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    posted a message on World not appearing in world list, MCEdit giving an error upon loading world

    Bump, STILL looking for an answer to this. :\

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    posted a message on World not appearing in world list, MCEdit giving an error upon loading world

    I have an unmodded Minecraft world. It worked fine, but it's not appearing in the world list anymore at all - it's simply not there. The world is still in my saves folder.

    Now, when I try to run it with MCEdit 2.0, I get the error:

    An error occurred while opening C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\saves\SAVENAME
    Not an NBT file with a root TAG_Compound (file starts with " ‹ " (0x00088b1f)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "mcedit2\widgets\layout.py", line 65, in setWidgetError
    UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0x8b in position 62: ordinal not in range(128)

    I don't play in this world, so I'm not sure what happened to cause this exactly. But it's not allowing me to load the world in MCEdit 2.0.

    A birds-eye view DOES properly load in the world list prompt that appears when you first open MCEdit 2.0, with "Not an NBT file with a root TAG_Compound" as the world name.

    Perhaps it's possible that the first letter in the raw level.dat file got overwritten with "<" for some unknown reason?

    What do I do to fix this? I've found no other solutions. I HAVE found someone who had the identical question as mine except with a modded client, but he had posted his question in August and had gotten no answers.

    Aside from that, however, no luck at finding anything that correlates to this.

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    posted a message on Auto Parkour
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    posted a message on What Is The Scariest Thing That Happened to you ?
    Well, I made a nice lil' house and I got out of it. RIGHT when I got out of it (at night), SPIDERS CAME OUT OF THE SKY FROM NOWHERE AND SCARED THE ­ OUT OF ME! :Spider: >&C
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    posted a message on Unused Spawn Eggs
    Quote from LinonWater

    I don't think it would work anyway because they removed in Beta 1.6.6 - I think.

    Yes it wouldn't work but it's kinda cool to see the name of a mob from so many versions ago lol.
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    posted a message on Unused Spawn Eggs
    I see all entities can be made spawn eggs off. Except...there's a "Monster" one! That ain't any entity is it?

    Well, that's the Human mob from old Minecraft :P
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    I've made some new discoveries. Some unused Spawn Eggs.

    I'll list the ones I found.

    "Spawn" (most damage values give this one, so you can just type in random numbers and you should be able to find this one soon) /give @p 383 1
    "Spawn Fireball" /give @p 383 1 12
    "Spawn Monster" (old Human mob)
    "Spawn Iron Golem" /give @p 383 1 99
    "Spawn Snow Golem"
    "Spawn Giant"
    "Spawn Experience Orb" /give @p 383 1 2
    "Spawn entity.EnderCrystal.name"
    "Spawn Wither" /give @p 383 1 64
    "Spawn Ender Dragon" /give @p 383 1 63
    "Spawn entity.LeashKnot.name" /give @p 383 1 8
    "Spawn Falling Block"
    "Spawn entity.ThrownExpBottle.name" /give @p 383 1 17
    "Spawn arrow" (same grammar!) /give @p 383 1 10
    All Minecart Entities (including Minecart with Command Block)
    "Spawn Item" /give @p 383 1 1
    "Spawn Boat"
    "Spawn Small Fireball" /give @p 383 1 13
    "Spawn entity.WitherSkull.name" /give @p 383 1 10
    "Spawn Snowball" /give @p 383 1 11
    "Spawn entity.EyeOfEnderSignal.name" /give @p 383 1 15
    "Spawn entity.ThrownEnderpearl.name" /give @p 383 1 14
    "Spawn entity.ThrownPotion.name" /give @p 383 1 16
    "Spawn Painting" /give @p 383 1 9

    Thank you. I'll try finding the command for the ones I didn't do the command for :)

    These may not be all.

    I found most of them myself :)

    I've also found that the Ghast spawn egg graphic is a bit different than the unused spawn egg graphic. It's darker.
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    posted a message on More Biome-Exclusive Features

    I got a suggestion idea ^.^

    I'm new here so tell me if I broke a rule accidentally and I'll fix it as fast as possible :) I did read the rules though, but tell me if I just accidentally misunderstood a rule

    and I'll fix it as fast as I can ;)

    Anyway, this idea is about new biome features! [info enclosed in spoilers since this suggestion includes many biomes from the game and the info is really huge]

    Plains/Sunflower Plains:

    Plains should have uncommon, small hills. And since trees aren't generated in Plains, there should be a fake tree Mob called the Treek. If you

    try to chop down the wood on that tree, it will get out of the ground and jump, and grow a face and will start chasing you. (the legs look like a tree root which has been popped

    out of the ground and it moves, so basically it will move like a Creeper's legs) They are darker than normal trees and will give you the poison effect. It has 10 hearts of health

    and will switch to a sad face than an angry face when at 1/10 health. The Plains biome should also have blocks exclusive to the biome, called Grassy Stone. Basically cobblestone

    but with grass (extracted from the normal Grass Block's texture) on top of it, and will drop Tall Grass and 1 Cobblestone.


