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    posted a message on Faithful 64x64
    I love this texture pack, but can you add a 64x for faithfulVenom?
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    posted a message on ★ AMAZING SEED! GET TO THE NETHER INSTANTLY! ★
    Quote from scantrontb

    i think the chests have random drops in them... i tried the same seed and in the blacksmith chest i got 2 thaumium ingots, a railcraft crowbar, iron boots and iron helmet, that, and i spawned in a different direction from where the village was in your video for your world. but other than that, it was definitely a good world to have.
    He played without mods, and you may be on a different version then him
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    posted a message on [1.5] Spawn next to desert temple!
    So, This is my first seed post, and a new topic. So uh, tell me if I messed up on something,DO IT. NOW.
    The seed is 2278031150205026523
    I made it big, so you can know that's the seed. If I find out how to get the screenshots from the curse client I'll put them up. well, not much else to say about this. Its for 1.5 :iapprove:
    EDIT: If anyone takes any screenshots for me then thanks, or if someone tells me how to get my screenshots from the curse launcher. Then thanks, if not, jerk. Still don't know how to get the screenshots.
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    posted a message on [1.6.2] [Jul 29] [SMP] S.T.F.U. – Client side /mute command for muting players in SMP
    This mod is amazing, now i can mute all those ALT+F4 FOR... players, and I can chat with people that don't want to make people force quit minecraft.
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