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    Quote from TmynameisT

    Hi there! First of all, if your going to say your 11 and then say your not a half wit, implying you are old and mature enough to play on the server, please actually back that up in your application.
    So first off: Im just gonna say go read the ENTIRE forum post. ESPECIALLY the rules. Also, read the ENTIRE lore.

    Secondly: Your IC section needs ALOT of work. You need to add alot more detail to things like your personality, weaknesses, and liked and dislikes. Also your skills section but I'll touch on that in a second.

    Third: Take your SPECIAL chart thing, and burn it. It clearly says 40 points max, have you ever even played Fallout? You have 53 points. It's ridiculous. You also maxed out strength, and put 3 other traits really high (9/8) and one as a 7, which is still over 5. Yet you never even mention your character having those kinds of abilities in your app, especially not in your skills section. Correct the points to the right amount and address it in the other sections of your app like your skills.

    Fourth: Your RP example and your bio. Your RP example needs to be ALOT longer. Your bio does to, (and I mean alot) but it also has other problems. Detail. It has absolutely none. You don't really even talk about your life. Please look at some accepted apps as an example. You also need to go read the Enclaves lore and the timeline (like I said already). How you depicted them is not how they are on this server at all.

    I'm sorry, but you have alot of work to do. Until then, denied.

    thanks for the help to get my app better :)
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    OOC- Remember the rules!
    In game name:Thetroopmaster
    Age:11 but im not the halfwit you would think i am
    Country or time-zone:West virginia (usa)
    Have you played any Fallout games? Which one(s):fallout 3
    Why do you want to play on this server?:minecraft + fallout 3 = epicness
    What lies in the shadow of the statue?:what is this supposed to mean?
    Have you read the lore?: most of it yes

    IC- The more detail, the better!
    Name:John Mason
    Nickname (optional):Crazy John
    Motto (optional):N/A
    Height:6 foot
    Personality:Not friendly to strangers well really most people
    Character's SPECIAL (max total: 40):
    Strength- 10
    Perception- 9

    Character's skills:Melee weapons
    Character's appearance:Has brown eyes black hair has a scar on his forehead wihte skin his hair is short cut he is 150 lbs and is 6.5 feet tall.
    Worn cloths/accessories:gray shirt blue jeans
    Gear/weapons:Sledge hammer
    Dislikes:other people
    Likes:being alone
    Any condition's/ disorder's (optional):N/A
    Spawn Location:
    The U.L.L.Y.S.S.E.S Quarantine Prison.
    RP example (At least 2 paragraphs): John searches the old destroyed house in a suburban area of a old town. he is shocked at the state of the place completely destroyed nothing left but burned remnants of what once was someones home. he thinks to himself "this is what happens when the world decides to fight over nothing..it burns everything in its path."

    Character back-story (At least 3 paragraphs with no assuming faction roles):Former Solider in the enclave till he finds out what the enclave do... They destroy everything in their path. That's when he decided to leave and he did leaving everything behind from the enclave starting anew. he traveled to the The U.L.L.Y.S.S.E.S Quarantine Prison attempting to find something to help him survive.
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    he said LITTLE SERVERS not big ones
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