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    The update to MineCraft 1.3 has seriously broken several puzzles to a point beyond repair. If you intend to play this map I seriously recommend downgrading to MineCraft 1.2.5.

    Greetings adventurers!
    I, Thoronwen, would like to present to you my very first custom built adventure map:

    This puzzle based adventure map will place you in the role of nothing less than a God (or Goddess), who seeks to protect his or her followers, their homes and their livelihood from the forces of evil - the other gods.
    Your home village lies between a swamp, a desert and a taiga, and the Gods of Rain, Sand and Frost would like nothing more than to assimilate your lovely plains, forcing your followers out and making room for their own.
    While venturing out to protect your disciples, you will find three missions to complete, all with themed scenery, original puzzles, checkpoints, and spectacular endings!

    This map does not have:
    • Intensive combat
    • Jumping puzzles that kill you
    • Long walks and/or item loss if you fail at a puzzle
    This map does have:
    • Original puzzles that test your skill and knowledge of the MineCraft world
    • Regular checkpoints that allow you to quickly get back should you die, or if you're stuck and would like to do some of the other puzzles first
    • Clear indications where you should be going
    • Accommodations for 1-3 players, but more is always possible
    Not convinced yet? No pics no clicks? Well, have a look at these:

    So, are you up to the task? Are you ready to take on the elements itself? Then wait no more and download Catventure I: Light of Aster!

    Download v1.6 at Mediafire (2500+ downloads)
    Mirror: FileFrontier

    The mission control room and the minecart room are not always triggered when a checkpoint is reached (especially the Rain ones). This is because the redstone wire is longer than the amount of chunks MineCraft has loaded into its memory. I only became aware of this after I made the map, so I can’t really fix it. Sorry.
    In both the mission control room and the minecart room you will find levers marked as “manual override”. Use these if you opened the first checkpoint (minecart room) or if you completed the mission (mission control room) and the doors have not opened.


    Version 1.7 for MineCraft 1.2.5 (link)
    * (Hopefully) fixed mobs spawning on the track area in the race with Ali (sand)
    * Moved answer signs in the quiz section (frost) so you can't read them through the door

    Version 1.6 for MineCraft 1.2.5 (link)
    * Fixed some washed away tracks in the checkpoint route to Frost
    * Made both exits at the Frost race tracks a bit bigger, so players are less likely to miss the door by bumping into something
    + Added a bunch of signs and some other tweaks to help players in knowing where they are supposed to be going (and where not)
    + Added a way to see which blocks slide and which don't at Frost Golf #5
    + Added some more signs to the Frost opening puzzle, in trees you should *not* be jumping to

    Version 1.5 for MineCraft 1.2.5 (link)
    * Fixed a possiblity to mess up the piston puzzle (Sand) so that it is impossible to obtain the solution
    - Removed a sign referring to clay, which is not in the map
    + Added Odulo's secret cookie stash
    + Added testificates to the Frost Village as the original inhabitants (snow golems) are nowhere to be found

    Version 1.4 for MineCraft 1.2.5 (link)
    + Added fence gates to the zombie intro puzzle (Sand) to keep them on their pressure plates.
    + Added some vines to the top of the elevator in the sand lobby, because I wanted to make sure you could get to the exit if you broke the boat.

    Version 1.3 for MineCraft 1.2.5 (link)

    - - - -
    Hints and Tips
    - - - -
    (You'll also find most of this section on signs ingame)

    How to install
    • Simply download the map at [download]
    • Extract the zip file to your minecraft saves folder (To get there, open minecraft, click the "Texture Pack" button, select "Open texture pack folder", go up a folder to ".minecraft", and then open the "saves" folder)
    • Play!
    • Just plonk down the save folder in your World folder. If you run a server you should know what you're doing.
    • This map does require The Nether, so if you use Bukkit, clear your Nether folder and let MineCraft generate it from the save files. (It should do so automatically when you start it up)
    • The spawn should be working properly, but if not, just get you and your friends into the big glowstone-y orb above the tower.
    On texture packs
    You are free to use whatever texture pack you like.
    The texture pack I used for the pics and playthrough is my own, Cat32, which also contains textures from a bunch of other artists (mostly Gerudoku Faithfull 32x) and as I did not ask for their permission, I won't be sharing it.
    I would recommend one that allows you to see through ice.

