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ook, I love to play video games. I love gaming and the culture it has become. I enjoy the communities and the relationships that gaming has been able to form and the bonds that have been made over the years through countless games.

My story isn't about streaming for the money or the partnership. We all want that...anyone who tells you otherwise, is lying. I stream because I enjoy making people happy. I enjoy interacting with people who share common interest in the games I play and get the same amount of feels and heart out of games as I do. Gaming to me, is a HUGE part of my life, without it, I would probably be dead. It's helped me through depression, break-ups, the works.

I'm not here to tell you sad stories, make people feel pity. I'm here to be REAL with you. I want to make a difference on Twitch and in the world through gaming and broadcasting. I hope you can follow me on this journey and learn more about me! :)

  • PSN: TheFranklin27
  • Steam: TheFranklin27
  • 3DS FC: 3669-0561-8907
  • Battlenet: TheFranklin#1364
  • Origin: TheFranklin27

21 Years old, live in New York,plumbing/construction apprentice with father, Cyber-Security Major in college, and gaming is my passion! :D

I stream a wide variety of games on PC and Console from FFXIV, WoW, Diablo, Smash Bros, CS:GO, CoD, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six, GTA V, Overwatch, New Releases, and many more to come! I play ALL BLIZZARD GAMES! (Especially WoW & Diablo) ;)

Channel Created: 2/18/15


Gaming, Gym, Friends, Bars, Movies, Girlfriend, Reading, Boxing, Beach, Rain, and more!

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