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Hi, my name is Jilkas Zuyatlioh (Can't pronounce that, can you?)
I like to build stuff, engineer things, repair and take apart old junk. My favorite activity is to insult people, I haven't met a single person who's smarter than me. Everyone else is just an Atom Brain, because an atom is the smallest piece of matter and 99% nothing.

If you thought that was real, than you really are an Atom Brain! :P


Ok, things that make me smile... Uhhhh...... Ranting! I'm going to rant in my intrest thing a ma bob! Well, I think I'm going to rant about multi media, and why we shouldn't have it in real life. First of, most TV-MA anime. Ok, most people might want this, (Fanservice, hint hint) But the salty 4 year olds?? What do you think about that?! "Hey! My big brother squiezed the water balloons on this random girl who had them under her shirt? I wanna do that!!!" Said Wee baby Fred. No. Also, infections. Necromorphs, zombies, Lambent, Flood, etc... Do we want alien zombies and yellow glowing rock men that explode??? No. And think, we all say "Oh yeah! I wish this was real life! Man Max Steel is awesome!!" Do we need metallic parasites that can't think without their leader invading earth? And the stick to stuff. They'll hack your new Bugadi and turn it into some weirdo transformer! But the parasites won't be to interested in your new Bugadi. Remember what I said about the TV-MA Anime?? I don't think the mega links are gonna link them up with a Bugadi... If you know what I mean. But the fanservieh girls are dead, Moka.... Cecilla.... Why? Cause dem stalks came and destroyed the foundations of Yokai Acadamy and the IS Acadamy! And who ever survived is drudge food! See, then the covenate will come and shoot their lasers and plasma, and if Minecraft- Ugh. "Weapon potential... 0, weapon potenta- ah forget it, they all look like cardboard boxes, wait, why is my finger look like a metal jenga blo- NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I've been Minecraft-inated!!" And if it were destiny... Uhhhhhhh.... "what the heck is that puny planet thingie?"Said Drudge. "What the heck is that- Woah! What the?" *Mega link turns around* *Vex* "Hey, bungie, you copy right infringers!!!!" *Vex and Megalinks get into argument about copyright* See where this rant is going?! No multi media! We don't need our distopian world go from distopia to new word in the dictionary!

Location The City of Nexus

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