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    Its not an excuse, its a well structured opinion. Minecraft's technological development hasn't even crossed over into the Common Era, let alone into the modern era. There are ways to achieve the same effect without putting something ridiculously out of place into Minecraft. You could replace copper wire with redstone, or a variation of redstone that can build up energy if you must, along with stone or magic pumps and pipes. You could also take a simple techonolgy approach like that of Better than Wolves, and limit it with things like "soul urns" instead of requiring titanium. Do you see what I mean?

    Okay, okay I give, but I still want to see the basic concepts, and to generate the ideas, I'll have to pull from something I already know, but just tell me if I'm going overboard.

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    I had an idea for the Overworld's boss, based off of this strange dream I had.

    The Behemoth:

    The Behemoth is the Overworld's boss. He towers over the player, at 16 blocks tall. He's slightly faster than the walking player, but the player can easily outrun him when sprinting. He appears much slower because of his size. The Behemoth is also nearly indestructible by default, but you can lower his defenses. Most weapons do no damage to him, as damage dealt by the player is reduced to 1/4th. He is not effected by fire or explosions.

    The Behemoth has 150 hearts (the Ender Dragon has 100 hearts in vanilla Minecraft).

    Step - The Behemoth's most common 'attack'. Watch out for his feet! A heart of damage is dealt if he 'accidentally' steps on you.
    Crush - The Behemoth uses one of his massive front legs to squish the player, dealing 5.5 hearts of damage. An average-speed attack, avoidable by the wary.
    Stomp - The Behemoth rears up on his hind legs and brings his two front legs crashing down, dealing 8 hearts of damage, destroying a small amount of blocks underfoot. It also lets out a shockwave that lasts for 8 blocks that may knock you back, avoidable by jumping with the right timing. A slow attack, easily avoided.
    Slash - The Behemoth uses his two smaller limbs to slash at you, gouging the player. A faster attack, dealing 3.5 hearts of damage.
    Bite - The Behemoth bites you! A somewhat slow attack, he deals 5 hearts of damage with his massive jaws.
    Enrage - The Behemoth becomes enraged, and begins to slam his front legs into the ground in quick secession. Each smash deals 4 hearts of damage if hit directly, and a shockwave will knock the player back, but also stun him. This attack is obvious, as the Behemoth will shake his head and roar loudly before having a temper tantrum. This attack becomes more common the lower his health is, and his attacks become slightly faster for 15 seconds afterward.

    Special Abilities:
    Spawn - Spawns 'Sploders by bellowing. Learn to recognize this sound. 2-3 crawl up from the ground. They can also be vomited up in secession.
    Sacrificial Order - Definitely learn to recognize this sound. 1-2 'Sploders are ordered to sacrifice themselves to kill you. They run towards you and explode, dealing 3.5 hearts of damage each.
    Artillery - If farther away, the Behemoth may lower his back and fire up to four fireballs in an arc towards you from the tubes in his back. Each deals 2.5 hearts of damage and may set you aflame.
    Fireball - Shoots a fireball similar to a Ghast, but very rarely. Deals 6 hearts of damage if it hits you, and may also set you aflame.


    Sploders are small spiders spawned by the Behemoth. Their bites deal 1.5 hearts of damage, and they have 6 hearts. Their explosions deal 3.5 hearts of damage. They become aware of you if within 32 blocks of you, and do not lose interest unless out of their range for 10 seconds. However, they fear sunlight. They are dealt half a heart of damage every second they are exposed, and will seek shade, but keep an eye on you and attempt to follow you if possible.

    'Sploders become frenzied if you venture too deep into the caves. They attack more often, are found in larger numbers. If there are blocks between you and them, 'Sploders will sacrifice themselves and explode to let their brothers through. Their explosions have a 2 block radius, and knockback radius is 3 blocks. 'Sploders will also sacrifice themselves if ordered by the Behemoth, or if you're in a boat or minecart and they happen to be in your path.

