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    Another way to make rails 3D is to represent the blocks as entities, a la armor stands. You could probably do a few more things with rail if that path is taken -- a wider range of directions (i.e diagonal) could be more feasibly implemented; the standard 'zig-zag' diagonal track we see right now can be converted into a more straight rail whereas purely block rails would take up more blocks on the side.

    It would make the crossties bleed into the region of other blocks, but with rails as entities you could also increase the gauge; it's a small change but can make larger vehicles like train or tram cars a more feasible idea.

    I wholeheartedly agree with making minecarts chunk loaders. It would actually make the automated subway/train route plans I have truly feasible. I wonder if it's possible for the minecarts to only load chunks directly on the rail, specifically chunks immediately in front of the track?

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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    Thank you!

    I was originally going to implement the wool block limitation as you mentioned, but I ran into an issue with it: some of the wool blocks are inevitably going to be blocked by the masts. Do you have a solution for this?

    Also, if you're interested, steam66 started a project called the Community Revamp where we compile suggestions to implement as a giant, modular mod.

    Just off the top of my head: reduce sailing efficiency by a certain percent for every side of a wool block not in contact with air blocks exposed to 'open' air, and that debuff ameliorated if it connects to wool blocks meeting that requirement. As to what 'open' air entails, I think MC already sort of has a way of dealing with that; something similar to how the game detects a villager 'house'.

    Perhaps the only thing needed for the game to identify a sail would be if both sides of a wool block are at least 2 or 3 blocks from open air. Maybe even search laterally as well; if the only blocks along the length of the sail (searching crosswise from the ship) are wool and air, then it checks out as a valid sail.

    That's one way anyway, from 5 minutes of thinking. Asking a non-programmer how to program something can get a bit silly sometimes, but I think at least the second paragraph is somewhat simple.

    That link looks cool. Boats Evolved has been in suggestion collabs before, and people have expressed interest in making a mod, but I've never seen anything like a humongous suggestion-mod collab before. Very ambitious, if it's a real attempt to make a megamod. I'll check it out!

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    This is the most in-depth blockship suggestion I've ever seen. On the forums and ye ol' defunct GetSatisfaction. You put a lot of thought into how this can be realistically implemented. It should at least be considered!

    I can see someone getting cheaty with the wool blocks - maybe it needs to detect a certain distance of air blocks between sails in order for the game to count it as a 'sail'. Stuff like that though is probably what devs figure out on their own, but suggestions are great for giving them things to turn to when they need it.

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    Quote from Wolftopia»

    I don’t think anyone here has that kind of contact, but you might have luck if you post on the Minecraft Suggestions Reddit.

    On a similar note, I actually have a suggestion for ships if you are interested in a balanced suggestion for them.

    Same. ;)

    Mine though involves more non-block entity vehicles, like the existing vehicle entities. Both have their own pros and cons, but it's pretty clear everybody wants ships of some kind.

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    Cool! Can you pick up the sailboat, or does it get destroyed upon taking damage?

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    Alright, so there's this idea I've been working on for the past few weeks. You heard me, weeks. Basically, it's boats. Boats than you can make bigger, slap a name on, armor, choose what propulsion system it has, and carry stuff in.

    Full idea in spoiler:

    Boats Evolved; bigger, modular boats (Watch out --- huge!)

    Okay guys. Just a slight disclaimer, the explanation for this idea is going to be *HUGE*. The idea itself may be simpler, but the description will take a long time to explain. In a nutshell, it's bigger boats that are also modular.
    So we'll start with a slight modification of a game mechanic. Otherwise, the idea won't work very well. So just keep in mind that in this idea, you can't push a boat around by standing on top of it. At least just for the higher-level classes, which we'll get to in a minute.
    Also, upon entering a boat, a GUI will appear somewhere around the bottom-right or so that displays the ships 'health', and speed.

    Before we go overboard (no pun intended), let's begin with some basic principles that can be applied to the current boat. Let's call it the Dinghy. You can't do too terribly much with the Dinghy, but you CAN do some things.
    Dinghies can be crafted just like they normally are. However to modify a boat, a new tool will have to be brought into the game. Let's say it's a Hammer. Right-clicking on a boat with a hammer, granted you're the one that built it will open up a GUI.

