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    Mexifelio, thx, yes you need to change the files name. I cannot edit the post for some reason though.


    Edit: It did work now ;) Thank you!

    Quote from laggfox

    When the villagers in this mod start saying stuff like that they have never seen "him" before, or that "he" is strange, are they talking about the player?

    About what culture you are talking? If it's a Byzantine chat, they are talking about themselves!

    Quote from panggul_mas

    Please help.

    I really like this mod, but IMHO the weapons/armor included are so overpowered that they break the game. I've looked through the config but can't find anywhere to modify the gear stats.

    How can you modify the stats of the millenaire weapons and armor?

    thank you-

    Sadly, this is not possible. What weapon is the issue? We did our best to balance them well!
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    Quote from tomyk12

    It is your choice but I recommend SoNick's one.

    Quote from Aerodamus

    I am a little desperate for help here, so go easy on me for being new. I really want to use this mod, but at the same time, I can't play Minecraft without Biomes O' Plenty. It's just not the same after trying that mod. I noticed that there are two different patches that add support for BOP, listed here, and here.

    The problem is, I have no idea which of the patches I am supposed to use. Am I supposed to use Ticlon's, SoNick's, or both of them?

    Use SoNicks its like mine just more awesome ;) I use SoNicks patch as well!
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    Hey SoNick,

    I already released such a patch :P
    But feel free to update it, Highlands Support sounds great!
    What I would love to see is Better World Generation 4 support, especially for the New 'gold' biomes.

    Oh and a Byzantine Stable would be very nice. Horses for Millénaire villagers... We want a mod inter-crossing, Kinniken! :P
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    Quote from Hindarion

    About the help, when I was digging in the content library I found the 'Varyags' culture. I found some items there, armor I would like to add to millenaire and not just minecraft. But since I am just new to modding I don't know how to open millenaire in eclipse. I would really like to create my own culture and really know how to get the coding right! I was very impressed by your Byzantines, the very first night I discovered millenaire I played one full night to expand my byzantine village! Superb!
    Since I know I can do it myself there has only been one thing constantly pressing into my thoughts, creating or expanding a culture.
    So please, can you teach me some tips and tricks that will set me on my way?

    If you want to create a culture, the first thing to do is setting up a plan: What will be the village types? What will be the basic resources? And last but not least: What makes my culture special?

    When you want to add a new block then, you do not even need to open Millénaire in Eclipse. You can basically add every block of every mod to Millénaire, just by adding its ID and a random unused rgb colour value to the blocklist.txt.

    Once this is done, you can start building the buildings for a first village type. Its good to start with the basic stuff, lets say lumberman, groves, a first TH of course and a basic food provider. This is a good start because you can see that everything is working then ;)

    If you need help with the coding of blocks, items, etc: I am sure Kinniken will help ;)

    EDIT: ...Haha... nobody will overthrow the mighty Byzantines... Even your Ottomans will fear them! FEAR! XD
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    Quote from DragonSpitter


    Your mod is possibly the greatest villager mod I've ever played. The detail in every building and character are amazing and beautiful. And the fact you update this amazing mod regularely with new and amazing features (Byzantie Culture, paths!, and now dialogue between villagers?). It just shows that your mod is seriously going places ;) .

    I only have one problem to talk to you about...

    I mean, seriously, you added Norman, Indian, Mayan, and even Byzantines, but no Arab? We were the center of medical research during the 11th century. We were one of the best. Could you, if you add the Arabic villages, maybe add that detail?
    And don't say something like "Why don't you do it yourself, the code is open and free", the reason i'm asking you is because I don't know how to. And I don't want to spend hours just trying to code a spawning village, so please at least try.

    Also, can you do it that if a creeper or TNT nukes a building, the villagers realizes it and fixes it? This is probably the only thing missing to make this village mod perfect (apart from pathfinding problems, and adding about 5 more cultures)

    Another thing: Are you planning on expanding the Indian unique items? I feel, that among your cultures, Norman culture is the most "spoiled" (most features) among the unique items per culture. Because I feel Indian culture is lagging behind in terms of unique items (equipment, mainly).

    Final Thing: Will you be adding a marriage system where you marry a girl or boy, and you get kids that you ask them to take specific jobs and you get small perks (If they're shopkeepers: 10% off, if they're guards, 10% more damage vs mobs (not other villagers), etc.)?

    Also, yes, sometimes, my villagers would disappear if I play for a long time, and I had to re-load my world just to see them again, it's quite annoying. This usually happens when i'm in my personal quarry, trying to mine stone and various useful ores to give to my expanding village (this occurs in all cultures, but not as much in Norman Culture)

    that's all, keep on working on this amazing and unique mod, and I hope theirs more things to come

    Best Regards


    P.S. I hope you respond to this post, I need some answers.