    They're slightly smaller than Cave Spiders, but are thinner and dark blue with a glowing purple butt. They're the same speed as the player is when walking, but the player can sprint or use a boat/minecart to easily outrun them.

    The Behemoth's Domain:

    The battleground is a large field almost twice the size of the EnderDragon's island, surrounded by mountains and a large cliff. The field is at level 32, and is underlain by large amounts of caves, and also mineshafts which have complete minetracks on them, but do not include carts. A wide and shallow river drops from the mountains and slowly spirals inward, ending at the castle in the center. 16 white pillars that are 32 blocks high (2x2) dot the field.

    Overworld mobs do not spawn here. The domain is barren, quiet and lifeless other than plant growth. There is a normal day/night cycle, and no normal weather.

    Mountains and Cliffs - You cannot place or destroy blocks in the mountains that encircle the field. The surrounding cliffs are significantly taller than the surrounding terrain, and cannot be scaled. This is essentially the border of the map. 'Sploders spawn frequently in this terrain, and attempt to chase you into the field, but do not make any efforts to attack you once you go back, unless the battle has started.

    Field - The 16 pillars that dot the landscape are vital to the battle and lead to the death of the Behemoth. They cannot be destroyed by the player. The field is mostly flat and has minimal elevation change. Cave entrances dot the surface, and there's also a river.

    River, Caves & Mineshafts - The caves offer refuge from the Behemoth, but his minions, the 'Sploders are common here. The deeper you travel into the earth, the more powerful and frenzied the 'Sploders become. The minetrack system offers transportation under the ground, letting you travel faster and out of sight. Boats can be used on the river to outrun the Behemoth and get to the pillars to prepare for attack.

    The Castle - This is where the battle begins. In the main hall of the castle, there is a horn on a pedestal, which cannot be destroyed. Clicking on the horn will activate it, calling the Behemoth to battle. The castle is carved out of a natural stone pillar, and has many passageways and rooms, and also has a staircase to the Mineshafts, and a room that leads to the river.

    The Battle:
    The battle with the Behemoth starts by activating the horn. Calling the Behemoth to battle, it will start at the edge of the enclosure, and steadily make its way towards you, stopping occasionally to shoot fireballs or artillery at your position. About 30 seconds in, 'Sploders will begin to spawn if you're inside or underground. Two minutes in or at the activation of one of the pillars, a thunderstorm will roll in.

    Nightfall - Watch out for nightfall. This allows 'Sploders to wander the surface with ease. In daytime, the 'Sploders will be cautious and weakened even in the low light of the thunderstorm. They will have 4 hearts instead of their normal 6. But, at night, they travel in greater numbers, and will automatically become frenzied after 3 seconds if left with 2 hearts, meaning you have to kill them quickly.

    The Pillars - The pillars are the key to destroying the Behemoth. These 32 block high, 2x2 white pillars shimmer with blue runes and emit a light level of 7. By clicking on it, a bolt of lightning will strike anywhere within a 25 block radius, even striking the player if they are not careful. The pillars have a 45-second cooldown, and if you activate one pillar, the cooldown will also effect the rest of the pillars.

    You have to edge the Behemoth to one of the pillars, and get him inside the radius. After activating it, a lightning bolt will target him and deal 15 hearts of damage. This also lowers his defenses for 30 secconds, allowing the player to deal full damage on him. The Behemoth will then become enraged and destroy the pillar with his Enrage attack. The tower will explode, dealing 5 hearts of damage to the player if within 15 blocks of the tower. That means you'll have to get out of there, and fast. The explosion has a radius of 25 blocks, knocking the player backwards in addition to damaging them.

    You can kill the Behemoth by activating 10 of the towers alone, but this is a very long process, and you'll probably be killed beforehand. You can kill him much faster if equipped with weapons and armor, assaulting him when he's weakened.

    ...So yeah, that's my idea. It probably needs to be refined, it's much too easy as of now.

    Dude, go back to bed and kick out more of these ideas, and pretty soon we'll be done. This is awesome, and has all the basics worked out.You are a frick'n NINJA :ph34r.gif:
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