    Like I said before the abilities with the Dinghy are limited, so you have limited things that pop up in the GUI. All that displays for now is the hull, propulsion system, and their respective health bars. You can also give your boat its own custom name that appears on its hull (But this probably won't be for the Dinghy). You will also notice two numbers at the top. On the left (12/12), is the boat's hitpoints. I doubled their damage resistance because I thought it was kind of silly to kill a boat with one arrow. To the right (1) is the ship's base speed attribute. That is to say, the speed capability of a boat, excluding the propulsion system. Boat stats will vary upon each construction. Therefore someone can be proud of themselves if they have made a fast/strong ship.

    Normally, you have your standard, nonreinforced plank hull. However, you could change that. Let's start with a Reinforced Wood Hull. In the crafting table, put in 9 pieces of log together to form a piece of Reinforced Wood Plating. Dinghies will probably only need one plate to reinforce themselves. Plating will probably not be stackable for gameplay purposes.
    Reinforced wood will provide a higher defense for the dinghy. Two more types of hull include Steel and Gold. Steel Plating requires 4 Iron blocks in the crafting table, and Gold likewise. With a steel-plated hull, the boat can take considerably more damage than Plank or Wood. Steel hulls can possibly withstand lava. Gold plating is only slightly stronger than Reinforced Wood and is not feasible as battle armor. However, just in case you were thinking these hulls are easy to reinforce, keep in mind higher levels will need more plating as they get bigger.

    When a boat is damaged, simply right-click with the Hammer to open up the GUI. There should be a slot for extra plating to go in should the ship need repair. To ensure fair fights, the repair will be timed, like a furnace. Each repair uses up the Hammer some. It would also be nice to see some sort of visual cue for an almost-destroyed ship, like fire or a broken, damaged texture.

    And now, the propulsion systems.

    With the default dinghy, you have your Hands. Hands for a dinghy are basically neutral, however they will be slower than in previous versions of the game.
    An alternative solution, is craftable Oars. Oars are very maneuverable and faster than hands, however they do not grant a steady speed and require you to hold down the forward button whenever you want to move. They may even 'tire' you out more (using up more Hunger).

    The last one for the Dinghy, is the sail. Sails can provide very fast speeds, however they have low thrust and are not easy to slow down and speed up easily. A steady speed is required for traversing around land-covered areas. Sails can also possibly be made with different colored wool, to help a boat stand out. Sails grant a steady speed as you can leave them unattended with very little deceleration.

    So now we move on to a bigger boat. Not too terribly big, but we're getting there.

    To construct larger ships and propulsion systems, you're going to need an alternative to the crafting table. Let's just call it the Shipwright. This block ONLY crafts boats and takes up more blocks of space.

    I think for a new level of boat, you're going to need some Blueprints. Blueprints can most likely be created by interacting with the Shipwright by combining a blueprint (Or in this case, a solid Dinghy) and investing your Experience Points to come up with a new 'idea' for a bigger boat. The 'studying' is timed, again, like a furnace, and with each clump of EP filled, the progress bar is filled some. You can also find Blueprints in dungeons, but only rarely.
    After that will be done, the Blueprints can be put in a separate slot, with another slot under it. The slot under it is for the wood required to build the boat. Every time you put more wood into the slot under it, the progress bar for the ship increases. I'm not sure if this should be the way but it sounds pretty good.
    I think that for each class of boat, a bigger mast will need to be crafted. That, or just have one single mast that, for bigger boats, you need to pack in more Sails. Kind of like how plating works.

    So now, the next level: the Skiff.

    The skiff is *about* 2 1/2 times the length of the Dinghy. However, with the next level comes new features. First off is a second slot, a passenger seat if you will. But besides that, there are two more features.

    Here, there will be special lots to place blocks at. These could be something decorative like gold blocks, or practical, like chests.

    To place a block in there, logically you would right click on that one place with the block. It's possible the block lot will be highlighted by the Hammer to show you where you can place things. To get it out, leftclick with the Hammer and it will appear in your inventory. If blocks aren't your fancy, perhaps animals are. Here is where the extra space in the GUI comes in. There would be a list of all the entities in the boat. If they are NPCs, you can choose to move them to another slot, or evict them. You can also evict players, but not move them[amended].

