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    First name: Greg

    MineCraft name: Thunderlord345

    Age: 13

    Timezone: GMT+8

    Skype(Required for Communication Purposes): thunderlord345(if you need anything,message me only)

    What staff position?: Admin

    What servers have you been staff on?: I have been admin on 2 different servers, a co owner on a friend's server a mod on vulcanmc and a helper before. Proof: www.minecak3.enjin.com, you can look at the vulcanmc and quickdroppvp threads for more info.

    Why should we choose you?: I can help your server by clearing out the cheaters and hackers so that the server can be a safe environment to play in.I do not tolerate bullies on the server and they will be punished by me so that the server has a friendly community. I can help by checking that everything on the server is ok and if there is any problem,I will contact you to let you know about it.I can help manage the server and watch over it when you are not around and I will hope to gain your trust. I will not abuse or give players advantages over others. I am nice to others and will want to make players smile when they play on the server. I will do everything I can to help the server sustain for as long as possible. If I get accepted, this server will be my number 1 priority to come on and help out and will be really dedicated to it. I am also dedicated to assisting players and I will hand a lend a helping hand to anyone in need. The reason why I do not want cheaters or hackers here is that I do not want others to experience what I have experienced before with hackers, they can grief the server, they can be bullies and they can ruin player's experiences on the server. If there is a supposed hacker reported in chat,I will go over and examine him closely, if I see enough proof of hacks I will have my decision on what to do with him.I give fair punishments depending on how badly he/she hacks etc. Lastly, I can contribute to helping builders on their projects so that we can get it done faster and make it more efficient and I also provide ideas that can hopefully do the server good. I will take my responsibilities seriously.

    How many hours could you contribute on weekdays & weekends?: Usually 3-4 hours on weekdays and 5-6 hours on weekends but I have exams coming up so I might come on a little bit less than said.Hope you do not mind😥.

    How would you contribute to the server?: I might donate anytime soon and will be active at all times to help the server out.I will help the staff or build team with most projects and I can provide ideas to improve the server. I can use commands properly and can help advertise the server when in need of players.

    Mature level 1-10: About 8-9 maturity

    Thank you for taking time out to read my application, this took me much effort to do. Hope you like it! Have a great day ahead of you and your staff team😀.


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