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    posted a message on ◄Simplicity► || A Roleplay Server With The True Minecraft Experience || ||Custom Map|| ||Dynamic|| ||Player Freedom||

    IGN: Froxin

    What’s the most important rule?: Respect everyone and behave like an intelligent being.

    Why are they coming to Bide/What do they hope to do?: Froxin is a bounty hunter and is looking for job in this new land.

    If any, list all combative abilities (Super strength, flight, barrier magic, gun skills, etc): Knows how to use a flintlock pistol/musket/blunderbuss, and is a very good fencer aswell.

    If any, list all non-combative abilities (Lock-picking, well educated in technology/magic, tracking skills. etc): His job requires him to have basic lockpicking knoweldge and tracking skills. He knows a couple of things about technology aswell.

    Imagine all the things that can hurt/kill a standard human. Is there anything that your character is immune (or reduced effect) to that would normally affect a human? If so, to balance, what sort situation(s) could hurt/kill your character that normally wouldn't hurt a standard human? (Note: the kryptonite weakness, i.e, a situation/item that is rare or normally not on a person or found in the surrounding area even if it completely nullifies you is not balanced enough.): Froxin is very resistant to one of the main things that can hurt a person. He is a cold, distant character, therefore, his mental health is not at risk. Apart from that, he is a human being and can suffer wounds from anything.

    You may notice that the rules and general structure of the server offers a lot of freedom to the players. This can be easily abused so we’re looking for a tight knit community of players that we can trust. Please respond to these two RP situations IC. We are looking for at least a large paragraph, preferably two, for each situation. We want to gauge your RP, storytelling, and grammar abilities and decide from there. We’re seeing if you’ll be creative and intelligent enough to handle the low restrictions RP and adapt to the ever changing stories you’ll come across.

    When writing, RP as all the characters involved including character emotes and talking. Since you’re RP’ing as all characters think and act as you would in-game which means there should be no hint of powergaming in your application like having outlandish powers or automatically hitting someone.

    Use this format:

    Me: *rolls out of the way* Watch out!

    Woman: You’re not supposed to be here *shakes her fist angrily*

    Thug: *attempts to grab the inventor’s coat* Listen punk!

    -A woman is in the middle of constructing a wall for the town she resides in. You see two other men doing the same in the distance. She spots you and is immediately hostile towards you, the wandering stranger. First, diffuse the situation and then take it from there.

    *Froxin looks towards the woman.*

    Woman: Oi, get off our lands, you filthy brigand! *says as she jumps down from the small scaffolding, and gestures to the two other men to join her.*

    Froxin: Wooah, Wiley! *talks to his horse as he pulls the reins to control his horse, Wiley.* Are you talkin' to me lass?

    *The two men come over to the woman, one is holding a pitchfork while the other is holding a mallet.*

    Woman: Aye, I'm talking to ya, you're one of them Weber's men, nay?

    *Froxin looks left and right as to spot possible flankers.*

    Froxin: I do not know this man...Weber.

    Woman: Don' lie to me you freaking pisshead. I know you one of them Weber boys. *Gestures to the man holding the mallet and whispers him a couple of words, then the man leaves.*

    Froxin: Lass, I swear I haven't heard of any Weber person since the time I arrived in Bide with the ship two days ago.

    *The woman raises her eyebrows.* Ah, so you came in with the refugees, eh? Well then, I suppose we could spare a room and some mead for ya. But do anything behind our backs and we'll gut you.

    Froxin: Eh, you can trust me, *says as he rides Wiley towards the half built palisade gate.* In fact, I can hunt Weber down for ya. How many bandits are with 'im?

    Woman: **** if I know, we got robbed a week ago, 'bout four of 'em. Are ya sure you can do it? You equipped alrigh'?

    Froxin: Oh yes, indeed I am, *says as he pats his flintlock pistol on his belt.*

    Woman: This way, you can put your horse at our stable over there. *points towards a stable brimming with wheat.*

    -A player who is RP’ing as an inventor is working on a prototype engine in his open air workshop located in town. Another player who plays a notorious street thug starts harassing the inventor for money and machine parts. Interact with them.

