be able to stock pile all the items that RedPower 2 once had. ie, gems, and nikolite. Then once and if RP2 gets updated. I will already have a lot of nikolite to get started.
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    This is being made for Forge right? also will this be multiplayer as well right?
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    Quote from LyokoJames

    Sure, I'll do that.

    Here's a screenshot of how the mods going.

    Oh that's awesome man!.

    Just wondering these blocks are under 1 ID right? They should be under 1 ID and be using 3 meta data values. Same goes with the items.
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    Quote from LyokoJames

    I've just gotten into modding but am lost for ideas so I though I'd take up a request. This looks like a simple mod to make and I even have the textures from 1.4.7.

    I'll get started on the mod right now.

    A few notes though, in my implementation:
    • Ores will drop the correct items when harvested and only with the correct tools
    • No items or blocks will be part of the forge ore dictionary.
    • Redpower rubber leaves will not decay or drop saplings, not sure they ever did though
    • Redpower rubber leaves will be harvestable with some shears
    • You will be able to craft one Redpower rubber wood into 8 sticks like usual
    • You will not be able to smelt the ores
    A question: Do you need the ids to be configurable or is it okay if they are permanently what you've given me above?

    You can find the code on my github at https://github.com/L...Placeholder-Mod

    Oh thanks man!,

    Just wondering are you going to make all of the recipes for the different basalt blocks?
    I understand not making any of the blocks part of the ore dictionary, since none of the blocks are going to be actually spawning.

    I don't want this mod just to my self, I want to share this with everyone. So if at all possible, if you are able to make configurable ID's that would be great. Meta data ID's don't have to be configurable just the base Block ID's
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