About Me
Who is Thieves?

Well actually, my name is WThieves...

I am Thieves, creator of epic builds (at least I think so) and some mods (most of which have never seen the daylight) my best known work is probably "RoadWorks" and "Lamps and Traffic lights".
Yet modmaking isn't the only thing I did, I also enjoy building (and making adventuremaps, but those cost me about 1/2 year to make, because I make them in teams of 2/3 people, and we don't have that much time).

I have modded in more games than Minecraft... But let's say... these mods didn't really come out that well.
I am very creative and have a large imagination (this doesn't mean I don't like minecrafts "Survival mode" which I love) which I would love to reflect in some mods some day.
I love to write fiction too, there must be a story of me somewhere in the fiction page... ah here it is!

I have my own... website thingy, most of the times it's not updated, but it's a portal to all of my (published) work.
I have a world of my very own epic builds which are only for me to see MUAHAHAHAHA, no seriously, they might be posted someday, when I launch my youtube channel

I and my team, which create maps, call ourselves crafterds and our website is:
I make most maps together, but all my mods I've made myself (with some help of the minecraft community ofcourse)

Oh and one more thing, I've seen some large modmakers and texturepack creators have let the fame rise to their heads.
Which annoys me a lot actually... Some of them have called the minecraft community 'horrible' just because there are some people who nag for everything they want all the time.
If you don't like this, just ignore it, don't start shouting at other people who actually ask nicely, and just want to ask your help.
We can't help everyone but that doesn't mean we should get grumpy at everyone who asks us...

Cheers, the best of Minecrafting! Thieves
Interests Minecraft (obviously) Coding, Editing, Animating, Computers, and ofcourse My Girlfriend.

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