    *Froxin looks at the two men, while Wiley is trotting along the cobbled road.*

    Thug: **** off, Wilas, you promised me you would pay up in time! You don't have the money, so I will take your freakin' bag, looks good enough leather, probably from a Bongo deer. *Says as he tries to pull the inventor's bag from his shoulder*

    Wilas: No! Not the bag Ainarth! It has my plans in it! *Tries to keep his bag on his shoulder*

    *Froxin pulls the reins and stops, still looking at the two men.*

    Ainarth: Like I said, no money, so you must give me something in return! I suppose, you prefer I take this bag instead of your sweet blossom, rygh?

    Wilas: No! No! Not my bag, neither Anthicia! We can work something out, Ainarth. I could give it next week or in some days, just don't take anything
    alright? Please, I beg you. *Says as he is finally released from Ainarth's grasp on the bag and he falls down.*

    Ainarth: You know what. **** your bag, I want your Anthicia. Either you give me the two hundred coins we talked about, tomorrow, or I will come and take Anthicia from you. And she will scream, like a little pig is squealing when you gut it. *says as he grins.* Also, if you dare escape I will kill you all. And believe me, I'll know if you plan on leaving town.

    Wilas: Aaah. Thank you Ainarth. Okay. Uuuh. *coughs* I will bring the coins to you tomorrow. You have my word.* He says as he picks up his bag from the ground.*

    Ainarth: Good, then. We'll talk tomorrow. *says as he moves towards the opposite side of Froxin*

    *Froxin moves towards Wilas, the inventor after Ainarth has disappeared into the town's backstreets.*

    Froxin: How much? *asks Froxin while pulling the reins to stop Wiley from moving*

    Wilas: Huh? What do you mean how much? Wha...Oh. I see. Unfortunately, I can't give you anything at the moment. *as he gulps*.

    Froxin: Too bad. *Pulls the reins, in a feinting, intimidating manner.*

    Wilas: No! Wait! Come back! Fine. Listen. I've got fifty hundred coins for Anthicia's dowry, my only daughter. I suppose it's better to protect her than giving her a good husband. I will give them to you, but...-

    Froxin: But? *Froxin interrupts him*

    Wilas: But, you have to take Anthicia to my sister, at the nearest village. Well, you could help my sister out aswell, I heard her small village got robbed by an infamous bandit.

    Froxin: Forget it then, I'm not a ****ing courier.

    Wilas: Twenty coins extra! Please! They will rape her!

    Froxin: Goodbye. *pulls the reins as Wiley gallops, the sound of his hooves, resonating through the cold cobbled, mossy road.

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    Sanzuwu, I've noticed that I've been declined. May I know the reason why my application was not accepted and what I should improve?

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    posted a message on 🏰The Seas Of Gaia🏰 Sail The Seas|Build Your Country|Defend What Is Yours|Expand & Imperialize|Trade & Interact|Dedicated-24/7

    IGN: Froxin

    Age: 15

    Experience: A Darn Lot in variety, I've been role playing in Minecraft and WoW. In Minecraft my roleplay experience ranges from Apocalyptic scenarios to medieval and futuristic.

    Play type

    How would you define yourself as a player? Personally, I'm a very helpful and funny (I hope) person. I'm very calm, and I enjoy a challenge when it's thrown at me. I keep to IC almost always.

    What is your title? (Lone wolf, team sport, leader, the clutch, etc) The Shrieking Orphan's cook.

    Do you favor killing more than cooperating? Depends on the character I'm playing. With my current character, yes. He's very aggressive. But mainly I don't. I prefer Jolly Cooperation.

    How competitive are you? In many games I like to avoid being competitive. I don't enjoy winning by all means, but rather have a good time. It's important that one plays for fun as he can ruin his, and his friends' time.

    What do you look forward to the most about Gaia? Travelling the seas with my mateys, and having role play over travelling. The idea is very original.


    You agree that this server is not easy and that you will not under any circumstance break a rule if such a situation occurs: Aye, of course. As I said, I welcome a challenge.

    You agree that you have read and acknowledged all of the rules provided: If I forget one, or If I'm unsure of something, I will read them again.
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    posted a message on Realm of Arion (1.8) ⇛ •Roleplay ⇛ •Medieval ⇛ •Lore ⇛ •Fantasy ⇛ •APPLY NOW! WE ARE NOW OPEN!!