    On mods
    I'm sure that if you're smart enough to install a mod, you're also bright enough to figure out when a mod is cheating and when it isn't.
    If you have a mod that prevents creepers and enderman from spawning, that's great, and may prevent some parts of the maps from breaking down. So use it, by all means! There is one puzzle in the map that requires a creeper spawner to work, though.
    If you have a mod that prevents or repairs damage from explosions (like creeperheal), configure it so that TNT damage, Ghast fire balls and fire damage is *not* repaired, but creeper damage is.

    What are the rules?
    • Play the map on EASY (you will not be able to complete all the puzzles on peaceful)
    • Don't break any blocks
    • Don't place any blocks (but things like torches may be placed, and you may interact with objects like furnaces etc.)
    • Redstone items (redstone dust, levers, buttons, pressure plates, redstone torches etc.) may be:
      • Placed on GOLD blocks
      • Placed on and removed from DIAMOND blocks
    • Cheating is fine, as long as you remember to feel bad about it
    You are able to wander the map freely, but if you get too far from the indicated paths, you may get stuck. Don't blame me. Also, if you chose to cheat, don't blame me if you broke something. Just cheat some more and fix it :P

    How do the checkpoints work?
    Pretty much every time you complete a puzzle, you will find a checkpoint. If you flip the lever, you'll be able to get back quickly.
    If you die, just go down into the basement of the Tower of Light. You'll find three minecart tracks, each leading to one of the three Temples. If you've unlocked the first checkpoint, the track will be usable. Just hop in! The route to the next checkpoints is clearly indicated.

    What is the Mission Control room, in the basement of the Tower of Light?
    You'll be able to see how you're doing in this room. The information that can be read on the signs will change once you complete a section. When you've completed all three missions, the door to the ending room will be opened.
    Be sure to check back here whenever you've completed a mission!
    If there are any signs lying around, just ignore them.

    I've explored the village and the Tower of Light, now what?
    On the edge of the village you'll find three types of pillars: one on a block of ice, one on some sandstone and one over a water lily. They'll lead you to the villages of Frost, Sand and Rain. Explore those villages and you'll find your first puzzles.
    Don't forget to open the checkpoints once you've found them!

    Help, I am stuck on [insert random puzzle]!
    Well, if you want some hints you could always post on this topic. Please use spoiler tags though!
    You could also watch the Dev Playthrough, it’s at the bottom of this post.

    I want to do a Let's Play!
    Awesome! Can you post the link so I can see how you got on?

    I have some feedback!
    I'd appreciate it if you could post some feedback once you've completed the map. I always enjoy getting compliments (who doesn't?) and if it's negative feedback I could improve on it in the next map I build.
    If you find any bugs or errors, or even typo’s, I'd also like to know.
    Please do include a spoiler tag if you talk about sections that require you to at least complete one of the puzzles!

    - - - -
    Additional Information
    - - - -

    Why on Minecraftia is it called "The Catventure?" It hardly has cats!
    Cat is my webname, pretty much. See my avatar? :P Catventure simply means it's an adventure map by me. When I make more maps, they'll be called Catventure II and so on.

    Why did you decide to make an adventure map?
    Well, the area around my house on my SMP was getting pretty full with all of my projects. I needed something new to build in, and as I love playing adventure maps others had made, I thought I should try my hands on my own.
    I made sure it was a map I would enjoy playing, so I hope you will enjoy it too!

