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    posted a message on Kowmmuity Server 1.18.1 [SMP] Three Lives Then You're Lost (Harcore like Challenge) [Economy/Survival]

    Username: degek2

    Age: 23

    Do you have Discord(Recommend): Timfried#8871

    How long have you been playing Minecraft: Since beta 1.8, 2010

    What do you think you would bring to the server: A friendly chat, an active player and a lot of different farms and builds

    Why would you like to join the server: I have been searching for a new server, and this added challenge looks fun, I'd love to play on this server. I consider myself to be good enough at the game to just play regularly, but it will get so much more intense this way.

    Any Questions you have for me: Not yet!

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    posted a message on LlamiDonka Gaming Community Official SMP

    Hey, I've recently gotten back into Minecraft again, and I'm looking for a fun server to get that old school feeling back.

    The lay-out of your post looks nice, meaning you took the time and effort to make that, so you're a pretty great host already.

    I love green, because everything outside is green during the best seasons.

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    posted a message on [BnCraft I] 1.17 Survival Only. Mature reasonably active players needed!! Current world started June 20, 2021

    Age: 22
    Time Zone: The Netherlands
    IGN: degek2

    Hey there, I'm currently trying to get into the game again after watching Hermitcraft s8. Most server I played on died out, so I'm currently looking for a new server with an upcoming and enthousiastic playerbase. This server looks perfect for me.

    Congrats on becoming a father!

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    posted a message on Beetle Valley | Survival Multiplayer Server | Whitelist

    1. In game name (ign)


    2. age


    3. Pronouns

    He, him, his

    4. reasons to want to join our server (please have at least 4-5 sentences if you can take the time)

    I play the game to relax after a rough day or during a boring day, just to get my head doing something else. I've always loved survival servers, especially the more active ones, this server seems pretty active. It's always nice to know that there's a community I can feel connected to and be a part of. This game makes me relive the simple years, when there were no worries, and this server seems like the perfect fit.

    5. What are your hobbies outside minecraft (we'd love to get to know you better as a human, not just a blocky avatar)

    I run, a lot, in track, the 200 meters is my specialty, I train 6 times a week currently. There are many other games outside of Minecraft I like, especially Dota 2, but that gets tiring after a while. Lastly I like spending time with my girlfriend and dog, just doing nothing or going outside.

    6. What do you love about minecraft most?

    There is always something to do, but everything is simple. I can build a house on the first day, then dig a giant hole the second, then fill that with all kinds of farms on the third, this game never gets boring.

    7. What's your opinion on the LGBTQ+ community?

    Be whatever you wanna be, just be positive and try to make others happy

    8. What kind of minecrafter do you see yourself as? (builder, redstone engineer, and so on)

    Mostly a builder, but I consider myself to be a survival player, I'm pretty good at the grind of playing survival.

    9. What would you like to be called by?

    Degek, Timfried, Dude, Guy, Sir, Bro, Mr, Hey you, whatever floats your boat

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