    There should be new structures called "Mystery Pyramid". The entrance will be hidden, and rather than just having a trap made of TNT and a Pressure Plate like

    the normal Desert Temple (or so-called a Pyramid), instead it's like a maze made out of many more traps and Minecart rides and also many mob spawns, and at the end is a chest with

    items based on the Mystery Pyramid's difficulty (not the game difficulty, there are different Mystery Pyramid difficulties, ranging from Easy to Extreme):

    Easy [Chest contains: Wooden Pickaxe, Wooden Sword]
    Normal [Chest contains: Stone, Cobblestone, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Sword]
    Medium [Chest contains: Stone, Sandstone, Iron Ingot, Iron Pickaxe, Iron Sword]
    Hard [Chest contains: Diamond, Block of Diamond, Diamond Pickaxe, Diamond Sword]
    Extreme! [Chest contains: Diamond, Block of Diamond, Iron Ingot, Block of Iron, Emerald, Block of Emerald, Gold Ingot, Block of Gold, Diamond Sword [enchanted with Efficiency and

    Unbreaking], Diamond Pickaxe [enchanted with Efficiency, Silk Touch, Unbreaking and Fortune]] (because Extreme only comes on the Hard game difficulty) and a new mob called the

    Mummy which is in the Mystery Temple (basically a Zombie but with white tape glued on it's entire body and yellow eyes). And another mob called the Sandworm, it basically spawns

    underground and there's a little hole where it spawns (not a pit, just a plain hole in the ground). So when you go near the hole, the Sand Worm comes out of it and starts digging

    underground to get you. Sand particles come out from the sand blocks where the Sand Worm is digging. You can tame it, however, by feeding it Mummy Tape (gotten from Mummies) and a

    Bone (first a Mummy Tape, then a Bone). It will then be tamed. It will try and fight hostile mobs (will dig out under them and throw them 5 blocks from where they were from where

    the Sand Worm digged out and damage them by fall damage) for you. Also the addition of Quicksand- it's located in holes in the sand. It's a recolor of lava made to look like the

    color of sand. When you jump into the quicksand, it slowly sinks you in but you can jump out by mashing the jump button and digging a stairway out of the sand (because the

    quicksand pits' pits are 5 blocks deep in the quicksand, it will look dark and it will get darker as soon as you go down and at a point it will get so dark you can't see anything,

    you'll die (suffocate) in the quicksand with the message in the chat "[player] sank into the quicksand". There will also be a bunch of large but hard-to-see lines when you

    actually go inside the quicksand like you see in water (you know, that transparent wallpaper of a bunch of lines? Like that one.). And some VERY rare sandy hills (will be coated

    with a new block called "Bright Sand" on the top). Bright Sand is a block which coats Sandy Hills on the top. Basically the same as normal sand except brighter. :) Actually, Sandy

    Hills will be in a row of about 2, 3 or 4 hills. And a Sand Witch. Throws potions, and acts like a normal Witch, except that it can throw actual magic spells at your face too, not

    just potions. The spell will teleport you to the middle of the quicksand pit located near the Sand Witch Hut (a Witch Hut made out of Sandstone and Smooth Sandstone with a Chest

    with a random buff Splash Potion. But rarely, there can be Trapped Chests which when opened, will activate TNT, and if you manage to break the TNT trap, it will have a debuff

    Splash Potion inside it). This was a long section to write :)

    Taiga/Taiga M/Mega Taiga/Mega Spruce Taiga

    In this biome will be a variation of a Treek exclusive to the non-snowy Taiga biomes. It's called a Dark Treek. It's darker than a normal tree

    and Treek both combined and it has 20 health and it can do a super-jump up so high that you won't be able to see it. You'll have to move around in circles while it's up high in

    the air to dodge it, but if you stay still for about 3 seconds and move away, it will land right into the ground instead of on your head too, making a little hole in the ground.

