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    3666440496532277820 (You know, the seed that spawns you in a spider dunegon next to a lava spring)
    x: 15.15
    y: 19.62
    At that coords, there is a zombie dunegon with a golden apple PLUS a gold record.

    Thanks to Tyman2007 for finding the zombie dunegon.


    At x=36 z=50 there is a huge overhang extending into a lake. Behind it is a spider dunegon exposed in the stone. The dunegon has a golden apple in its double-chest.
    **NOTE** If you are running Beta 1.4 or 1.3, there will NOT be a double chest with the golden apple, only 2 double chests.



    Named by the famous YouTube user, there is a cave that leads to a zombie dunegon. The zombie dunegon has 2 chests, one with a golden apple

    Dunegon: x: 95 | y: 41 | z: 145

    Cave that leads to dunegon: x: 104 | y: 71 | z: 116

    Post any more golden apple seeds in the reply section!
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    Quote from xXFOXHOUNDZXx

    how do i get out of the first place???????????

    Set to peaceful, punch sandstone
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    Quote from skillups

    i cant log on. it says Failed to login: User not premium

    You didnt buy Minecraft, did you?
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