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    Hi, is this the right thread to talk about 1.7.10 Reliquery or is there a new one?

    Um, please may i have some very informative details about the Magicbane dagger?

    I've spent many many hours looking around for info about what it accepts and how much damage it does.

    theres a some of conflicting info,


    one spot i read said each magical level of any enchantment simply converts to damage and the effect of that enchantment is stripped?

    So looting x would provide no additional items right? though Fire Aspect 1 seems to set them onfire and knockback2 seems to work...

    so im confused..


    another entry said it only works with vanilla enchantments? so things like Repair2, Decay1 and Vampierism2 would not influence its damage gain?

    3> are the gains equal to the enchantment level?

    so bane of anthripods 5, would do 5 extra damage not indicated by the sharpness 5 modified damage base (10.25) ?

    or are they based on some divisible 3 or 15?

    4> if through /give command means, the dagger gets Sharpness 5, Bane of anthripods 5, and smite 5, is that base damage 4, + 5 + 5 + 5 ?

    5> if the dagger has odd strange armor enchantments on it, like blastprotection 4, would that add 4 damage too?

    6> Im trying in survival to use botania mana-enchanting to enchant my dagger up to being a chocolate quest boss killer. i haven't tied to enchant it yet, but botania does say, a weapon must have no enchantments before mana-enchanting can occur. Magicbane glows as if its pre-enchanted when built, and i read it inflects some nausia effects or random effects or something.. is this true? and do you think it will influence my ability to botania-mana-enchant it? (ill check later)

    7> this is a very potentially confusing weapon.. if i have smite 5 on it, can i even know if its working more strongly against undead??

    8> does it have some sort of backs-stab or un-aware-mob bonus damage or crit aspect? as the pearl-belts leave most undead, skeletons and creepers unaware of impending attack.

    again im on 1.7.10. i think were using stable version, and were using it with FTB Direwolf20

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    @ RedsnakeGames

    EE I'm excited! and sure I'll work at aiding your e-scanner texts <# Angie and i are excited to help *^-^*

    So i just made a few tiny corrections (edited my prior post) as a stray "is" and an unfinshed "fore" which was supposed to be "force" was corrected, along with a few words starting a sentence about structural integrity.

    At present the github format used does not appear to support any pre/post achievement changes.

    Would you like me to redesign my submission to fit the present github format before i post it there?

    after July 10'th I'll be able to focus on doing many more.

    @ ScubaKiwi

    the id numbers change for every single generated game and based on version number of minecraft. this was implemented by mojang or forge i believe, in order to prevent item id conflicts. everything is done by name now, and from what i understand each item has as many as 3 names, a human readable name, a java name, and a minecraft command line name. its quite difficult to pick out one from another. but TMI NEI and JEI mods seem to have item name dump abilities, dumping all itemnames to a list. and some hud-mod i think called Waila has the ability to show you the command line names of any block (block) your looking at. though not for in world dropped items.

    these names usually have an underscore, or some modname:lower_caseWithCapitals version of themselves. then as a full tank of fuel/energy is a NBT attribute, you'd have to give yourself the non-empty version of said tank, with nbt data indicating it's fullness level. in short if an item has fullness levels, it likely has NBT data, its inefficient to have 6000 separate item id's for various versions of the same block at all manner of fullness such as the battery box. some mods try to use durability on an item and that works sometimes but can also lead to the container Vanishing when its durability reaches 0 unless scripted to prevent such X.X; that's why NBT data is better. but it means theres less chance of there being a simple little 'full tank" itemID. same as there is no 'full battery box' itemID. they share the same id's with the other used versions of themselves (used = not empty, but 0 fullness or more)

    Personally i think 0 fullness should replace the used-tank with a empty initial version. then i could actually use them again for the research tables and chip makers that require empty flash drives. buuut thatd be a lot of hard work to overhaul. so I'm not going to ask for it. nope!

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    one thing you can do without command blocks, is fill a tank of fuel, then put that fuel-tank into a hopper (or item pusher which moves stacks) this device should connect to a wardrobe. Then in creative mode, press the copy block key on the wardrobe. Place that copied block on-top of the hopper or item pusher. When its empty, destroy the wardrobe seated atop the hopper/pusher, and copy the remaining wardrobe that's been filled. repeat till you've a copyable wardrobe full of fueltanks you can toss into a secret treasure room full of Daddy storage.

    as needed you can then copy said wardrobe to any other location using command blocks as a quest reward, or as a ship fuel-replicator command block button.

