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    posted a message on --Aeria-- A Flying Steampunk City! ~Update 4~ Museum and Clock Tower
    Wow! it's looking really good! Keep it up! :) I like the style.
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    My first single player world after a couple of months of messing around in it. This is when I learned how to take screenshots :P
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    Thanks! actually I have kept going with it... I added a moat around the north wall and have started a farming area north of the city with windmills.... I'll probably upload an updated version when I get it cleaned up/looking nice.... might even add a village. Lol minecraft is way too addicting, you just can't stop one you've started :P
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    posted a message on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time And Majora's Mask in Minecraft
    Wow! wonderful job! I can't believe you actually are doing entire dungeons. Dodongo's Cavern looks great! it takes me back ;) Keep it up!
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    posted a message on The first time I built a house in minecraft with effort
    It looks good Venaxious! I like your balcony, as well as the corner beams/roof corners. Gives the place some flair. My only suggestion to you might be to add some windows.

    But of course you don't have to modify this structure, you could always start another one and see where it takes you. Just keep building. The more you play and the more you build the more you'll find out what you like and what you don't. So much of the fun of minecraft for me is being creative/trying something new. You don't always come out with something amazing, but sometimes you do. ;)

    Keep at it, and keep building. I'm sure your next house will be even more awesome than this one is :)
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    posted a message on Castle Town -my first major creation
    Thanks for the feedback guys!

    I've been trying some new texture packs, but so far I haven't found any that quite fit well. But there are many more to try yet. There are some really awesome ones out there.

    I did however figure out how to use a shader, I managed to get Sonic Ether's Unbelievable Shader to work. It was hard on my PC, but I got some nice screenshots, I thought I'd share:

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    Hi there everybody,

    I'm new to the online minecraft community, but I've been playing this addictive game for ages.

    I've finally got one of my builds to a level that I feel is presentable so I thought I'd share it with you. Though I must say there is some extremely impressive stuff here. Mine is somewhat modest in comparison.

    So it's a medievalish sort of town/city. I started with just the red castle and it kind of exploded into a town that filled up the peninsula. There are a bunch of buildings that aren't furnished, many are just hollow shells and lack floors/stairs beyond the ground floor. But I'm not sure I'm ever going to get it all done. I started working on sewers as well, but they really only run through the oldest part of the city. I have a bit of a canal running through the newer part by the cathedral, but other than that there are just some rough tunnels connecting to the old sewers.

    So here are some screens:

    This is a view of back side of the castle I started with.

    This is the throne room of the castle.

    This is an interior room of the castle.

    This is a view of the town from the tallest tower of the castle.

    This is a view of the north wall that surrounds the inland side of the town.

    View of a palace in town. the basement connects with the sewers.

    View of the town from the large domed building.

    North side of the cathedral.

    Sorry, I hope that wasn't too many screenshots. It's not the largest town/city, but it's pretty densely packed.

    Also, if any of you are interested, this map is available for download. I'd love to share it/get it around. Feel free to add to it/mod it/use it as you like.

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