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    posted a message on *VANILLA SERVER* [Whitelist] [24/7] [20 Slot]
    Mc Username: TidalConch
    Age: 17
    What version of Minecraft did you start playing at?: 4K
    What's your most impressive MC build? (Pics?):
    I suck at building.

    What do you feel like you have to offer the server?: Know a lot about Minecraft, can help people, on fairly often, good sense, and I don't do stupid ­.
    Youtube Address? (Not Required): Don't have one yet, might make one.
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    So this is just a colab of textures?
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    posted a message on CraftGuide v1.7.1.1
    Sort of a run off of TMI and NEI.
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    posted a message on List of People to Meet at Minecon!
    Quote from betan

    haha...i know!! what´s that about? grownups play too right?

    Yeah, a lot of them, haha. Gonna be really awkward for you.
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    posted a message on Abandoned/Zombie Villages?
    Nice idea, would like to see it in-game, I'd do the strongholds D:
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    posted a message on What was your FIRST reaction to Minecaft?
    I started playing before any of the big Youtubers other than X, who most of you probably don't know. :| Thought it was cool, but back then it was only the online version of creative, haha.
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    posted a message on Machinery
    No. Macerator would ruin the need for a furnace, or to go mining... I'd support BTW in this though.
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    posted a message on Block Swapper thingy?
    Try and give a better description of what it is you actually want.
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    posted a message on Npc village on island at spawn! BEST 1.4.2 seed!
    It's a nice seed, but if it's just the village then it's not that good. :|
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    posted a message on Ancient ruins idea
    What's the server's IP?
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    posted a message on Beacon not showing beam?
    Try un-installing the other two mods then, or do what Maze said.
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    posted a message on Beacon not showing beam?
    I think OptiFine has been having some troubles with a lot of different things in 1.4.2. Try un-installing it.
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    posted a message on MineCoal56's Skin Shop! Tutorials and more!
    Can you make me a Mid-evil Viking skin? [:
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    Sweet looking clan man!
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    posted a message on Tale of the forgotten Viking Mod. 100+ new characters, working boats, quests, guilds, kingdoms, environments, and much much more
    Tale of the Forgotten Viking

    Hey, this is the earliest stage that any mod can possibly be in, so I'm just going to tell you my ideas and hopes first. Don't say "Won't happen" cause I'll make it happen, even if it does take a billion years. This may or may not be 'finished' completely however due to school, etc. so I might give the files to someone who can complete it if need be. You can post your feedback and look through my timeline to see my progress.

    Alright, so this is my idea. There's going to be the spawn area, and once your game has loaded, the mod will implement kingdoms, castles, houses, etc. There will be quests in which you can play out inside of each of these areas, and you can also claim the areas if you defeat the leader or owner of the area. There will also be ports, where you can give the harbormaster gold, which will be the currency, to sail (teleport) to a different area on the map presented in the GUI. You will be able to buy a kingdom as well from the headmaster, and build homes, a castle, ports (if near water) of anything you desire. Furthermore, you can be raided by people at night (vikings) and they can steal everything you have and kill you if they win. They will also take over your castle if their power is strong enough, and if your people can't defeat them intime. You can buy cannons, knights, villagers, etc. from your town crier, (who you will get once the kingdom is bought) and be able to build up defenses. Also, new people will be added such as Fishers, blacksmiths, cooks, chefs, assistants, knights(different types) nobles, women, men, loggers, farmers, etc. New plants will also be created like corn, etc. and trees like peach, banana, apples, etc. There will also be strict winter times and autumn times, where it begins to snow only during that period, and the snow will build up over time if you don't get rid of it, making you walk slower through it. These are not all my ideas, just wanted to get them across.

    Thread Created and concept started. No work on coding or team.
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