    Out-Of-Character Information[/b]

    Fill out the questions below to be accepted to our server.[/b]

    Minecraft Account Name: Froxin[/b]

    Skype (optional, so we can add you to our Realm of Arion skype chat): theoangel98[/b]

    How old are you (Optional)?: 15[/b]

    Do you have any previous experience in roleplaying? I have been roleplaying for the past 4 years. Those include Minecraft role play, World of Warcraft role play and Dungeons and Dragons tabletop game.[/b]

    If someone referenced you, please tell us: -[/b]

    Have you read all the lore/rules (be honest)? I have, yes. Although I'm not familliar with the term "PK", if somebody could explain it'd be nice.[/b]

    Definitions Put these in your own terms, copying will issue a near-to-almost an automatic deny.[/b]

    Define role-playing: Role-playing is the change one does to play out another role but himself. Actors are roleplaying both in movies and theatres. [/b]

    Define meta-gaming: Meta-gaming is one of the most annoying things somebody in roleplaying can do. It's when a person uses other means of chat out of character and transfers this knowledge to his character. For example:[/b]

    Bob: *Bob hides in the haystack*[/b]

    Jim: *Jim sets fire to the haystack*[/b]

    [b]Jim did no attempt to find out where Bob hid, but read the above line in the chat, and immediately knew IC.[/b]

    Define power-gaming: Power-gaming is another one of the things that can annoy a lot of people. It reaches from playing a very overpowered character to not allowing other players to act. For example:[/b]

    Bob: *Grabs Jim from behind and stabs him several times*[/b]

    IC (In Character) Information.[/b]

    Character's Name: Maverick Langley[/b]

    Age (Now): 37[/b]

    Race: Human - Rolian[/b]

    Biography (Should contain atleast two paragraphs of atleast 5 sentences, more the merrier!): Maverick was born in the human city of Atheros. His father, Osbalto Langley and mother Molly Neisa lived with him. His father was a trader who resided in the trading district and had his own little shop. He primarily traded items with customers, then sold them for more profit. His mother, Molly, used to stay at home with him most of the time, when Maverick was home. He used to walk in the town alone, as his father was missing almost all day, and he didn't quite enjoy the company of his mother. But really, he wasn't quite poor, as many children who walk the streets are, but wasn't quite wealthy as well. He used to wear casual clothes, and a grey tunic his father had bought for him for his eleventh birthday. This was his favourite. As he grew up, he learned the trade of his father. However, when he opened his own little shop, and was quite successful, he became quite the loan shark. Black mailing quite a few people with information he used to acquire from many co-workers. Later on he even hired some body guards aswell. He finally found out he was born for this. However, after he started peddling different kinds of illegal goods, the guard finally started to follow his trail and almost finally caught him, but he escaped. He got into a ship to Arion and is now travelling there.[/b]

    Character Ambitions: Money mostly, aswell as power in the criminal world.[/b]

    Personality/Appearence: He is a medium height man, oval head, a little plump, but not much. He has a goatee beard and almost bald. He usually wears a hood and a black/grey cape.[/b]

    Skills: He is a very good trader and very good at blackmailing and has much experience.[/b]

    Anything else you'd like to mention about your character? Not really.[/b]


    Each question must be answered RESPONSIBLY. Meaning: don't be a troll and put something that breaks lore or breaks character.[/b]

    1. You are walking in the street, and notice a man with a hood sheathe a bloody sword. Someone is shouting "MURDER!". What do you do? Maverick wouldn't intervene in the scene, but would try to hide in the nearest possible place, or even backoff from the scene without being seen.[/b]

    2. A friendly road traveler is struggling to carry his goods, and the town his close enough for you to help him within the timeframe of 30 minutes. What do you do? Maverick would help the man a little, but would ask for a reward later on.[/b]

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    posted a message on Winds of Winter's Past [New Game of Thrones like, difficult, light RP Server! Join fast!]
    IGN: Froxin

    Why would you like to join the server? I'm an old roleplayer, a fan of ASOIAF and GoT, aswell a fan of hardcore medieval experience. This seems pretty interesting, as most servers are way too easy and everyone can be a fighter as well a miner and a farmer at the same time. Long story short, I'm a fan of realism.

    What do you expect to do in the server? I do not know yet, but I hope to be some kind of mercenary, who gets rid of bandits, or maybe a bandit myself. I don't yet know what you allow us to be.

    Will you follow the rules? Yes, but on the Roleplay part, I will role play at almost all times.