    Regarding the Arab culture: Even if you don't wanna hear it: Do it yourself! It is easy, and here are a lot of people happy to provide help :)
    You do not even have to know much about coding, the main part is designing the buildings. I am sure you'll find someone once you created all buildings who does the coding part.
    I guess a lot of people would be happy to see Arabs in Millénaire, me as well!
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    Quote from MisterFiber

    Just looking at that image makes me happy. We could do something like that for ExtrabiomesXL, but not in its current state. What EBXL does at the moment is add new biomes to Minecraft's default terrain generation. And, without the modification of base-classes - which would ruin compatibility with select mods and make mod folder installation impossible - we can't do anything to the terrain formative code.

    The way we could do this, is if ExtrabiomesXL worlds were an optional world type. Then we could go crazy with terrain modifications...

    I'm a little behind on this mod, so I'm unsure if this idea has been publicly mentioned or dismissed before. If so, sorry. :P

    I know that of course ;) But making a New World Type just requires changing one base class and - even when I did not ever worked with Forge - I am sure that there is a hook. Because each new world type just has a different ChunkProvider file, that does the actual world generation (e.g. using noise, placing biomes & structures). So we require only registering the new world type and assign a new ChunkProvider file to it. This ChunkProvider can do then - instead of building the map dynamically - build it strict to a heightmap, that is generated dynamically. A second height map provides temperature - and based on height and temperature a new biome will be generated. Biomes will only decide what is top/filler block, vegetation and grass colour instead of affecting generation with minHeight/maxHeight [profanity="[profanity="shit"]"].
    The aim of the whole system is providing smooth transitions between landscapes and biomes - no snow covered jungle trees anymore (if you know what I mean ;) )

    There is nothing easier than to make a New world type - I did it in 5 minutes...
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    I am a huge fan of this mod (and this weird train biome guy if you remember Scott ;) ) and I have a suggestion to improve this mod. I do not know where to put a suggestion on github, so I will put it in spoilers here. If needed, I will gladly move it ;)

    General description: Even if extrabiomesxl allows to simply prevent specific biomes from spawning I still want to have to possibility to generate vanilla terrain without having to change any. That is why I would like to have a new ebxl world type.
    The point now is that you can assign to each world type a new ChunkProvider, that does the actual world generation. Why don't change it to height map based system? My plan is to change it to a 3 layer, fractal terrain based generation that creates kind of realistic terrain. I failed because of lacking java experience...

    The layer system: First step is creating an infinite height map that creates valleys, flat areas and mountains (Smoothness Map). The resulting y (height) data will provides the smoothness/roughness for the second infinite height map (Terrain Map), that creates the actual, rough terrain shape. The third height map (Temperature Map) provides the temperature at y=0. Each actual y-value has a own temperature, that will be added/multiplied with the respective x/z value of the temperature map, and then place the biomes based on temperature. To get a realistic looking terrain, you can to use the diamond square algorithm (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond-square_algorithm) for each height map. A possible fourth height map would be a humidity height map, but its optional.

    Result: The ideal result would be a realistic terrain generation that does not affect vanilla terrain generation. Because of the temperature height map and the fractal terrain generation, we would have very smooth connections between two biomes, no more taiga next to jungle - until you use vanilla terrain generation again ;)
    Another good point was that we had a heightmap-reader for Minecraft: we have lots of heightmaps of real landscape in internet. We can therefore just import them in Minecraft!

    Thank you for reading this whole thing and - if you, dear extrabiomesxl team do not do it - I will try and try this until it works ;)
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    Quote from sandyrossw

    Is the Byzantine working? I had trouble with it so I decided to wait for 1.3.1 to try it again.

    Sorry guys, I will update it when Millenaire is available ;) It gonna be included sometimes but not in next Millénaire update...
    I am just missing the time to complete it.
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    Quote from wendeborn8

    Kinniken could you give us some sort of glimpse of what is to come in the future? because i like the cultures and the lone buildings and all, but i would love to see more features implemented. I hate to say it, but it seems that u keep adding the same thing over and over again in each update. sorry to be critical, but this is my favorite mod and its beginning to lose some of its luster

    Actually I think the most important thing is to get more item sprites. This would allow to add more new blocks and items to Millénaire :smile.gif:

    Quote from hawk4687

    Are there going to be many new items when or if this goes to forge?

    I don't know, but I think Rasseru said he would add more weapons, food and an armor to the Japanese. And I will add new stuff to my Byzantines :wink.gif:

    Quote from Misticblade7

    Also, is there a feature in the config file to disable village spawns in certain biomes? If not, some people might find use in that.

    You can change this in the village.txt files. Simply remove the "biome:<biome>". You can find it here: Millenaire/cultures/<culture name>/villages
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    posted a message on [1.1] [SSP/SMP] ExtraBiomes (V1.51) (Discontinued)
    Nice mod! Those new biomes are awesome, especially the glaciers and jungles :smile.gif:

    But I have two suggestions to make the mod even better in my opinion:

    -Add Icebergs (like forested islands, but instead of forest they should look like the glaciers)

    -Make a config to enable/disable biomes, if this is possible :smile.gif: Maybe also make the possibility of getting a special biomes toggleable.

    Those additions would be very nice :wink.gif:

    I'm currently working on an add-on for Millénaire to let its villages spawn in the new biomes :smile.gif:
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