    With the Skiff, you have an additional propulsion system. I'm not sure about this one so I'm going to need you guys' approval. Essentially, it is a steam-powered paddlewheel. The steam engine will need to be powered by coal, which will either have a furnace-like GUI or not. It is also be slightly less maneuverable than the Sail. The steam engine, like Sails, grant a steady speed and can be left unattended. They have perfect acceleration, however they are much slower than Sails.

    For armoring, the Skiff will need more plates to sufficiently armor the boat. Possibly two or three.
    The skiff will most likely be the largest boat to successfully navigate shallow marshlands and the like.

    Now, for the adventurous sailor, we're going to go one step up. Meet the Cog. The Cog is a fair-sized boat, but it is hardly big. What is does have though is a top deck large enough to walk upon. Now, we're going to introduce another feature. This time, the Cog will have a lower deck. You could be able to place a few blocks in that bottom deck, such as beds and chests. This will be good for long adventures. If you aren't spoiled, you would be happy with a Cog for your adventuring needs. Hands are now unusable.
    For gameplay, an invisible, penetrable box will be in the interiors of the ship that hides water and its effects when water blocks go near it, but as soon as they leave the water blocks return to normal.

    Now here, starting with the Cog, is the boat's main means of offense and defense. You guessed it, the Cannon. I believe the cannon could be made with a crafting table. To fire (And right now I'm making most of this up as I go along), you must first craft a Cannonball (Maximum of 16 allowed in hand), and right click on the cannon. The cannon will fizz for about 2.5 seconds or more before firing the cannonball. You must wait an additional second to fire again. To adjust the angle of a cannon, rightclick it (without a cannonball) to point the cannon up or down.

    Now with ships and other entities, contact with the cannonball will just equal damage being dealt. But with blocks, there is a chance (Depending on their blast resistance) that the block being hit, and/or the blocks around it will be pushed forward and respond to gravity. And in rare cases, break upon falling.
    That, or it would just be a weak form of TNT. But I like the former better. Mostly because it's my idea. Good gosh I think I'm vain or something. :P
    So like I said, if you aren't spoiled, you would be happy with a Cog for your adventuring needs.

    But sometimes, you ARE spoiled. Or, just requiring a bit more power. That's where the fourth level comes in, behold: the Carrack. Significantly larger than the other boats, this one can actually be called a ship. It has 3 decks. The first being the top deck (Which comprises of the main deck, quarter and poop, naturally), the second the gun deck, which to the back holds the captain's quarters, and the bottom deck is mainly for cargo. If the Carrack is steampowered the boiler room will be in there.

    Oars are now unusable for the Carrack, as are Hands for Cogs. (The Oars for the Cogs would be weaker than on the Skiff and Dinghy, as would hands with the Skiff. However with the Steam engine and Sail, they just get faster with each level, with exceptions [amended])
    Another neat thing you get to do with the Carrack is you get to live up to the naval definiton of a ship. On the Carrack, you can place another boat inside it for scouting/lifeboats. But it can only be a Skiff or Dinghy.

    Okay, next one. Here we go.

    (This level is optional. You guys tell me if it should be ingame.)

    Now sometimes, your lust for power is so great no measly Carrack can hold it; not even when it is steel-hulled and armed to the teeth. No, you wish for the very seas to obey your will. Well, you psychopath, here's the fix for you: Feast your eyes sir, on the Galleon. Over twice the size of a Carrack, four long decks and plenty of guns, you would not want to war with this vessel. It is essentially a Carrack on steroids; bigger, stronger (but not faster [amended]), and scarier. But, slightly slower. Should you decide to armor it, keep in mind it will need 8 Platings to armor (Maybe more). And considering each plating requires 4 blocks to fill, you're going to need a LOT of iron.

