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Not much to say really. Male, Aussie, two legs, two nose....the usual. Played minecraft on PS3 since it's early release. Adept at redstone and have built some huge technical stuff in creative...but spend most of my time in survival. Would be ranked number 1 on the leaderboard for 'Kills' in easy mode if the freekin leaderboards weren't busted.A big fan of minecraft....not a fan of 4J in general.Athiest and proud of it.....question everything! Will talk to anyone if they are decent people but have no time for trolls. Chef during the day when I'm not playing minecraft!

Gem cutting (opals generally), gold hunter, various games inc borderlands, assassins creed, red name a few. NRL team - Bulldogs (don't judge me lol). Cooking obviously and ex rep player in state 8 ball.

Location Downunder

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Minecraft Thr33-Nin3s PSN Thr33-Nin3s