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I play minecraft... Thats that
not really...

My character is Brendan from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, he lives in Littleroot town of the Hoenn reigon. His dad is Norman, the 5th gym leader and a user of Normal types. His rival and best friend, May, is Professor Birch's daughter and battles you occasionally. As the story progresses, Brendan battles Team Magma or/and Team Aqua (it depends of what gen. 3 pokemon game your playing). He beats all of the gym leaders and goes on to beat the champion, Steven Stoner/s or WallaceE and becomes the champion of the hoenn league. If you want to play the game, get an emulator to try it out, or if you have a gba, get this game and play it, its worth it!

I also like zelda, and stuff, majoras mask is y favorite, dont hate. I currently live in the midwest and am in high school, so I dont have too much time to spare for video games and mc forums, so I may not be on much[1]. You may not agree with me on some things, but you may like my maps.

"whats that [1] thingy for?"
This may be the reason i was not accepted to be a mod, or maybe it was my track record (oh well, you would like me better as a regular user)

1/24/2014: OHHH! I have an "excellent"2 reputation (even though that probably doesn't mean anything)

I noticed i wrote down excellent...

resist...posting a... urgh... Mr. Burns...picture

1/25/2014: As of today Im in The Legacy Brothers building group, check them out on Burgerchamp's page!

A little fun fact about my first repuatation point: I got it when going off on a kid joking about hating minecraft
Interests SCIENCE, and minecraft i guess cave story, Zelda, and Pokemon too!

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