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    Actually, around 200 millions tons of rabbit meat are produced world wide, annually. It is an agricultural field which has been popular for many hundreds of years, and still is; even in America and the UK.

    In fact, raising meat rabbits earns more profit today than raising sheep for mutton.

    Despite this, I agree. I think rabbits should be purely aesthetic, while sheep should finally be given a secondary use.
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    [ Instead of the common term 'temple' or 'puzzle', let's have them all be towers. Perhaps architecture from TDR has a tendency to go upward instead of outward when the sentient beings that built it need more space? ]

    Living Tower of Strength
    Found rarely in Dark Forest biomes, this tower appears to be a gigantic Luciferous tree [ a cylinder of blocks 25 wide in diameter and 75 blocks high ] with four levels. On the inside, the walls are mostly dark cobble with some dark mossy cobble in streaks. [ The part of mossy cobble that is green in the overworld is indigo, here. ] At the top of the tower is a gigantic area of Luciferous leaves, so that this really does look like a tree.

    Level One
    This is an introductory level. Inside are four Standing Torches, five meters apart each in the center of the room. When you light all four, the block in the very center of the room glows and begins to travel back and forth [ slowly ] between the two levels, so that you can jump onto it and get up to the next room. Easy enough, right? There're also three chests in the room against all the walls except, obviously, the one with the large entrance. They each have a separate 20% chance of being empty, though would otherwise have the same things a Blacksmith's chest would, but with the DR alternatives. [ For example, instead of a red Overworld apple, you might get a purple Mana Apple or whatever. ]

    Level Two
    This room appears to be a library. Instead of the dark cobble / dark mossy cobble the room below had, this has dark bookshelves. [ They just looks like bookshelves made from Luciferous planks. I think we may have talked about them before.. I don't know. ] Sprinkled around the room, only on the walls, are levers. They are all on. There is only one which opens a pathway up to the next room. All the others are attached to a special kind of block similar to a Silverfish egg block, except they work a little differently. Once you turn the levers off, a bright red, glowing Redstone Snake eats its way out of the block, breaking it and coming to attack you. They are two meters long and their bodies actually sway back and forth as they move forward. Of, course, they do a lot more. I'll talk about them later. [ Pretty much anything new I talk about, I will tell you more about later. I don't really know when.. Maybe tomorrow. ] Once you find the right lever, you can go up to the next room.

    Level Three
    This room gives you four options to choose from for your next task. All four are minibosses. The ceiling is also lower than it was in the last room.
    On each side of the room is a chest. Whichever you choose initiates that miniboss battle. You cannot change your choice, even though in some cases the chests stay afterwards.

    -Chest One
    Upon opening this chest, a small explosion will blow you back to about the center of the room, but only take three hearts from you, and will break no blocks. A scarecrow made of black sticks and dressed in purple armor will appear to be coming from within the still open chest. Every few seconds, it will shoot a single arrow at you, duck back into the chest[ which closes it ], and appear out of another and repeat the cycle until you die. You cannot harm it with projectiles - It will simply duck back into its chest and shoot you from another. You must predict where it will appear [ it always chooses the chest behind you ] and attack it from there. It has ten hearts. Once you defeat it, the chests will burn for a few seconds and then disappear, and a latter leading to the final level will appear.

    -Chest Two
    Once you choose this chest, the other three will light aflame and burn for a few seconds before disappearing, and then the source-block for a bright green liquid will appear above the still open chest in front of you. Once it spills onto the ground, its extensions will become source blocks, until the entire floor is covered with this bright green fluid. Three creature which look like baby squids [ except they're purple ] will spawn atop the chest and jump into the water to swim towards and attack you. Each one deals half a heart per attack, but only has one heart of health. Three waves of these will appear to attack you before one large [ well, normal sized ] one comes out with ten hearts of health, though it will still deal only half a heart of damage per attack. Defeating this will open access to the final level, but that is not your only worry. The green liquid from earlier is slowly moving upward, advancing at half a block per ever three seconds[ you'll have to figure out how to do that ], and if your head goes underneath it, you will immediately take water damage.
    Also, the smaller squids explode when they die, but the explosion deals you no damage and does not destroy blocks.
    When you defeat the large squid, the water will drain quickly and the chest will burn and a latter to the final level will appear.

    -Too tired to think of two more minibosses. Help?