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    ok so heres what i came up with I've danced on the edge of editing the main lang eng repository for the zentrifuge but thought it best to post here first. I and Angelica worked at addressing each aspect involved with this thing, its creation what it uses how, when, why, and tried to leave nothing out. however, as mentioned above you spoke of something called a Completed entry, which lends me to believe there is a pre-networking entry version, and a post networking entry version. not seeing how those 2 elements overwrite or add to each other in the File, i decided it best to propose my idea for the entry at length here for you to consider.

    So heres my 'idea' on rewording the centrifuge:

    "In nature, pure materials rarely exist. Most things have small traces of other substances in them. Up until now those impurities have hindered my research so I've developed a machine to separate and extract those trace materials.",

    "Beneath the colored carapace this Centrifuge is largely composed of a neon energy motor and several containers that revolve quickly around it in an armature. Materials inserted can then be separated by weight into their base components. Between cycles a computer extraction system handles the sorting and collection of base components.",

    "Unfortunately not all impure materials are of identical weight. Therefore careful distribution of stacked materials between the internal containers is a requirement. This preserves the armatures balance and reduces vibrations which could potentially disturb materials the Centrifuge is separating.",

    ####Pre-Connecting Flash-Server Achievement#####
    "While sufficient to accomplish basic separations I foresee a need to improve on the gyroscopic balance of this design. I also need to bolster the structural integrity of the centripetal armature. Without these adjustments I will not be able to extract the heavier or more complex materials into their base components. Anticipating this inevitable obstacle, I've included a rudimentary system to utilize and collect support points for later integration, however an individual flashdrive's transfer speed is just too slow and lacks sufficient storage space for the complexity of this statistical data. I might be able to overcome both obstacles at once, if only I could find some way to link Network collected results with this machine faster. Perhaps I should research flashdrive arrays...",

    ####Post-Connecting a Flash-Server Achievement####
    "Some of the heavier or more complex materials, such as Magnitite ore, require a stronger centrifugal force in order to separate them into their base components. Thanks to Networking a Flash-Server with my Centrifuge, I'm able to quickly transfer Support points to and from the network. (SP) used in these cases can instruct the Centrifuge computer to gyroscopically balance the motor, electromagnetically strengthen the armature, and cancel internal resonance that would otherwise disturb the separated materials at higher rotational speeds. I can now use the Centrifuge to its full potential.",

    Not sure how pre and post achievement entries will unfold in these files. Either way this took a full day to work on so please let me know what you think :)

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    hehe i think its called, setting a standard? and doing it yourself rather then copy pasting thier code is only at best mimicry which is the highest form of flattery! *^-^* I'm POSITIVE the botania creators would Adore seeing more people adopting their info style. They offer it as a standard for other creators to reach toward and improve upon. For them, Its about bringing ease of use and explanation to the mod players. And its clear they are trying to show everyone, "yes yes you can do it! see our example?" it makes warm fuzzies in my heart *^-^*

    Your mod is especially crafty, I've really never played one as deeply crafting-complex. Angie and i are playing with Redpower(and super circuit maker) industrialCraft thaumraft(well in 1.7.2 we did) ars magica, and obviously Botania. In the end yours has just so much more steps to reach various things higher up. X.X; and whats more needing to use tech tables, keeps things well hidden from others who are playing that aren't unlocking the paths too. "You cant use this yet!" is a great idea to compel people to start reaching into the E-Scanner and unlocking it all! That's something the people of botania and other mods could learn from your example! *^-^* I approve! ~ Especially as it makes Angie need me so much more, as shes Industrial craft and botania focused, and I'm futurepack ArsMagica and Super-Circuit-Maker focused. We really rely on each other more cause of the different mod focuses. *^-^*

    As for the lang repo, i can perhaps propose some alterations. but Angies coming over in a week, from across the planet. and we have big adventures planned with road-trips, so i can only really get rolling on the lang repo after July 10'th. I do think i can lend some clarity there, I'll have 4 months of free time at that point.

