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    posted a message on [1.4.7] More Pistons
    Quote from SilverSatin

    WOHOOOO !!!!!!!!!!! you made my day ! Thanks :D

    Glad to be of service! :D One of my favorite features in the mod. And the wood and stone armors are helpful too! ;)
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Cobble Craft! For The Resourceful Miner. Fixed and Updated to version 2.1
    Much appreciation for the update! And I admire your perseverance. :Diamond: You rock! And good luck. :)
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    posted a message on Herblore Mod™ V2.1g [Finally Updated!]
    Quote from calebmanley

    Quote from shanebassist

    I was wondering if there was a way you could change the bong sphere recipe, as I play with buildcraft as well, and its the same recipe as tanks is in buildcraft :(
    I think just taking the top middle glass block out would both resolve the issue and be more realistic, as there would be a hole there so the air can get through anyway.

    Will change. :)

    Quote from DubLight

    Dear sir you have created a beautiful mod, I only wish for you to prolong the smoke particle effect just a little bit, as to allow me to hotbox my house :D other than that maby add some new bong recipes, & glass pipe bowl

    It will be changed in the next update. :)

    Awesome additions! Maybe add an option in the config file for smoke particle effect duration?
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Cobble Craft! For The Resourceful Miner. Fixed and Updated to version 2.1
    Quote from Channel_3

    CobbleCrafting table huh? I like the sound of that :P
    You know you're the first person to have a problem with the stone bow? The stone bow is a hidden class(which is odd why no one else is having problems), you CAN craft a stone bow and it will shoot arrows, but I made it hidden because it has no animation and I thought that was pretty lame. But I didn't see a point in deleting all that code so I stashed in the mod and decided to bring it out in a further update when I can figure out the animation bug. This should be resolved in the next update which I guarantee will be soon.

    Figured the CobbleCrafting Table was the main thing missing from near complete underground existence. ;)

    Didn't mind about the bow crash. I just thought it was bomb that you were adding a stone bow as an option. With the bow being probably my favorite weapon, I am usually disappointed to find that most mods seem to forget about it when adding new tools, weapons, and armor. I know nothing about Java or modding MC, but I would guess that it might just be causing an error because I was using the ModLoader version with Forge. And while I don't know the technicalities of either, I have noticed that they treat the same mods a little bit differently. That's what I get for being an adventurous rebel. :steve_csi:

    As far as getting the bow to animate correctly, I know that the mod bow in Invasion Mod(http://www.minecraft...s-tough-do-you/)animates when you pull it. Maybe they might be able to help you out with that one. I'd give it a shot except for my very limited programming experience. :)
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    posted a message on DaftPVF's Mods (Treecapitator, CrystalWing, StartingInv, FloatingRuins)
    Quote from bspkrs
    Thanks for sharing your test results... I'm pretty sure I know why that's happening. I made a slight change in the code to fix an issue where damage was being applied twice for the first block only, so basically when the code gets down to the leaf-breaking part it thinks that those leaves belong to another tree due to having a log block near them (the first block is actually broken last, it's hard to explain) and decides to ignore them. I'll have to find a way around that.

    Hard to explain..but makes a strange sort of sense. ;)

    Quote from bspkrs

    The issue was definitely related to chopping down trees when leaves are one level above the block you initially chop. I just released a new version that fixes that along with one other minor issue with the needItem option. Sorry for the issue!

    You Sir,....Are the bomb! :steve_csi:

    Keep up the awesomeness. :D


    Quote from Mencken_Fan

    Mod worked briefly... then I changed a few tags and all hell broke loose. Forge showed 12 errors and the game crashed.

    I fixed an error in my tags then tried to run MagicLauncher but there were no mods listed in it! ML dumped out all the mods! Put the mods back in but still have 12 errors in Forge.

    So typical... one small glitch and everything goes to hell.

    I don't use ModLoader; only Forge. Can this present a problem?

    Will have to spend ever more time dealing with mods instead of playing the game; same old story of frustration.

    Did a standard login with update and that fixed the problem (enabled me to reload my mods into the MagicLauncher.) Crimany, what a convoluted system for modding a game! (I wish I had a dollar for the total user hours spent trying to figure out this insane system -- not to mention the glitches every time I change texture packs.)

