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    posted a message on [Surv] Restore the Island and Survive (Ft. NPC breeding)
    You start with some grass blocks and saplings... Turn the floating island from barren to beautiful!

    Exploring the island (small amount of digging in mountain) will lead to finding villager eggs. You must build a village and populate it (see villager breeding here: http://www.minecraft..../wiki/Villager )

    All the Villagers must have specific jobs, they don't have to be the normal ones minecraft villages have, though. You can make one the Bunny slayer :o if you wish. They should also have the necessary materials. (chest, crafting table, etc.) for their specified job.

    There are no ores on this island... But search and you shall find the materials you need.(In the secret rooms)

    Oh, I forgot to mention, you need to survive too =P

    Pics :

    Before the island is restored

    Note: These are pics of a previous version /\

    After the island is restored (partly)

    Momicajack :

    One end of the island, you can see how this has been restored with sugar cane, wheat and Lots Of Grass!

    An unfinished part of the village (you can also see melons growing)

    All the grass has grown on this island, and these sheep are wandering freely

    Thanks heaps to Momicajack for posting these! (There are more on page 5)


    A neat looking house, with a restored island in the background, and sugar cane in the front.

    A villager "breeder" Now that they have the villagers, they are going to make a village.

    An in-house farm supplying food and other useful items.


    A town has been started, with a forest to the right of the picture

    A closer view of the village (Love the gravel =P)

    The forest and lake, both almost fully restored, can be seen here


    A huge farm and a great looking house clearly visible

    Another view using a different texture pack

    A clear picture of the house

    I'm open to more!


    Only the first video of each series will be showed, many of these guys have multiple episodes. Be sure to subscribe and like the awesome videos these guys make!

    If you want to see more, plenty of people have played this map through, just look up 'Restore and survive' in YouTube and you'll find plenty!

    Rob3y's playthrough

    Brettpocalypse's playthrough

    Achievements :

    Build yourself a shelter
    Make a farm for wheat
    Find the easy hidden room
    Find the hard hidden room
    Make an Iron Golem to protect you villagers
    Make a forest for your villagers to play in
    Breed animals from the spawn eggs
    Make a meadow (with tall grass)
    Build a small village, with 10 villagers
    Expand the village to 50+ villagers

    Touch the clouds :P


    Over 10 000 on the mediafire alone! (Don't know how to count dropbox downloads) Now with .zip files!

    mediafire - V_0.7 (.rar)
    - V_0.7 (.zip)

    dropbox - V_0.7 (.rar)
    - V_0.7 (.zip)


    V_0.1 - Starting up

    V_0.2 - Fixed re-spawn problem
    Added more Grass blocks to start

    V_0.3 - Added Lava and gravel
    Split into 2 secret rooms (easy and hard)
    Altered achievements
    Fixed spawner problem

    V_0.4 Fixed a respawn bug (again)
    Lowered map (got rid of annoying clouds)
    Got rid of visible chunks
    Added more iron blocks (and more gold and diamond)
    Changed spawn signs slightly

    V_0.5 Added new volcano and mini ravine with hidden secrets!

    V_0.6 Fixed an item bug
    Added new cave (not in the mountain) with hidden secrets!

    V_0.7 Added potatoes and carrots
    Altered mini ravine slightly
    Changed spawn signs slightly

    Feel free to make a play through, or even a trailer!

    And because there is no banner you can make an epic one!

    Another Note
    If you have completed a this map to a high standard, please post some pictures, or even better, a download link!

    All feedback welcome, please comment!
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    posted a message on [Surv] Pillars of the Dark Frost (you can help build parts)
    The Pillars of the Dark Frost

    This is a survival map, revolving around looting from outposts and seeking protection inside city walls. It is not yet complete, because, instead of creating all the outposts by myself, I thought it would be more interesting to get the minecraft community (the best game community of any videogame =P) and let them help by creating their own outposts.

    - I'll admit, this community collaboration was inspired by my discovery of rsmalec's map, 'The Toybox.'

    Pictures of the current progress of the map

    The town

    Your starting hut

    The main terrain of the map

    Veiw from on the ground

    Looking up from below (because it looks cool)



    Must not go below the bottom layer of ice. If more room is needed build upwards.
    No external lighting that is within 10 blocks of the ground, it will melt surrounding ice pillars.
    Include many spawners and make it difficult for the player.
    No command blocks.
    It will be in survival mode, so don't make puzzles, the player can just dig straight through.
    Do not use lava, do not give lava as loot. That will allow cobblestone generators.
    Feel free to use humour - everyone loves humour :)
    Give your outpost a name when you submit it

    Leave loot in chests - no ender chests
    Useful loot for the player includes -

    Enchanted weapons and tools (Don't make them OP)
    Dirt (No more than 3 blocks per outpost)
    Single armour pieces (no diamond)
    Crops (seeds, melons, pumpkins, reeds (sugar cane), cacti, etc)
    Clay (up to 20 blocks)
    Food (No golden apples, no more than 2 pieces of food)
    Avoid putting diamonds throughout the map

    If unsure about other materials, just ask!

