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    Quote from nfwright
    ENDOMITE: A brief description!

    Endomite are like endermite, and silverfish. Endomite have the same mechanics as the previously stated mobs, and do the same amount of damage. Upon inflicting damage to the player, the player is given nausea II. Endomite are tinted green. Upon being slain, endomite drop 0-2 marijuana. Marijuana can be brewed into potions to create a nausia potion.

    Endomite spawn in Oak, and Birch forests.

    Marijuana legalization is a large political issue in our day and age. By adding a feature into their game supporting marijuana, Mojang states their beliefs on the issue of legalization of marijuana.

    Marijuana could appear in the snapshot after they have decided they would like to add the Mob and Item.

    - This is a childs game! Marijuana has no place here!
    * As I have stated above, Marijuana legalization is a large political issue, and if not introduced to it through Minecraft, kids will surely find out about it through their friends, the news, or the adult figures in their life. If we can position Marijuana to have adverse effects on your character, maybe we can position kids to abstain until they are of legal age.

    People will drop this idea really fast. Kids play this game, and since when are you sure that Mojang even supports marijuana in the first place?

    No Support.
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    posted a message on 1000 signs you play minecraft too much
    335: When you get disappointed when you shout "Slash Gamemode One!" and the only things you get are a few strange looks from other shoppers at the supermarket.
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    A 'No Griefing' sign is not meant to stop people. It's meant to let people know that it's wrong. It's meant to keep honest people honest, not stop everybody. Same thing with putting a lock on a door. Even with that lock there, someone can (and will) get in if they really want to.
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    I find this file particularly useless to the game. All it does is take up my bandwidth whenever I download the game.
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    posted a message on Horses not spawning : I have every horse armor, but no horse. Been to 2 new plains bioms in single player 1.6.2 - idled there (b
    Treeclimbr, horses don't spawn by seed. They spawn randomly, like any other mob.
    However, you are right in the sense that you just need to keep looking. Their spawn is rarer than any other mob, simply because of their long-time usefullness. If you keep looking, you will eventually find one.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Sneak Peek: Sunflowers, Falling Particles
    I'm noticing a pattern here...

    Mojang shows preview.
    Several players hate.
    Mojang releases snapshot.
    Several players complain about bugs.
    Mojang releases major update.
    Nobody ever complains about it again.

    EVERY update. EVERY time. WITHOUT fail.

    As for the sunflower? I don't really see a major use for it, but they haven't revealed all of it's uses yet. Just because I don't care for the update, doesn't mean I immediately object to it.
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    I like what you've done so far. I've gone and downloaded it.

    A few things to add to later versions that I think would be nice:
    -Cow, pig, horse (Epona), chicken (Cuckoo) noises
    -Zombie (ReDead) noises
    -Spider (Skutulla/Walltulla) noises
    -Skeleton (Stalfos) noises
    -Ocelot (That night-demon-pet-thing-in-Skyloft) noises
    -Wolf (Wolf Link or Wolfos) noises
    -Zombie Pigman (OoC Moblin) noises
    -Tool Breaking (Sword-Hit-Wall noise) noise

    Additionally, you should probably be able to pick up some splashing, raining, thunder, and other atmospheric noises for the game.
    -Slime/Magma Cube noises
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    That's a good idea you were talking about up there, but I think I have a solution to your balancing problem.

    I'm sure all of you have tamed wolves before. How about the pigs are turned to 'seek mode' in a similar way to how wolves are tamed? The item you need to feed them would have to be something made with mushrooms, but not as rare as the nose of porker (Enderpearl is too costly and not worth finding a mushroom biome.) Maybe something somewhere along the lines of this:
    :Portabella: X :RedShroom:
    X :GP: X
    :RedShroom: X :Portabella:
    This item can be fed to a pig, and have a chance to go into mushroom biome-sniffing mode (Like a wolf has a chance to be tamed), and it won't stop until it hits a body of water. In this case, you need to place down a boat and feed the pig again. This time, it will climb into the boat. You'll have to get behind the boat and push it in the direction the pig indicates my tilting it's head. Maybe there should be a new feature where you can grab the back of the boat and kick-swim it in the direction you choose (I'm thinking that pig-on-boat will need to be it's own, separate entity for this reason, to enable such a feature.)

    All in all, I think this process is lengthy enough to prevent it from being super easy to do, but it doesn't consume any valuable resources.
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    If you ask me, it seems a bit overpowered.
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    If it isn't a mod, it's probably a custom map that enables Mini Creepers to spawn. I mean, there are baby zombies, after all. A link to the video would be nice.
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