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    Me and my siblings really enjoy the mod. Haven't run into many issues. Could there perhaps be a way in the future to start out as human or Spider Queen? An example would be something similar to how MCA allows you to choose preferences and etc? While I like the game I enjoy a lot of other mods too and my sister LOVES the mod. If I include in our lan then everyone has to be a spider king/queen respectively even if they aren't personally interested in the mod. Not really a huge deal, and again it's not like I dislike this mod I just enjoy being human more than a spider king for other reasons.

    Thanks for reading this if you do and I really appreciate all the work that went into the mod and it has provided me and my siblings with lots of fun times. ^-^

    P.S. As a joke/alternative to the suggestion it would be funny/useful if you could be a spider(man) a man that can do spiderly things while still retaining the ability to do human things. ( A few mods require certain characteristics)

    Have a wonderful day!

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