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    posted a message on Mitt 2012
    Quote from lolpierandom

    Anyone else want to see Mitt win the 2012 election? I sure do, just to see how he ends up screwing the country while trying to fix the mess the extreme right has made.

    Anyone else have opinions on the election? Not just on Mitt, but Obama and the election in general as well.

    Also, am I the only one that finds the name "Mitt" to be silly? Is that even a real name? Sure, Williard might not be the best of names, but Mitt...?

    Bush wasn't exactly extreme right...

    Also, any name is better than "Guy".

    "Hey... Guy..."
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    posted a message on 9/11: actual terrorism or nations biggest lie?
    Quote from RevLong57


    Ooh! Different camera angles? From different news networks? IMPOSSIBLE!!!
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    posted a message on On An Occupy Rationale...
    Quote from Acetyl

    Person 1 is left with 45,000.
    Person 2 is left with 450,000.

    Person 2 is still left with 10x more. Then perhaps person 2, as well as person 1, seeing this equivalency, would be in unison and turn their attention to where the damn money is actually going, stop bickering amongst each other, and do something about the real problems.

    Someone having more money than someone shouldn't be something that people get bothered about.

    PS: Well, the money is going to failed government programs of every kind, so...
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    posted a message on Are teachers aloud to do this?
    She was allowed to look through your locker, but not throw away any of your stuff. Your property does not become school property when it goes into a locker.
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    posted a message on Last words to someone you will kill
    Quote from TheKillerMan

    Let's give you a warm welcome to hell, mother ****er.

    Make sure to use a strong Russian accent.
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    posted a message on What do other countries think of Americans? (USA)
    Quote from crage20

    That your stupid and waste peoples time with annoying questions, generally complain about other people not speaking perfect english even though you dont speak any other language at all.

    Well then. A new stereotype. This is all you can expect from a lot of people.

    Now, anyone have a reasonable and relatively friendly opinion to share?
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    posted a message on Moonlanding.
    Quote from iFanboy

    You say 'We' as in all of us on the forums. Not everyone here is in the US, dummy.

    He's speaking for the country that first made it to the moon, dummy.
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    posted a message on I just got shot...
    Quote from Xboy001

    This couldn't happen in Australia. Guns are illegal, thank god.

    Well, you might want to tell that to the numerous criminals that DO have guns, regardless of laws, and have an easy prey opportunity on those who can't defend themselves.
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