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    Wow! You sure are a good troLL!
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    What additions would you like to see in the potion collection? Post idea's here!

    My idea: Potion of light
    PROBABLY made with glowstone block. Maybe :Lava:, :VV: or a :--+: ? What it would do? Drinking it would give off light! It would replace the lantern!
    And the splash potion version: You throw it, where it lands the area is "magicly" Lighter, and, depending on the length/power, it would slowly retract! Different levels would be bright, and last longer!

    And: :tnt: TNT :GP: Potion! Drinking it makes you explode on death, and creepers don't attack you (You become a creeper? Idk)!
    Splash Potion version: Basically, A grenade. But you could probably throw it farther then usual.

    You got ideas for potions? Post here! :biggrin.gif:
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    Same. I've only gotten into 1 so far.
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