    Hmm....and now my axe doesn't take down a whole tree after I updated THAT mod. Good grief. WHY????

    Regarding MagicLauncher:
    While I like it and used to use it, I ran into the same problem of "losing" all of my mods to a crash. Sometimes it just changes "SomeMod.zip" to "SomeMod.zipX" or something like that which causes it not to recognize the mods at all. I also didn't like how much it interfered with the regular MC install.

    Then I found MultiMC(http://www.forkk.net/MultiMC4/) much cleaner and easier to work with if you ask me. Also, MultiMC is updated to take advantage of the "coremods" folder that was added with 1.3, something that MagicLauncher has yet to do. And as I also use NEI ,which is a core mod, this is something that I like. MultiMC also doesn't interfere with the regular MC install and you can't "lose" your mods to a crash because it keeps a separate folder for downloaded mods vs your installed mods. Very nice IMO. And as I spend a lot of time tinkering with mods(currently running 61, but have had up to 80) it saves me a LOT of time. :)
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]Usefull_cobble(1.13.8)
    Quote from Eyowin

    most of those functions of seeds I already have, in a different form. A few I don't have, and I may look into it, but no promises.

    If you want to that would be cool. I actually was just suggesting it to Graphicz cause he was looking for a way to make wood and it was the closest thing that I could think of as it allows you to make saplings. :)
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    posted a message on [1.4.7] More Pistons
    Quote from SilverSatin

    Oooooh so thats why nobody bothers the elevator mod idea in the mod request section... people use these pistons to get up and down.

    well... i'm still in need for a safe way to go down but these pistons sure help with going up! thanks!

    A quick way down plus some other neat stuff! http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1150116-niftycraft-v22-mc-132/
    Install NiftyCraft -> Make a Hay Bale -> Place it at the bottom of your elevator shaft -> Jump from any height and land safely in the Hay Bale -> Profit!

    ;) ;) ;) ;) ;)
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    posted a message on DaftPVF's Mods (Treecapitator, CrystalWing, StartingInv, FloatingRuins)
    I've run into a minor error as well regarding leaf cutting.

    Here are three examples: http://imgur.com/a/DM9iH

    I am running FML v4.1.4.295 and TreeCapitator vFML 1.3.2r03 among other things. Tests were done in creative on SuperFlat with all 4 tree types and a diamond axe. I am also using NEI v1.4.0.2 in the test and used it to switch to survival before cutting each tree. Jungle trees seem to error at the very top (But that is to be expected) and both oak and spruce seem to error at the very bottom when the leaves are either on or just above the ground.

    Not really complaining, just providing info. These mods rock by the way. And I'll take TreeCapitator over Timber! or TreeFeller any day. :D Can't wait for mod trees to work too. ;)
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    posted a message on [1.4.5] Useful Seeds! [Mod Loader]
    Quote from dino120

    For 1.4 I will add in edible toasted pumpkin seeds. Like it? I think it would go along with the season too ;) You know since 1.4 is being released sometime around Halloween

    Holiday awesomeness. Go for it! ;) Had a suggested addition....but can't recall what it was. XD
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]Usefull_cobble(1.13.8)
    Quote from Graphicz

    hm.... i have a little idea.
    add cobblestone turnable into wood (make a dwarven's furnace to smelt stone, then the normal furnace will be used to smelt wood..
    so basically you woult smelt the cobble into wood

    and if you add my idea, this mod would be great to be combined with the solar apocalypse..

    You could also use Useful Seeds along with Useful Cobble. Lets you do cool stuff with seeds, including making saplings! Then you could grow your own trees underground. ;)

    Quote from Eyowin

    thank you for telling me, it seems that when I tried to upload to my website, it told me that it had uploaded when it really had not. It should be working now.

    Awesome! Downloaded. Thanks. ;)
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    posted a message on [Forge][1.2.5]Cobblestone Craftingtable and MORE! Pre-Release (2c) v1.1 Helping you when you forget your wood above your mine!
    Looks awesome! =D Will try it out when you finish the update. ;)
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    posted a message on [1.6.2]Usefull_cobble(1.13.8)
    Broken download link? I tried going to your download page and only found version 1.8.2 available for download. And there is nothing posted on the Useful Cobble forum regarding an updated download. Was excited to find that UC had updated and then sad to find that I couldn't download it. :(
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    posted a message on Herblore Mod™ V2.1g [Finally Updated!]
    Quote from AdamBrony

    Are you going to add cocain? XD (just a funny random question)

    I'm just gonna guess that the answer to that is a "No". Read above. ;)
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] Timber! - Cut trees down in one swing
    Quote from klonstoper

    Upated Hidendoor please!!

