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    Hello builders and roleplayers!

    I am looking for dedicated free-time builders and roleplayers to join me on my work in-progress server known as the World of Aeseria. In this server, we are working on creating a place of roleplay and world-building. We are mostly looking for builders who would also like to roleplay in creative mode world-building experience. The story is woven and created through me and the players. We offer a great server with great people, great tools and assets to assist with world-building, and a completely custom-made map for the world. The map has a huge continent with many biomes and such.

    The story as of now goes as follows:

    Two brothers get caught in a terrible storm at sea and during the storm they are teleported into the mystical world of Aeseria. Upon losing everyone on the crew aside from themselves, they find the shore of Aeseria. There they settle in on the shore and explore to meet the natives of Aeseria. Then, they discover a group of people known as The Legion, a nation set out to find more land and establish a colony in Aeseria. What happens next is up to you and me. Join today!

    If this sounds interesting to you, please drop your discord or add mine TheCrowbarXC#9927

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    I am building a world of sorts for possibly backstory and role play purposes. I would like to make some new friends that enjoy building just as much as I do. I am building on a continental custom-made world on 1.16.5. The server is bought, so there shouldn't be too much issues with lag. If you have any questions or concerns, reply or add my discord TheCrowbarXC#9927 for more.

    If you're interested in building and want to become friends, just reply with your discord, direct message it to me, or add mine TheCrowbarXC#9927 Thanks again for reading!

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