    When a ship finally loses all of it's 'health', it will sink to the bottom of the sea. Here, it is subject to despawn, but will stay there as long as there is a player near it. Although dangerous, it would then be available for looting, if you haven't plundered the ship while it was afloat already. < --- This entire paragraph is subject to discussion and alternative options. It's also been proposed that the ship turn into it's block counterpart, only leave chests, or like in the Amendment Posts, leaves a Ship's Bell that can serve as a savegame for your ship.

    Now, I understand that such a feature is going to be *HUGE*, possibly requiring its own update, and would be just a massive undertaking. But I for one believe it will be an undertaking worth the effort. It would heighten the spirit of Minecraft adventure and exploration, people could trade vast amounts of resources over long distances, and plunder other ships for their booty. So I'm not 100% expecting this to be accepted entirely (But if it is, thankyouthankyouthankyou!), but in the future if any modders were curious about how to go about doing their ship mod, this could be a good example. But I really hope this would at least be seen by Mojang. Just two-thirds into completing this idea, I read an old tweet of Notch saying that he might add something like this in the future. So, if you are, this could be one of the ways to go about it.

    Any questions?

    Amendment Post 1:
    - In the Shipwright GUI, the product slot of the boatbuilding section is now a button. I've updated the image.

    - Craftable ship components should have been expanded. In addition to a Galley, an Anchor component (probably most vital) is also one of them. Also proposed by the community are tables, crows' nests (That basket thing on the top of masts), icebreakers, and if the NPC crew idea is implemented, a sea captain's desk to chart courses for the helmsman.

    - I actually think you should be able to move players. I mean, if they actually decided to choose to lock themselves in a mob slot rather than move around freely I think the captain should be free to move them wherever.

    Amendment Post 2:
    - Galleons really shouldn't be the fastest ships out there, it would be unfair. Instead, their base speed capability should be a tiny bit slower than a Carrack, probably. Updated.

    - Right clicking on a cannon without a cannonball could point the cannon up/down. Updated.

    - Different types of ships that do not follow the linear 5-level path of upgrades. Instead, 'extra' ship blueprints could be found in dungeons in strongholds, but they would be rare. Could be a way to get Caravels and viking ships or whatnot.

    - I'm not sure about the decay process of sunken ships. Perhaps after someone leaves the ship's general area, a timer starts and eventually the ship will despawn. Or maybe it just stays there forever but can be 'mined' away to recollect valuable materials.

    Amendment Post 3 (Note: These are not as important as the first 2) :
    - Flags. Although I'm sure colored sails can do a good job of faction identification, custom-made flags would be really great to have. They could be used outside of boats, too.

    - Extra ammo types. The standard cannonball would be made of stone and gunpowder, but others could be made out of iron and other materials. The new usable fireball coming 1.2 would also make a neat incendiary addition. Other types can inclde grapeshot and chainshot.

    - Sea monsters. Pretty straightforward, I'd like to see some minor sea bosses when roaming the sea. But in my opinion, they should be restricted to certain sizes of ships (Dinghies have no bosses). For example the ship the size of a Skiff would probably only get a shark or something, whereas something Cog-sized would get sharks and sea serpents, medium-sized ships like the Carrack would get sea serpents and maybe giant octopus (Will wrap tentacles around the ship and begin to tug down unless tentacles are damaged), etc...They are, however, uncommon.

    - A ship's bell. Yes, they can be used as a normal bell, but there's something that makes them special. Once placed on a ship, it bears the ship's name and can ONLY be placed on that ship (e.g Bell of the S.S Whatchamacallit). Then, if a sunken ship despawns, that bell is turned into a block at the bottom of the ocean and contains all of the ship's data. Then, it can be used to recreate the ship.

    - Sea obstacles. The ocean would be made that much better if occasionally you stumbled upon a mini-biome within an ocean. These could be mysterious sea rocks, or icebergs made of pack ice where a tundra or arctic biome would usually be.

    And the Reddit post is here:

    http://www.reddit.co..._modular_boats/ (Archived)


    Due to popular demand, I give you this:

    Add this to your signature if you like it!