    License and copyright stuff
    I made this map because I enjoy it, not to make money. So, I don't use adfly. You can copy this map as much as you want, send it to your friends etc. But I don't want you to make any money off of redistributing it, and claiming you made it yourself is just pathetic.

    Standing on the shoulders of giants
    The basis of learning is looking at what others have done and being able to use their ideas as part of your own creation, and perhaps even improving on them. Sharing ideas and concepts is extremely important for the advancement of society! All right, maybe MineCraft adventure maps aren’t particularly good for the advancement of human society, but you have to start somewhere.

    There are parts of this map that have been inspired by maps I've played, and things I've seen. Some I am aware of, but there are probably also some I copied subconsciously or happen to be the same completely by coincidence.

    Ideas and concepts from others
    • Dynamic signs in the mission control room - From The Eronev Mansion by Jigarbov
    • Idea for the floating Rain Temple - Inspired by Kingdom of the Sky by BlameTheController
    • Speeding up/slowing down mechanism in the minecart race in the Sand area - From the Minecart Race in the Yog-olympics (not sure who made it, the post is by DaveChaos)
    • The Enderman grinder in the Trials of Frost – based on Etho’s blaze xp trap
    Likewise, if you are a map builder and would like to use some of my ideas and concepts to make your map even better, PLEASE DO!

    I'd like to thank..
    • Mojang for making MineCraft!
    • All the map makers out there for making great maps, and inspiring me to do the same!
    • Jigarbov, BlameTheController and the-yognaught-who-built-the-minecart-race-in-the-yogolympics for thinking up those great concepts that I've gratefully used! (see copyright section)
    • My friends from the RSRClan SMP server who helped beta-test my map! (ElanFromRSR, Slayblooder, dustyflame, ArnoudX, LodanMax, Thulinma and Starburstlover)
    • You for playing my map!

    - - - -
    - - - -

    Developer’s playthrough

    I’ve obviously playtested this map quite a few times, and I thought it might be a good idea to make a vid of the last one. So you can all see how much I fail at jumping puzzles, probably. During the play-through I’ll talk about how the puzzles work and I’ll give you a bit of behind the scenes info on why I built certain things in this way. You can use it if you’re stuck on one of the puzzles :P

    I would not recommend watching this video if you have not yet played the map.

    PS: the screen and game sounds lag behind compared to the voice-over, especially in the 2 and 3rd vid. You can blame fraps, or praise my clairvoyant abilities. Up to you.

    Playthroughs by others

    DreamStatez' Let's Play (Incomplete)

    Badinfos' Playthrough

    Moon_Logic's Playthrough

    TwoAvidGamers' Playthrough (multiplayer!) (incomplete)

    EpicLizard99's Let's Play (Only part 1-2, more s00n)

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    Quote from ashbug4000

    The creator of the mod cannot understand you, you need to talk in Japanese. Use Google translate!

    Translated into Japanese with Google Translate and then back to English:
    "The creator of the MOD is to understand, but you can not, you will need to talk in Japanese. Please use the translation Google!"

    It works, but it's glitchy. Just talk in English (without all the spelling errors!), I'm sure Rei knows how to use Google translate if he wants to.
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    If the people you want to invite into your world are using a pc that is in your local network (usually a pc that is in the same house, so your brother for example) you will probably not have to open any ports unless your firewall blocks it. Your friend will need to use your local ip. You can find this by opening cmd (type "cmd" and hit enter in the search box in the start menu) and typing "ipconfig". The ip you need is listed as "ipv4 address" under LAN connection.
    Edit: I think you can also use the network name of your computer. This is the name you can see in configuration > network centre.
    pics: (Dutch windows 7)

    If your friend is not in your local network, you will still need to use port forwarding in your router. There is nothing Mojang can do to automate this for you. www.portforward.com is a website that explains how to do it for pretty much any router. By default, the minecraft server uses port 25565 with a TCP protocol.
    In this case your friend needs to use your global ip. You can find this easily by visiting www.whatsmyip.org/.