    Any special skills we may be interested in? I don't really have anything special, only medieval building experience aswell was role playing experience.

    Anything else you would like us to know? Valar Morghulis.
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    posted a message on Bastronull: Reign of Lords [Serious Roleplay] [Factions] [Player Driven Lore] [New Server]

    OOC Information (Out of character)

    In-Game-Name (The one you use to log in to MC) : Froxin
    Age: 15
    Language you speak: Greek - English

    IC Information (In character)

    Character Name: Turiel Langley
    Race (We allow a wide range of fantasy races): Zashaal
    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Job or Hobby: Paladin
    Appearance (Please be descriptive and if you can post a picture of your skin) : Tall, slender bald, with ivory skin. Usually wears a helmet and covers his face. Black and slightly violet eyes.
    Background Story (Be sure you have read the lore and make sure that your background story fits with the lore) : Turiel grew up in the small Zashaal village of Aramore, which is built in the mountainside of the Slumbering Slopes. At 12, his father abandoned them. Turiel couldn't fill this gap, until he left home. He started drinking everyday. 15 years later, still drinking slowly to his death, he has decided to both look for his father, and take up any work that is offered to him.

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    posted a message on [Modded] Bastronull Roleplaying Server [Technology Versus Magic] [Player Driven Lore]

    Server event changed for 4PM EST by the way!

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    posted a message on [Modded] Bastronull Roleplaying Server [Technology Versus Magic] [Player Driven Lore]

    Are you sure you are trying to log to server through the modpack?

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    posted a message on [Modded] Bastronull Roleplaying Server [Technology Versus Magic] [Player Driven Lore]

    OOC Information (Out of character)

    IGN: (The one you use to log in to MC): Froxin

    Age: 15

    Previous RP Experience: (Other servers, post by post experiences, even other games.) I have very much role playing experience. Ranging from World of Warcraft to even other Minecraft servers. I can't name all of the minecraft servers but some of these are Battle for Eldaran and others.

    Is English your first language?: No, Greek is my first language, but people sometimes think English is my mother language.

    What is power gaming?: Power gaming is the most common mistake that leads to catastrophes around role playing. It happens when one character enforces their actions over to the other character. For example:

    *Bob stabs Jim in the back 100 times and he dies* ~ Bob says that, that means he is power gaming, or God Emoting.

    What is Metagaming?:(If you don't know what power gaming or metagaming is, then go and read other applications and figure out: Meta gaming is another mistake that role players sometimes do, that involves one player acting through their character in a certain way because he aquired information Out of character. For example:

    *Jim hides in the hay*

    *Bob sets fire to the hay*

    Bob is meta gaming, because he learned about the certain action Jim did without even trying to see him or find out he's in the hay In character.

    IC Information (In character)

    Character Name: Felorik Meinrad

    Character Age: (A certain amount of realism is required here): 32

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: (Please be descriptive and if you can post a picture of your skin)

    Felorik is a short and slim man. He is about 1.56m. He has moustache chops, wavy hair. He has brown eyes, a long nose and an Oval type head. His hair is brown. He has thick eyebrows and small ears.

    Personality: Felorik has a very big ego. He is very smart, but his ego puts him on the back seat on social interaction as he can't make a lot of friends. However, he says he has no need of friends or any kinds of friendships since he thinks they are only social constructs. Felorik is calm and patient, and gets really mad when is mistaken and somebody corrects his mistake, but does not show his rage. He has a thing for machines. He loves them like children. He has no sense of humor whatsoever.

    Background Story: (Be sure you have read the lore and make sure that your background story fits with the lore). Felorik is a Technolite. He was a very famous engineer back home, and was very curious about this other world he heard of. However, full of curiosity he started searching around for a way to make another portal so that he could make someone from this world come back where he belonged and explain what it was like to him. However, after a night at the bar, where he used to go every Saturday night, the Royal Guard breached in his home, and arrested him. They destroyed all the evidence pointing against him, including his research. But they brought a body over, and accussed him of murder. So, Felorik was banished to this other world, because the authorities couldn't afford people to find out about this.

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    Bump again :P We need some more people. Feels too lonely.
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    posted a message on Chillex Industrial Paradise [Whitelist] [Modded]
    Bump :P
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    posted a message on inviting all to my minecraft realms
    What are your playtimes?
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