    Also there will be Dark Oak Saplings randomly scattered around the biome. There should also be some water ponds with trees sticking out of it, and Tree Villages (Villages in the

    Taiga biome made out of normal, non-plank wood (Oak Wood) and with a rood made out of non-plank wood (Dark Oak Wood), with a tree tower replacing the original cobble tower in

    normal Villages. (It will be a large Spruce tree with branches sticking out of it, with Spruce Leaves on the end of each branch and a large pack of Spruce Leaves on the very top

    of the Spruce Tower, with an entrance, glass windows, torches, and at the top there will be a chest with the following item: Spruce Wood Plank, Spruce Leaves.

    Cold Taiga

    Same as Taiga except for that everything has snow on it, and instead of a Dark Treek, there will be a Cold Dark Treek, which has a sad face everytime and can

    shoot snowballs at you from it's mouth which give you the Weakness and Harming effects. It has 30 health points.

    Snow Plains

    Same as Plains but with instead of a Treek, there will be a Cold Treek and it shakes and drops out Potions of Harming from itself, and with even higher

    hills but not actual mountains, and with snow on everything.


    Beaches should be bigger biomes, with a lake in the middle of the biome. There should also be palm trees, made from wood and leaves exclusive to Beach Biome,

    called Palm Wood and Palm Leaves. They should also have eatable Coconuts sticked to them. Palm Trees aren't rare; they are seen many times in the Beach biome. There can also be

    uncommon "Twin Palms", which are 2 Palm Trees near eachother, one small and one big (big one should have Coconuts). There should also be hills (but like for the Snow Plains biome,

    not actual mountains). And VERY rarely if the Beach is big enough only (or has a space to fit it in), there should spawn Villages in Beach Biomes, but however are the same as from

    desert biomes.

    Mushroom Island/Mushroom Island Shore

    There should be bouncy, blue Huge Mushrooms. When you stand on the Huge Mushrooms' mushroom block (looks like blue), it bounces

    you up. VERY SUPER EXTREMELY rarely though, there can be a platform where there is a chest with a Diamond in it. And Mush-Stomps, Mush-Stomps are Huge Mushrooms which when you go

    near them, they start jumping up and then after 3 jumps, they start jumping and chasing you while jumping. You can get rid of them by digging down, and when their stalk moves

    around looking for you, you can see a little red block on their stalk. Hit that as many times as you can and it will vanish away in smoke (there's a different way to kill it, yes,

    but it's not a boss fight, no).


    Swamplands should have a new mob, called "Swampads". They look like boxes which chase you. They come out from tree leaves when you try to punch some trees,

    and are really rare. They start chasing you, and can fly, but you can actually tame them by any type of leaves block. They'll start following you, but you'll have to feed them any

    leaves block every 30 minutes at least, and it cannot survive outside Swampland biomes so it will just stay in the Swampland biome. It will become hostile every 30 minutes too, so

    if you want the Swampad to survive, you must feed it a leave block in at least 30 minutes, or it will just come out of the biome in means of chasing you and vanish away in smoke.

    And new (exclusive) structures called "Slime Huts". One Slime (or uncommonly, two small Slimes) spawn in here, but if it's big, more Slimes can spawn in (in a line, and they will

    only move forward to block your way, and the size + number of Slimes depends on how big the Slime Hut is. It's made of Slime Blocks (from 1.8), but these exclusive Slime Blocks

    will not bounce you up; they will only slow you down. There is a Crafting Table and a Furnace if you manage to get past the Slimes. Although rarely, there can be an exclusive new

    Slime mob called the "Water Slime" replacing one of the Slimes in a Slime Hut. A blue-colored Slime made of water exclusive to Swamplands only. It will stick to you and is more

    bouncy than normal Slimes (bounces higher, and can crush you and ground-pound the ground to crush you harder).

