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    posted a message on FTB ULTIMATE SERVER - 24/7 - WHITELIST
    IGN: Tics_
    How long have you played FTB: About 6 months but I played Tekkit for 6 months before that.
    What mods are you interested in: Most of the excluding twilight forest.
    Hours of Activity: At the weekend about 4 hours a day and about 2 hours everyday during the week.
    Are you friendly: Yes, i'm mainly focused on industry rather than PvP.
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    posted a message on Feed The Beast: Ultimate Server
    IGN: Tics_
    Age: 13
    Location: UK
    Level of FTB Experience: I know a a fair amount about the mod, just want to play with some friends on a server.
    How Often Do I Play: Quite often, at the weekends and after school etc
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