    To Enter -

    1. Download the outpost template here.
    2. Build your outpost. Do not go outside the border of the current blocks. It is only a small building area, 20 by 20 blocks so you'll have to make use of it well.

    3. Fill out the description and post when submitting the file

    Name to be credited:
    Name of outpost:

    4. Upload your minecraft save file (the whole folder) to a file sharing website, such as mediafire.
    5. Give a link to the download either in a comment to this post or through a PM (personal message)

    Small Cities

    After working on the basic part of the map for a while, I thought it would be cool to include a few small cities, as well. I have built the first one, Warmthale, and incorporated it into the main story. I am still in need of two more small cities, so feel free to make them, however, only one entry each can be accepted, so it has to be good!

    Small city #1 - Dark Kingdom

    A castle-like village.
    This will have, like most of the map, an ice theme (so use ice and snow), however, there will be lots of dark objects in it too. (Netheraak, nether bricks, nether brick fences, obsidian, cauldrons)

    Avoid lighting netheraak on fire, because it will melt the surrounding ice. Also be wary, other light sources that are exposed to ice will cause it to melt, too.

    No story is needed included, I will incorporate it into the main story.

    Also, use monster spawners to make it hard! But remember, only dark creatures (endermen, spiders, wither skeletons).

    Please no command blocks.

    Small city #2 - Scarglemain

    This will have an ice theme intertwined with a sort of militaristic village, so stone bricks, wooden planks, and villagers included. Feel free to include your own mini storyline within the village.

    It MUST include a town hall with a spot for a large message board inside. Do not use the message board, that is needed in the main story.

    Also, avoid external lighting, that will melt the surrounding ice.

    Please no command blocks.

    To Enter -

    1. Download the small city template here.
    2. Build your small city. Do not go outside the border of the current blocks. It is only a small building area, 20 by 20 blocks so you'll have to make use of it well.
    3. Upload your minecraft save file (the whole folder) to a file sharing website, such as mediafire.
    4. Give a link to the download either in a comment to this post or through a PM (personal message)

    Remember, I will check all submitted maps, and if there's something wrong, I'll fix it. I will most likely use all of the submitted outposts. So don't fret!

    In total I'm hoping to get around 25-30 outposts before initial release.

    Any Questions, PLEASE ASK! I porabably missed heaps of important pieces of information, so if you ask, it will make it easier for everyone. Thanks all!


    Submitted Cities
    ~Scarglemain~ OWNED Studios

    Submitted Outposts
    None, yet
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    posted a message on [Surv] The One-Block Survivable
    Quote from silvahteeth


    Presentation: 4/10
    Creativity: 0/10
    Fun Factor: 2.5/10

    Summary: No Skyblock rip-offs please. All you did was just delete some blocks and smacked your name all over it saying:
    "There, that's 100% original" By the way, 1 block survival already exists, and this isn't even 1 block.

    Edit: Also, you aren't Noobcrew.

    :steve_rage: *RAAAAAAGGGGGGGEEEEEE* :steve_rage:

    I hate it when people say that.

    It is clearly not a rip off. It offers a completely different play style to skyblock. Also, note that skyblock was not the first map to feature floating islands in the sky, it was just the most popular at the time it was released. Sure it's a good map, but it's not the only one. Whew, had to get that out.

    Nice map, keep up the building! I like the challenges!
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    posted a message on The Legend Of Antvenom Adventure Map
    Good luck on the quest of getting AntVenom to play it! Looks like a pretty good map, and it's 7 mb so it must be a pretty big map, too!

    Edit: Halfway through now, loving it so far!

    The hidden locations are awesome.

    Only problem, was that I don't know if I'm going the right way to follow the story, or going off on a side adventure.

    If you distinguish the difference of these it would be the best adventure map I've played!
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    posted a message on [Surv] Restore the Island and Survive (Ft. NPC breeding)
    lol this had a massive popularity decline... There was over 6000 d/l's on the last version, and 0 on this one! :P
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    posted a message on [Forge] Mo'Minecraft Mod
    Looking great!

    I saw dwarves mentioned previously... I reckon that would be an epic idea!
    Of course, gems with a purpose is my favourite thing.
    So enchanting with gems, or maybe even cooler things would be good.
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    posted a message on [WIP][1.2.5]Hawktalon's LegacyCraft
    This is absoloutely amazing!!! Here take my diamonds and my support :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [1.1]Thirst Mod[v0.3]
    A suggestion, you could tweak the food bar and make it run out slower, because we can last a lot longer without food than we can without water.
    Don't ask me how long though... :huh.gif:
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