    Sky [The End]

    The Sky biome should have Ender Bushes scattered around the ground (new, exclusive Dead Bushes to The End, with a End Stone-ish color), which when you

    step in, you will start taking damage (but will stop when you move out of the bush). Endermen and other Ender things don't take damage from it. Endermites should also have a

    special feature exclusive to The End only; getting bigger. It will start flashing white and it will become bigger and get one new attack. It will eventually explode after growing

    too much. This feature replaces the "despawning after some time" feature of the Endermite. Here's a list of the special attacks it gets by growing:

    1 (+1 bigger): Posioning
    2 (+1 bigger than 1): Spinjumping
    3 (+1 bigger than 2): Pounding and making a square shockwave (which is small)
    and at 4 it will eventually explode. There should also be End Stone falling from the sky randomly to make the boss fight and the biome itself more challenging. However in Creative

    mode, the End Stone won't fall. End Quicksand will also be in pits, functioning exactly like normal quicksand except poisoning you when you get out of it because it has poison in

    it, but this poison is special and yet exclusive to The End: the poison will take down your health x3 faster than normal poisonous effects.

    This is to make The End a bit more challenging because The End is really hard to get to; you have to kill super-hard mobs (20 or 12 of them), and then make an eye out of the

    pearls you get, throw it and mine to find a stronghold and entering an ender portal, so it's basically the rarest dimension in Minecraft. (dimension)

    Hell [The Nether]

    The Hell biome should have Fiery Shrooms (exlusive to Nether, please note that whatever new mob/block/decoration/whatever is in this is exclusive to

    the biome the info is in), Fiery Shrooms will set you on fire when you touch them (exclusive, new fire, x2 faster fire damage). There is almost always, however, a Nether Water pit

    (Nether Water = same as water, but with a LITTLE red tint) to set out the fire (but there still will be fire left, but they'll do just x1 heart damage, go inside the water again

    to distinguish the fire completely).

    I will be adding images of the new "exclusive-to-biome" mob textures and the new blocks and decorations and things. :)

    I will also be adding MUCH more biomes and probably extending the information for the Sky and Hell biomes :)

    Thank you in advance. Don't forget to share your opinion about this suggestion and support if you like it! ;)

    By the way, if you are wondering why there are blocks and items themselves "exclusive to biomes", it means that they can only be gotten in certain biomes, not totally unusable in other biomes.


    Support Banner:

    Use this code in your signature for the banner to show up in your signature:


    Thank you and please support. ;)
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    posted a message on [List] Steelfeathers' texture pack archive (updated 3/17)
    How to make the grass duller? Do we make the grass-top texture in the textures/blocks folder a different shade of grey or something?
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    posted a message on [1.5.1 // ALL] [SMP] [Forge] [RPG] - The Legend of Notch: Reincarnation - Minecraft RPG Mod - {[1.6 Launcher Compability]}
    Quote from Ratking15

    No version doesn't require you to downgrade since the last update was for 1.5.1 which is why your having problems because you need to choose 1.5.1 or one of the versions this is compatible with and then install it to that version. O.o

    I chose the 1.5.1 profile I had but um, it still ain't working...except that it lets me open the world, but it's just the normal Minecraft. No tutorial, no nothing. Just a town in which it's night and it's raining. The mod won't work, only the map.
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    posted a message on [1.5.1 // ALL] [SMP] [Forge] [RPG] - The Legend of Notch: Reincarnation - Minecraft RPG Mod - {[1.6 Launcher Compability]}
    Oh, and it didn't downgrade me when I put the client's files into minecraft.jar.

    And when I select the 1.2.5 profile I have and try it, when I scroll down in the world list to open the The Legend of Notch Reincarnation world map, it crashes with an error report. In case you want the error report, here it is:

    	  Minecraft has crashed!	 
    Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem.
    --- BEGIN ERROR REPORT 7cf3a456 --------
    Generated 3/17/14 5:56 PM
    Minecraft: Minecraft 1.2.5
    OS: Windows 7 (x86) version 6.1
    Java: 1.7.0_45, Oracle Corporation
    VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (mixed mode, sharing), Oracle Corporation
    LWJGL: 2.9.0
    OpenGL: ATI Radeon HD 5450 version 4.2.11318 Compatibility Profile Context, ATI Technologies Inc.
    java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 2
    at iz.a(SourceFile:256)
    at if.a(SourceFile:254)
    at mw.a(SourceFile:192)
    at lr.b(SourceFile:734)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.x(SourceFile:752)
    at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(SourceFile:671)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    --- END ERROR REPORT 417d15be ----------

    Can someone please tell me what to do now?
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    posted a message on [1.5.1 // ALL] [SMP] [Forge] [RPG] - The Legend of Notch: Reincarnation - Minecraft RPG Mod - {[1.6 Launcher Compability]}
    A version which doesn't downgrade you? PWEEEESE? :3
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    posted a message on Faithful 64x64
    This is great! ;D I might download this.
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