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    the pastebin page with the code snip? Not at all really it doesn't explain anything more even if it adds a extra fluffy line of text.

    perhaps something likethe following might be more clear:

    "Some materials such as ores, require a stronger centrifugal force to separate. The addition of Support points power in these cases can hold the armature together with a carefully balanced magnetism, protecting the Centrifuge against damage from internal resonance and centripetal motor strain at higher rotational speeds."

    have you considered putting links in your E-scanner pages, that link to other items in the E-scanner documents. or more importantly, a Save'state, so when a user looks away, they don't need to retrace their steps through the whole pda, just to find the entry they were on, because they looked away to bat at a zombie?

    The "Lexica Botania" http://botaniamod.net/downloads.php has the most complicated Book item with internal linkage, external linkage to webpages if need be, and a share-to-local-chat linkage others holding the same book can click on to open to the page their friend shared. woo! oh, and of course last-page-position saves, i've never seen a book structure more complex. Even the book cover has active text in game world (not just the gui) right on the cover as a held object. It applies to the perspective vectors and everything. could use some antialising, but its quite fancy! Probably pretty useful to reverse engineer. Its worth a peek of your time.

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    Im not sure the centrifuge recipe to cook your Magnitite ore into whatever it cooks into, requires SP, there is no way for me to tell if its required, its not mentioned in the E-Scanner

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    tbe again, not sure if I'm loggedin right now, I'll type this out anyway...

    I've not torn down my game folder to find out. the mods and config-files are carefully balanced.

    recently I am running into an issue where the Centrifuge which I'veresearched and built, doesn't accept new power or "cook"/"process" any items. Either once i insert magnitire ore (the futurepack magnet ore i forget the name i think its magnitite.) or, if i change the core/ram/logic chips that it defaults to. one of those 2 things seem to lock it dead and it no longer accepts power or ticks forward with power. I've done it to a centrifuge powered by engines and a cable. and from a battery box (filled with the battery type that comes after Large the first multicell looking battery. ) to a cable to a second centrifuge.

    i tried inserting a alon core 10, with 3 alon ram 1corePower, a damage control chip of 160c protection and a logic chip of the 2.800006 (i think) chip power.

    and later AI core 11 3 pention ram 1 corePower. with the a protection circuit of 200c. i tried inserting industrial chipsets into both at some point after it went down to 12c total temp. but that didn't change anything either. they just sit there and never do anything ever since i altered their base board sets.

    and no i still cant see any gui borders indicating power directions on battery boxes. i still flail blindly at the side, and test lower down the line with a led-lamp and switch. every time.

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    Angelica and i are in a 10.2 build of Minecraft ~ forge. She and i have the same mods.


    i dont think i can remove all my mods just to check and see if your packs logistics editor will highlight blocks. id have to reconfigure everything, it was hard setting it all up to work.

    super sleepy, crawling into night-night zzz will try to say more when not mostly sleeping upright.

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    she and i are not getting that sky-blue highlight in any mode of the logistics editor. and defiantly not the red or green side markings. im struggling to make guesses as to what i'm doing on the surface when i click a battery box, because we have no visual aid to lend us info of that sort.

    can you help me understand why? ive worked very hard to unlock everything i've got so far in survival mode, ive been standing in the same store room for a week with my pile of future-pack contraptions crafting and studying researching building scanning, each new element along the way.

    some things are still confusing to me. like why no power comes out of the infusion generator into other power-hungry devices when i have working internal boards chips and a damage control unit making sure it doesn't toast. the energy bar is full but i cant get the energy out with the standard cables. Ive put a lot of work into playing through this mod and struggling blindly in some cases to beat things with a wrench or voltmeter till they work ... mostly.

    any idea what mod might be directly conflicting with my ability to view the Logic-testers highlight frame?

    ThumpieBunnyEve is using These mods: http://www.modlister.com/user/ThumpieBunnyEve

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    Angie_Furclad and i play on the same server.

    one thing were both having a problem with is the polarity UI for the batteries.

    Simply put, there isn't one. something might be interfering with it's display?