    Yeah or you could just use the SecretRooms Mod. :P


    Has separate downloads for Forge and ModLoader versions depending on your preference. Enjoy. ;)

    Quote from WolfGeek101

    Plasticcraft? Who else can't wait?!

    Me. As long as I know that it is going to be updated I don't mind waiting though. :)
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    posted a message on ChickenBones Mods
    I've run into a strange error while using version 0.6.1 Core and version NEI with Forge version Here is the main error code.

    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] java.lang.ClassCastException: java.util.Arrays$ArrayList cannot be cast to java.util.ArrayList
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at codechicken.nei.recipe.ShapelessRecipeHandler$CachedShapelessRecipe.setIngredients(ShapelessRecipeHandler.java:76)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at codechicken.nei.recipe.ShapelessRecipeHandler$CachedShapelessRecipe.<init>(ShapelessRecipeHandler.java:46)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at codechicken.nei.recipe.ShapelessRecipeHandler.loadUsageRecipes(ShapelessRecipeHandler.java:188)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at codechicken.nei.recipe.TemplateRecipeHandler.loadUsageRecipes(TemplateRecipeHandler.java:352)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at codechicken.nei.recipe.TemplateRecipeHandler.getUsageHandler(TemplateRecipeHandler.java:487)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at codechicken.nei.recipe.GuiUsageRecipe.openRecipeGui(GuiUsageRecipe.java:39)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at codechicken.nei.recipe.RecipeItemInputHandler.lastKeyTyped(RecipeItemInputHandler.java:19)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at codechicken.nei.forge.GuiContainerManager.lastKeyTyped(GuiContainerManager.java:425)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at aqh.a(GuiContainer.java:417)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at aqh.n(GuiContainer.java:474)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at apn.m(SourceFile:104)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.l(Minecraft.java:1491)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.J(Minecraft.java:843)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run(Minecraft.java:773)
    2012-09-27 17:17:39 [INFO] [STDERR] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) '(Removed 1092 duplicates of the above ClassCastException for postability)'
    2012-09-27 17:23:27 [INFO] [STDOUT] setupTexture: "/dust/dustItems.png", id: 319
    2012-09-27 17:26:43 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 212
    2012-09-27 17:26:59 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 213
    2012-09-27 17:27:01 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 214
    2012-09-27 17:27:03 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 215
    2012-09-27 17:27:31 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 216
    2012-09-27 17:27:39 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 217
    2012-09-27 17:27:44 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 218
    2012-09-27 17:28:15 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 219
    2012-09-27 17:28:48 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 220
    2012-09-27 17:28:48 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 221
    2012-09-27 17:28:49 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 222
    2012-09-27 17:28:50 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 223
    2012-09-27 17:28:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 224
    2012-09-27 17:28:52 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 225
    2012-09-27 17:28:53 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 226
    2012-09-27 17:29:33 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 227
    2012-09-27 17:29:51 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 228
    2012-09-27 17:30:02 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 229
    2012-09-27 17:30:10 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 230
    2012-09-27 17:30:11 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 231
    2012-09-27 17:30:13 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 232
    2012-09-27 17:30:25 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 233
    2012-09-27 17:30:31 [INFO] [STDOUT] Properties successfully updated. 234
    2012-09-27 17:31:51 [INFO] [STDERR] java.lang.ClassCastException '(Removed 256 instances of this same line for postability)'
    Instance closed its output 0.
    Instance closed its output 1.
    Instance exited with code -805306369.
    Minecraft has crashed!

    I do have the full error log but I can't post it because of length. This is where the error begins and is shortened as is for postability. Original log had over 24000 lines of code. Removing duplicate lines brought it down to around 1000. I am using a large number of mods and the error occurs when trying to read specific recipe pages for stone and seeds. PM me if you would like a copy of the full log file.
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