    You can also use a tool like Hamachi to fool your pc into thinking you're in a local network together when you're actually not, but I don't have any experience with that tbh.
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    It will be great for doing adventure maps with friends, but I don't plan on leaving my pc on 24/7, so we'll still need a server for casual play.
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    I *believe* the + shaped redstone dust in the video was a quirk. The torches on the side of the blocks in the back row shouldn't be powering the redstone dust (the one you point at in your pic), so it's a visual bug only. They fixed a couple of these quirks a while ago.

    Did you try if your circuitry behaves like you would expect?
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    Actually, you could also consider just using a fence gate with pressure plates on both sides. No redstone required, no suffocation risk. The simplest solution is often the best one, right?

    PS: A chicken city sounds awesome.
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    First, open the old world of which you'd like to change the cheat mode in the new snapshot. This will create the variable and set it to the default value, which is off. (Probably. I've heard it was already on for some, so while you're on the snapshot you might as well try if you can use the commands already)
    Then, open nbtedit or nbtexplorer or whatever data editing program you usually use.
    Navigate to/open the level.dat file of your world.
    Change "allowCommands" from 0 to 1. (doubleclick the variable)
    Save. Done!

    Pic from nbtexplorer:
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    Quote from thegumbootman

    Ok so I've tried editing my level.dat with NEINedit (because I'm on Mac) and when I change 'allowCommands" to 1 and save, it goes straight back to 0 when I close the program.

    Did you close minecraft while you were editing level.dat? If not, MineCraft could have had it loaded in memory and overwritten it.
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    Quote from TwoPlayer

    Did anyone know all Commands which you can use?

    Type "/", then use tab to cycle through the commands available.
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    Edit: I've tested the elevator on a friend's bukkit, and found that users both got stuck and received suffocation damage. This is obviously unacceptable.
    I will look into it, but for the moment the design is rendered useless.

    Hi all!

    First off, I don't know if anyone has already thought of this, but I haven't seen any, so I thought I'd share.

    I made this elevator design after having some problems with the zipper type design. ()
    It works like a charm in single player, but at least on my craftbukkit server, I just couldn't get it to work, no matter how much I fiddled with the repeater delays. I don't know if it's a problem with bukkit, 1.2.3, or both, but it just won't work. It actually does send up testificates, but not me.
    After a while, I noticed that on SMP the pistons would only push me up the stairs halfway, instead of the full block height like it does on SP. So I figured I could design a zipper like elevator that would push the player up unto slabs instead of stairs.

    I did just that, and it worked. And it doesn't need any longer repeater delays to work on SMP either. :) I thought I'd share!

    World file download (dropbox)

    Now, there are some benefits and drawbacks to this design:

    • It works on SMP! No problems fiddling with delays. (Well, on mine anyway, which is Craftbukkit 2060) Let me know if it works or fails on yours)
    • It's still quite fast
    • The wiring is very simple
    • You can jump up and down while riding the elevator all you like, you won't get stuck. Jumping will get you stuck in zipper elevators. Walking works fine too, jumping *and* walking won't.
    • It has half the speed of the zipper type design
    • Like the zipper, it only really works upwards (but there are faster ways to go down *insert evil laughter*)
    • Because the wiring goes all the way around the structure, it doesn't really have a "front" that is pretty. I'd only use it underground.
    • The piston heads cannot be hidden from view because they're pushing a slab you can see above
    If you want to use this design (be it in your private world, a server or a custom map), make a tutorial about how to build it, improve it, or whatever, feel free to. You don't need to ak me for permission and you don't even have to credit me if you don't want to. Knowledge and ideas should be shared!

    I'm sure the piston wiring could be made more compact by having 4 pillars of circuitry going up, and timing it so that the pillars are powered in sequence. Making compact wiring isn't really my thing though, if someone wants to have a look at it, that would be cool :)
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