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Wait so apparently I'm meant to have something here I guess .-. As you may have guessed, I'm Theevilpplz.

  • I'm a Mapping and Modding Sectional Moderator
  • An admin for the Texture Artists' Union,
  • A texture artist (like you couldn't have guessed from the whole Union thing),
  • A gamer (because no one else here is a gamer)
  • And some other things I can't be bothered detailing at the moment.

If you have any issues or concerns about the forums or the rules or whatever, feel free to PM me. If I can't help you, I can direct you to those who can, and will be happy to help in most situations.
Or you could PM me if you want to know the other things I can't be bothered detailing at the moment.

Oh and when I said I made texture packs:

  • Repeticraft, a 16x pattern-based texture pack. My first.
  • Sarcina Nova, a 6x (yes you read that right) texture pack that is so far my only non-pattern-based one. My second.
  • Repeticraft Lite, a 16x pattern-based simple texture pack. Nothing much special about it. Wait I shouldn't be saying that I should be advertising it. Um... go download it and save all your children horrible nightmares! Or something.
  • Repeticraft Deluxe, a 128x pattern-based high-definition texture pack. My best work, IMO. Also the most work .-.

And no, I'm not Notch. It's there as a joke.


Videogames, Music, Video editing, texture art.

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