    Final [ Fourth ] Level
    I've already got the idea for this boss. I'm just so tired, now. Let me finish this tomorrow. I don't even remember if this is the last thing I have to write or not..
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    Honestly, I can't believe this has never been done before. Bringing Wonderland to Minecraft, is just.. It's unbelievable that no one has thought of this.
    Ok, I'll admit that I did once before see a mod that supposed to be a Wonderland mod, but seemed to go way off topic, allowing you to do things like go out guesting to find playing cards so you could craft the Red Queen's Card-soldiers' armor. And it added tea.. Many people probably loved this idea, and I'm really happy that someone thought to at least try at this, but I was not happy with the result. Let's get into what I think a Wonderland mod should [ 'should' in the sense that automatically implies opinion ] include, beginning with that there is no such thing as 'Wonderland'. It was always called 'Underland', being as that it was underground. Alice simply was confused. So, here we go:

    ~The Underland Mod ~

    So, basically, this mod will add a variety of new blocks and items and entities, as well as a new realm, based loosely on Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland series. I'll tell you why I say 'loosely' in a minute. Also, I'm going to talk about the realm last because what I decide it looks like depends on what I think you can do as a programmer, and I don't really want to scare you off[ assuming I haven't already done so ], so we'll just wait to talk about that until the very end, when I know who's making this and know what they can do.

    An Important Note

    I simply have to say this before I begin; I've never read the books. I own them, but all they do is sit on my bookshelf and allow me to look intelligent, along with a dozen other books I'll never get around to reading. The truth is, when I tried to read the series, I felt that the writing style was too childish, but more and more often, now, I'm reading about how intelligent it is, in reference to its mature moral and psychological subjects. So, maybe I'll re-visit Wonderland sometime soon and see if my opinion is changed, but until then I can only hope that my having seen the movies and played the video game [ for the Wii ] will be enough for this mod.


    'Drink Me' Potion
    Desc: Traditionally[ as in, 'in the book' ], this was called Pishsalver, which is Deutsch for 'small' and 'drink', but I think that, for the convenience of those who do not speak German, the tag on the item [ you know, the one you see when you hover your mouse over it in your inventory ] should say 'Red Potion'. It will be a bottle filled with a red liquid. [ I suppose we could call it the 'Protean Potion', but I've not really used the word in a sentence before and so can't be sure of whether or not this is the proper use. ]
    Func: When you drink this potion, it will decrease your height and the distance you jump by one block, unless you are already at the minimum for either of these. You will also walk only 80% as fast as before. The minimum height is one block, as is the minimum jump-distance.
    Found: Via brewing and in Underland. We'll talk more on this.

    'Eat Me' Cake
    Desc: This was called 'Upelkuchen'. 'Upel' means 'grow' or 'to grow', and I think we all know that 'kuchen' means 'cake'. Anyway, I'm open to debate about what this should be called, but for now we can just put 'Kuchen' as its name. While this will only have one function, it will have three textures, just for aesthetic purposes. They will all just look like cake, I'll put them together sometime soon and put the link here.
    Func: These cakes cannot be placed. Rather, you eat half of it once, and then you can eat the other half later. Each time one is eaten, you will grow in height. If you are two or three blocks high, it will add two blocks to both your height and the distance you can jump. However, if you are four or five blocks high, it will only add one block to both. If you are one block tall, it will add two blocks to your height but only one block to your jump distance. Six blocks is the maximum height and three blocks is the maximum jump distance. Each block in height allows you to run 20% faster than the one before it.
    Found: Via crafting and in Underland. No worries, I'll get more specific later.

    Purple Mushroom
    Desc: Looks like a red mushroom but the cap is completely purple.
    Func: Used to brew Pishsalver.
    Found: Dropped from large purple mushroom blocks.

    Smelling Salts
    Desc: A glass vile of something indigo-colored.
    Func: Cannot be drunk, but, rather, can be thrown and broken to wake any sleeping creature, anger an agressive mob, or frighten a passive mob. When used on players, it causes them to jump and appear to take damage three consecutive times, though they loose no hearts. If used on a player [ or any passive Overworld creature ] in Underland, they will be transported back to their home-bed. This effect does not work on the person who threw the bottle - Someone else must do it. [ Because you're expecting it if you do it. That's not how smelling salts work. ] Can also be used to wake a player sleeping in a bed.
    Found: In Underland, via trading or in dungeons. Witches may throw some at you in the Overworld.

    Tea Brew
    Desc: A white cup filled with one of four liquids, identifiable by their color. [ Come on, we've got to have some fun items! ]
    Func: In the Overworld, tea will give you one of four status effects; Slowness, Speed, Strength or Jump Boost, which has nothing to do with the four different colors. In Underland, tea is less predictable. It can give you any status effect, fill one hunger, be thrown and broken and deal half a heart of damage, explode[ not killing you, though ], heal one-and-a-half hearts, or turn into a firework and shoot up, above you. If it doesn't explode or break or fly away, once you drink it you will be left with a cup.
    Found: In Underland

    Desc: A white tea-cup.
    Func: When you right-click with it in hand, it will either be thrown and broken and deal one half heart of damage, or you will eat it and it will fill no hunger. Chosen totally at random.
    Found: Appears in hand after drinking Tea.