    Can you please provide screen shots of what it's Supposed to look like, or indicate what sorts of things could conceivably interfere with whatever GUI you have for viewing battery polarity? the E-Scanner says "there are to states, in and out" but in blindly Shift-Right clicking, Angie and I are encountering 3:

    In, ᅟ Out, ᅟ and (Off or Unknown or both In+Out ?)

    Further more, Battery-Boxes seem to do funky things when placed next to other batteries or power sources, without a neon wire conduit passing the power.

    Are wires even needed if batteries are set right next to each other???

    I've sent you a friend request on skype, so we can live chat, and i can show you video of the error(s)//oddities live.

    ThumpieBunnyEve is using These mods: http://www.modlister.com/user/ThumpieBunnyEve

    [Edit: Oh also the nether does not seem to generate any Retium or glow stone sands. sand the End has no EndSands. we've looked all over for crystal crops. but only overworld generated any. Though the Bunkers in Nether are available. ]

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    posted a message on Sidben Redstone Jukebox - Mega version update - 1.7.10, 1.8.9 and 1.9

    PLEASE update this to run on 1.10.2 and up.

    I miss having custom music run when walking into shops i set up.

    Or when i get near my gardens (using ars magica seerer-stone proximity sensors).

    Or down into the dungeons with Note blocks extending the range like store music.

    I NEEEED it! mmff! Please Please Please!

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    posted a message on Dungeon Mobs (Latest: Link to source code for v4.2.0) [v4.1.3]

    Will begging and pleading for an update to the 1.6.4 version of this mod get me anywhere????

    Has such already been done on the prior Thread?

    I've lots of magic'y mods very very delicately balanced on 1.6.4 forge.. and all more -recent- versions of projects such as ars magica, and thaumcraft, are game-breaking'ly buggy with features added that weren't ready for release, and new breaks to once stable older functions that had been working fine.. Fixes to those are unlikely as the mods are nearly abandon-ware due to their creators having lives/school/families..

    So any kind updates you can add to 1.6.4_dungeon-mobs that iron out bugs and nail down features, which you might drag from the 1.7.# version down to those of us stuck with 1.6.4 would be lovingly appreciated! I think Obsucification or whatever it's called changes folder structuring? but hopefully it's not too much a burden to bring over any change and updates??

    here's to hoping!

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    posted a message on 1.6.4 TP @e??? Not-Working


    all my mods wont work on 1.7 and up.

    the mod creators are not setting up reverse compatibility,

    and-or have given up their projects. *fuss*

    guess I'll deal with it.

    cause I'm running Forge, 1.6.4

    these mods serverside:

    Ars Magica 2, Thaumcraft, More Player Models v2, Smart-Moving,

    bibliocraft, carpenter blocks, rotten flesh to leather, worldEdit,

    tree-capitator, DrZharks: mo'creatures & magicCarpet & CustomSpawner,

    gravestone mod, dungeon pack, roguelike dungeons, ropes+,

    smart render, non grieving creepers,

    and these client side:

    too many items, Zan's minimap, inventory tweaks, craft guide, joypad splitscreen, optifine,

    these only fit together without crashes and bugs, with a lot of configuration file love, and only with particular versions of each mod, otherwise the whole ordeal blows outa whack. some things aren't updated any more, some things got updated and radically changes so bad that they break themselves even in New-worlds, like the recent thaumcraft and ars magica, heavy crashy changes, and I've got the most stable versions working together in delicate balance. I'll sacrifice entity options, and stick with my grouping that works. minecraft is BORING to me without lots of mods. This setup above however has kept me busy for many years on 1 map.

    If i ever get Red-Power or project-red or whatever it's called.. to work with our server it'll be super awesome!

    maybe theres a mod out there someplace that'll let 1.6.4 do it. i can only hope, and hope, for compatibility too. :P

    TY to those who have replied.

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    posted a message on 1.6.4 TP @e??? Not-Working

    i posted this as a reply in


    but I'll ask it here too, in 1.6.4 how can i teleport an entity?

    I've tried

    /tp @a @e[type=!Player,c=1] -959 43 625

    /tp @e[type=!Player,c=1] -959 43 625
    /tp @e -959 43 625
    /tp @e[r=3,c=1] -959 43 625
    /tp @a @e[r=3,c=1] -959 43 625

    and it seems like @e isn't even a feature??

    it does nothing.

    Please enlighten me?

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