    <a href="../../../topic/699830-boats-evolved-bigger-modular-boats/"><img src="http://i569.photobucket.com/albums/ss136/elitemandalorian48/besig-1.jpg" alt=""></a>

    Important Things to Know for the Unfortunate Few Without Common Sense (aka posts I've gotten a million and one times and wish to halt):

    • This is NOT A MOD. The illustrations may look convincing (for a bunch of photoshopped models made in Sketchup :p) but I have repeatedly, in this suggestion, mentioned it as an idea and rarely even mentioned the word 'mod'. Please stop asking how to install this. Plus, we're in the Suggestions forum. That tell you anything?
    • Yes, I have SEEN the Zeppelin Mod. You're just about the 508th person to show me this. Yes, I've seen it. YES, I think it's a great mod, but in my opinion it's best to leave it at that, and this idea is about the vanilla Minecraft ships made of predefined modules, not blocks, as that seems to be more congruent with the current game mechanics. Saying "There's a mod for that" is a warnable offense, in any case.
    • You see that little link up there? Yeah, the idea is in the link (or the spoiler). I've explained rather thoroughly how the boats work. While I would really like it for you to give me your two cents, this thread is not for people to make up entirely their own ideas on how the boats work. That part's already here, mostly ;)
    • "This would be great, but the oceans need to be bigger!" <-- Say this and you're gonna get a smack. >=(

    Download link to the original SketchUp models: http://www.mediafire...55l1cnm1npgkbgl

    --- See Also: ---

    by JasonG5!
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    Lava lakes, large rock outcroppings in warm biomes and possibly cliffsides in Extreme Hills should act as sources of lift for elytra, allowing for semi-realistic soaring.

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    I'd just like to say I am really pleased with how boats are going to be coming along in 1.9; the boats from Pocket Edition are going to be implemented on PC in this latest update:

    This will allow boats two seat two entities, and introduces the implementation of paddles in with the boat (though you can't go back to using your hands).

    Sure, it's not sails and big walk-around ships (yet!), but it sure feels like a step in the right direction! Kudos, Mojang! ^_^

    Here's to another great update!

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    Woah, I've been gone a while!
    Quote from Ivya»
    I love all the pictures and thought!

    The only problem is that I like the boat mechanics as they are and shouldn't be fiddled with.

    At the time this suggestion was written, boat mechanics were really kind of wonky. They're a bit better now, but the whole 'exploding boat' thing still needs to be worked on.
    As for ship length, the larger ships should be definitely longer than eight blocks; I was thinking, you know a chunk is sixteen blocks on a side, and it'd be neat to have one or more monster ships that length -- with perhaps at least one boss-monster's ship the size of a chunk diagonally from corner to corner.... (And, Davey Jones ta make ya walk tha plank, YARRR.)

    Second; as for redstone powering a boat's or ship's engine(s), you wouldn't necessarily need to use redstone straight; we could have recipes for one or more mixtures of "gasoline" (say, by combining with one or more slime balls, glowstone dust, coal, flint, or something else) that is consumed at some predefined rate per unit.

    Not sure what you're suggesting...? Two of the ships are already longer than eight blocks (I think). The galleon is at least two chunks long.
    That recipe could work, but by then we're just delving too deep into 'modern' territory.

    How did you make your ship models? I'm thinking of making one in Techne and posting it. Nvm, got one made in Structure Planner.

    My suggestions:

    First up, the Frigate:

    You have a beautiful Galleon, but you have a thirst for war, and need even more guns. Well, my friend, you came to the right shipbuilder! This baby boasts three decks, a double row of 7 broadside cannons on each side, four cannons on each side of her top deck, two fore cannons and two aft cannons, for a total of 36 cannons. Never again will any fleet dare to enter your ports, for you have the ultimate in naval weaponry.

    There are seven crew cabins below deck, each capable of holding eight crew members in four bunks each, for a total of 56 crew members per ship. More than enough to man your cannons, operate the sails, check the stocks of food, gunpowder and cannon balls, and swab the decks. A nicely furnished captain's quarters are above decks and two large rooms below deck for storing food/gunpowder/cannonballs/cutlasses/pistols/etc.

    It has less health than the Galleon, yet requires 6 plates to fully armor it.

    I used Google Sketchup to create the designs.