    I'm still typing this up, but if you're patient you just might find that you really like the idea, so just wait around a few minutes[ or a few days ]. :)
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    The Dark Realm

    The Dark Realm is a new world which is accessible via portal, found in Dark Towers (a randomly spawning structure). It is dark and mysterious, and empty, oh apart from the beautiful forest, deadly dungeons, corruption, magic and bosses!

    The main focus of this mod, however, is not this realm. Some crafted, some found, the real fun begins with Books. Books are magical instruments which can be used to cast spells by drawing a rune within them. Each book can contain only one rune, and once you have decided upon this symbol, it cannot be undone. Magical effects can be activated by right clicking or in some cases simply by having the book in your inventory.

    Development Log :
    Text: [https://github.com/P...elog-To-Do-list]
    Current Version Download :
    Not released yet
    We will release in beta (join the beta by private messaging Pow3rCut) when it will be fun to play (Dungeons and All Effects)
    Source Code :
    Coding: Pow3rCut
    Ideas: ThyWhoDevoursTheSoulsOfMen
    Textures: TheFanver and Pow3rCut

    -The Books-
    There are seven Books: Blaze, Fluid, Form, Force, Bright, Earth and Final.
    Each book has several effects shown by the symbols inscribed into them (See The Effects)

    Sorry, I need to edit this. :\

    -The Effects-


    -The Realm-

    Sorry, still need to edit this. :(

    if you like this mod! :)
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    I have a suggestion that I bet no one else has thought of!

    Sharp's Melody! [ Also called the Melody of Darkness or Sharp's Curse ]

    Throughout the Legend of Zelda series, there have been many songs with magical capabilities which the player is not able to learn. This is one of them, used by a boss named Sharp in Ikana Canyon in Majora's Mask. When played, it slowly drains Link of his health [ at about one half heart per second ] until eventually killing him, unless he plays the Song of Storms, composed by Sharp's brother[ They are called the Composer Brothers ].
    I was thinking it could have the ability to drain three hearts [ or whatever ] from nearby mobs at 0.5 hearts-per-second, including other players, unless the Song of Storms is played.

    Another great song is Farewell to Gibdos, also from Majora's Mask's Ikana Canyon. In the game, it expells all the evil spirits [ Gibdos ] from Ikana. Perhaps it could have some effect on nearby mods, pushing them far away or, even, expelling them, completely?

    Both songs are explained here.
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    Only 19 view. D:
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    I suppose, really, this should be called " The 'The Flood' Mod ", but I thought that might confuse some people..

    So, this is I how I do this. Someone programs the ideas I feed them. Now, normally, I'd think this would be obvious on a forum like this, but I have been asked before, so now I tell people before I begin.

    Also, I'd usually phrase it very carefully, so that my words conveyed my point of view, which is that this is not forced labor! I need help. I am the one who is at your mercy. I simply cannot program whatsoever, aside for some very basic Lua. [ And I know that this doesn't count. ]

    So, anyways, this is [ Or.. Will be? Up to you, you'll be programing. ] a magic mod. By 'flood', I did not mean rush of water onto dry land with great destructive force. Nor do I want a mod which reenacts the bible. I'm just going for a creative title. ^_^

    So, this mod will have mythology, in which 'The Flood' is the event where one universe [ Not dimension! Do not say 'dimension'! ] broke through and spilled out unto our universe, wreaking havoc. Well, a good kind of havoc. Let me explain.

    The portal to this other universe looks and acts like a liquid. Hence the name the event was given, because it does 'flood' in. This new universe is mostly purple, so let's just say the liquid is purple. If you have sufficient ability, I would be so grateful if you could allow people to actually see the other universe through this liquid! :D [ Or at least give it the illusion of depth, similar to End portals. ]

    So, the idea with this liquid is that it interacts with all blocks and items in Minecraft, except for iron and gold[ Trust me, this is strategic ]. It changes anything it comes in contact with - Well, actually, anything within three cubic meters around it. However, it's 'flow distance' is shorter than water's, I'm thinking, like, three to five meters.

    ... Is there anything else?

    Sorry, I'm trying to get all the information in, but I really want to get to the more interesting stuff! :\

    So, anyway, don't forget that it wouldn't affect things like iron blocks, clocks, anvils[ Actually, there's more to this.. ], powered rails, iron tools, etc.

    However, just because it does not change them, does not mean it does not interact with them. Because of iron's unique ability, you can actually use it to pick up the liquid, and then place it elsewhere, allowing for portable portals into this realm, assuming you use something iron to hold the liquid.

    You can also use a bucket filled with Flood to fill a cauldron, which is iron. This can be used as both a portal, and a tool for new mechanics this mod adds. This being that you can right-click this cauldron with certain items to change their properties.

    I'll make a list tomorrow.. I'm too tired to think up any good ideas.
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    I.. I support it.

    I was honestly thinking about this, myself.

    Sure there would be downsides, but my god, guys, you can just as easily come up with a list of reasons why not to implement the regular, text chat we already have.
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