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    posted a message on SAFE sites to download Minecraft Skins?

    I don't know what Slydog's problem is, but I've never had a problem with Skindex.

    It works, but I think I still prefer Miners Need Cool Shoes.

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    posted a message on Anyone Who Can Make Me A Skin

    Ok, I started working on the skin about half an hour ago. Currently, I've gotten the face and boots 100% completed. The rest of him is kind of... naked.

    I uploaded it to see if you like the progress I've made so far, but I'm not done with it.


    What do you think?

    EDIT: Skin finished! Click the link to check it out. What do you think? If you want me to change anything about it, go ahead and give me a hollar. I can edit it to your liking.

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    posted a message on Anyone Who Can Make Me A Skin

    I can make one, at no cost to you. Give me a bit to come up with an idea, and I'll give it a shot.

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    posted a message on Removing Invincible Villagers
    i don't have either of those so how would i delete him
    my game lags to much and i don't have any of those apps and can't get them either

    If you don't have that, then I don't know how you got it in the first place.
    If you wanna get rid of it, the only thing I can think of is to drop it into the void.
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    posted a message on Celia From Legend Of Zelda - Creation
    Sorry, not downloading unless I get some pics. For safety reasons. Other people will probably agree.
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    posted a message on More Gamerules! [Over 300 supporters!]
    I like. Would make it way easier to run a server.

    Actually, you can probably just turn all server properties (other than a few, such as version # or level name) into commands. Such as /gamerule CommandblockRun (Enable or disable commandblocks). I've needed something like that for a long time.

    /gamerule doSuggestionSupport true
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    posted a message on Ore generation Overhaul: Your very own Gold Mine! (or diamond mine, etc.)
    I really like the idea. Of course, there would have to be much fewer lodes than there are veins in the current setup, to make sure there's just not spew after spew of ore. For balance.

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    posted a message on Cruel things you do in creative mode?
    Fencepost + Lead + Cow Spawn Egg + Name Tag (Titled 'Grumm') = Automatic Cow Milking Machine
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    posted a message on EndoMIte
    Quote from nfwright
    ENDOMITE: A brief description!

    Endomite are like endermite, and silverfish. Endomite have the same mechanics as the previously stated mobs, and do the same amount of damage. Upon inflicting damage to the player, the player is given nausea II. Endomite are tinted green. Upon being slain, endomite drop 0-2 marijuana. Marijuana can be brewed into potions to create a nausia potion.

    Endomite spawn in Oak, and Birch forests.

    Marijuana legalization is a large political issue in our day and age. By adding a feature into their game supporting marijuana, Mojang states their beliefs on the issue of legalization of marijuana.

    Marijuana could appear in the snapshot after they have decided they would like to add the Mob and Item.

    - This is a childs game! Marijuana has no place here!
    * As I have stated above, Marijuana legalization is a large political issue, and if not introduced to it through Minecraft, kids will surely find out about it through their friends, the news, or the adult figures in their life. If we can position Marijuana to have adverse effects on your character, maybe we can position kids to abstain until they are of legal age.

    People will drop this idea really fast. Kids play this game, and since when are you sure that Mojang even supports marijuana in the first place?

    No Support.
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    posted a message on Black Horror, hide and run.
    If I could give something a -1 Support, I would.

    It's not an 'insult to Mojang' if you're not fearful of the nether, first of all. Also, the monster is seriously too hard to kill. It runs faster than you so escape is pointless without swiftness potions (which you can't even GET until you've been in the Nether at least once,) is invincible to kill unless you sucessfully manage to slay not 1, but 4 withers, it's really common to find around, and even AFTER you get rid of it, it comes BACK!

    I'm all for new monsters in Minecraft, but this needs some serious ironing out if it's even to be considered.
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    posted a message on 2 simple suggestions for new ways to fill water bottles
    Quote from wailwail

    Who walks holding a full stack of empty glass bottles anyways ?

    That doesn't answer the question. It's a genuine thought. Someone could have a lot of bottles for many reasons, and suddenly it rains, and they're stuck with their inventory filled with automatically filling bottles.

    Also, I want to bring this up: it doesn't rain in deserts, so most of your guy's support is invalid.

    No support. It isn't thought out enough.
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    posted a message on I dont have anything in assets
    Quote from Alvoria

    Why do you need the default? Create your own music (or in your case steal someone else's and remember NOT to upload it anywhere), create the appropriate folders in your pack, and give the files their correct names within those folders. You're done!

    You can find all of the path and file name information on the Minecraft Wiki.

    I hope this helps you. ^_^

    I wish it worked this way, but it really doesn't.

    The sounds are not in the assets file of minecraft (where the wiki says they are). The wiki needs to be updated. (In this case, I'm referring to this [link] page.)

    EDIT: Oh, you linked to a different page than I found. Nevermind, this helps. Thanks!
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    posted a message on Player Mob Appearance??
    I don't have any advanced redstone technology, but you could make the player invisible, spawn a mob of your choice, give it slowness, and have a redstone loop constantly teleport said mob to the player.

    This would have some complications, such as the mob constantly being booted away or the player's vision being obstructed by said mob.

    I'm creating the commands right now, and you'll have them in a moment.
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    posted a message on I dont have anything in assets
    I have this exact same problem. If someone has the answer, I need to hear it.

    (I'm just posting this to subscribe to the thread)
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    posted a message on Custom sound
    Simple. Create a resource pack, and simple rename your song to the file of the song you want to replace, and put it in it's respective folder.
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