    I appreciate the effort, but the Galleon already is pretty unfairly beefy and I think if Mojang were to take notes from this their version, if it exists, would probably be a bit nerfed. Terminologically speaking, though, a 'frigate' isn't exactly one type or class of sailing vessel so much as any combat-capable ship built to be moderately large, yet light and fast, and typically accompanied larger, tougher ships in battles. What you've described and illustrated is far more reminiscent of a ship of the line (you even got the high forecastle). Small critical addendum: The draft appears either small or nonexistent, as evidenced by portholes where the water level would otherwise be. Sailing ships are made of wood, not helium! :P
    This is a cool idea, but minecarts should also be advanced too
    Fun fact: This idea actually stemmed from another idea I had early on about minecarts and rail. And with a wrench instead of a hammer!
    Quote from baddaspig»

    I kind of agree, but if you had told a Beta player about stuff like potions or the Enderdragon, they would have said the same thing. On the other hand, this suggestion is awesome, and if we had been playing Minecraft with Boats Evolved all along, we probably wouldn't be saying it doesn't fit the theme. So you probably shouldn't reject a suggestion just because it doesn't fit the theme (unless it's something that's really against the theme of Minecraft, like guns or planes).

    But maybe Minecraft isn't ready for Boats Evolved yet. Although I fully support this suggestion, I would agree that maybe Mojang should wait a few updates before adding it in. The problem right now is that there isn't that much stuff to do in end-game other than build, so if they went full-blown Ocean Update, then ships would be the end game of Minecraft. Especially on multiplayer servers, it would turn into PirateCraft. And while shipbuilding is a fun end-game goal, it wouldn't be good if that was all there was to do, because Minecraft isn't supposed to revolve around shipbuilding. So I think this would be a great addition to 1.11 or 1.12, after we get maybe a few mob updates, a combat update, etc. to balance out the large amount of ship-related content with non-ship content.

    This whole thing is starting to sound like conservative vs. liberal debates in real life. Like on one side is old people who dislike change, and the other is usually younger players who are okay with it. Back in 1.0, the debate was about the Enderdragon and potions. Before that, it was the Nether. Even horses in 1.6 (which was like a year ago) were preceded by a huge debate. And believe it or not, I was on the anti-horses side back then, but now I'm ok with horses. Back to my analogy (and moderators, I'm sorry this is sounding like a politicial post) in real life, there's the debate about gay marriage today. Before that, it was black rights, then women's rights. Religious stuff aside, the point is that people opposing the change are against it because it's not something they're used to. So-called "Minecraft conservatives" today, are the group of people that are against suggestions like Boats Evolved because it doesn't fit the theme of Minecraft. However, they're ok with potions, despite "conservative players" back then being against potions. Or the dragon. Or horses. Or black people having the right to vote. The point is, historically in Minecraft there have always been huge updates that many people loved but some opposed, and they end up being accepted and nobody complains.

    Tl;dr: Don't oppose a suggestion just because it doesn't fit the theme of Minecraft. Judge it on whether it's a good idea, adds to gameplay, etc.

    Also sorry if I offended anyone's political beliefs, I just thought it was a good analogy for what tends to happen with every major update in Minecraft.
    Unnecessary confusing political digression aside, I couldn't have said it better myself. Well, maybe I could have...but you did a good job ;)

    The core intent of Boats Evolved is to add another layer of depth into the already existing elements of exploration, settlement, resource collection and especially player interaction. When it can be proven to be able to do that without shifting the balance anywhere else, then it should be considered for implementation. If horses and farming were to have been put in too early I can probably see the balance there getting upset too.

    *EDIT* Okay, observation/rant: I really, REALLY hate MCF's new formatting system.
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    Hooray, time for a rage-induced suggestion thread!

    Now as you may have already assumed, I died with a lot of valuable stuff on me in the midst of a tricky cave-mineshaft system. Upon trying to find it, I got lost and it all disappeared. I went to a new place to try and replace the items I lost, and died THERE and got killed again when I found it. Upon returning to THAT place, all my valuable items disappeared.

    What am I trying to say, here?


    So yeeeeah, if the time it took for all your stuff to vanish forever could be lengthened to where you could find them in time, that'd be greeeeat.
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