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    posted a message on The phantom should not spawns when the player is in creative

    That thing is creepy and can be annoying if you are in creative trying to build something, even in creative he tries to attack you, i think days should only count when in survival and you should not be forced to sleep in creative mode, i hope they do this in the next minecraft version.

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    Customizable weapons mod V1.0

    Today i present to you a new mod that adds new customizable and upgradable weapons into minecraft, a lot more coming soon!


    This mod adds new customizable weapons into minecraft, including aussault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns and overpowered admin weapons, but that is not all,

    It also adds gun parts including scopes, magazines and suppressors, 3 new powerful bulletproof armor that can absorb bullets to reduce damage, 4 new blocks, a lot of different types of ammunition, bullets and items!

    List of blocks:

    -Steel ore: randomly generated in mines, this block provides steel ingot when put in furnace which are used in crafting gun parts and bullets

    -Weapons chest: a chest that is very hard to break used to store your valuable items, weapons and ammunition.

    -Block of steel: crafted using 9 steel ingots.

    -Sandbags: a very strong explosive resistant block used to take cover behind it or fortify your base, it is so heavy it cannot float, it will fall like sand or gravel.

    List of weapons:

    -Assault rifle: a basic not automatic rifle, uses standard bullets

    -Advanced rifle: upgraded version of the assault rifle, fully automatic and deals more damage with faster bullets, uses standard bullets

    -Incendiary rifle: This rifle fires incendiary bullets that burns anything it hits! if you kill an animal with it, you will get already cooked meat!

    can ignite tnt from a distance, uses incendiary bullets

    -Armor piercing rifle: this powerful rifle can penetrate and destroy blocks! uses armor piercing rounds

    -Sniper rifle:A very high damage slow rate of fire rifle that deals a small explosion if it hits a block, uses 50.cal rounds.

    -explosive rifle: fire moderately explosive rounds,great for destruction of a enemy base, uses explosive rounds.

    -Admin gun: (creative only) shoots huge explosive, incendiary, high damage dealing rockets at a very fast speed, also gives you speed potion when being used.

    -Hunting rifle

    -Machine gun

    A lot more coming soon!

    Version history


    v2.0 Coming soon!!!


    Download version 1.0 for minecraft 1.11-1.12.1


    Any suggestions or bug reports for future updates are really appreaciated!

    Hope you enjoy.

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    posted a message on Visible barrier blocks?

    I can try to make one if you still need it, what i can do is create a new custom barrier that can be visible, but i can do it for 1.12 or 1.11 versions

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    posted a message on Request for custom armors!

    Hey, what type of custom armors? if it is like dirt, stone, bedrock or a custom simple custom texture armor and tools i can do it easily, also if you want you can tell me how resistant you want the armor to be.

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    posted a message on Jungle Exploration Lab map and Parrots research center (RedstoneMap)

    Version 2.0 is out, check it out, it has a lot of improvements!

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    posted a message on Jungle Exploration Lab map and Parrots research center (RedstoneMap)
    Quote from SuntannedDuck2»

    Hi, your map looks interesting from the screenshots. I'd love to record this map. I like to help out the less known in the community and even though I usually do mods, I'd like to get into maps too. Can you redirect the link somehow I seem to be struggling with the link you have. Thanks.

    Hey, sorry for the late answer, i dint even think that i would get 1 comment lol, my second version of the map is almost done! i will change the link soon
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    posted a message on Jungle Exploration Lab map and Parrots research center (RedstoneMap)

    I made this map while i was bored.. had no idea what to do so decided to learn more about parrots and explore more about the update,

    Then it looked great and you might like it so i wanted to upload it here.

    Download V2.0: http://bitigee.com/QW5

    This map is about a lab in the middle of the jungle made to explore the area, the lab includes redstone mechanics, cookie farms to test them on the parrots, cages, a submarine, security system doors and solar panels system to not waste a lot of energy!

    What is new: redstone fixes, improvements, more buildings and rooms, added rain, added villagers around the lab, a big expansion

    What is coming: more expansions, aquatic lab, a lot more advanced redstone, secrets around the map (deep sea submarine around the corner

    Leave your ideas down below and i might add them!

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    posted a message on TheSkyTree (biggest tree possible in minecraft!) survival adventure parkour map

    Did you wonder what is the biggest tree that ever grew in minecraft? this map is a small part of a upcoming big adventure map that i am working on it, so this is only like a demo.

    The story:
    You feel an earthquake at night in the village, you wake up and look out the window and see a huge tree that reaches higher than the sky! This tree was made to destroy your village, it made your land float, around you lava everywhere, spawned by the mad witches because they are mad that villagers have villages and they only have tiny huts in a random forest, so they wanted revenge. this tree picked up some mine shafts and dungeons from the grounds and pulled them to the sky, up the tree a beacon that needs to be activated before destroying the tree so the storm stops and the lava turns into obsidian then destroy the tree but you need to save some villagers before destroying it. Do you like burning down stuff? do you like parkour? do you like mining and exploring? do you like villages and the villagers? then this map is for you!

    Download Version 1.0: http://microify.com/2bTy

    I will upload some screenshots soon,already working on the big main adventure map, might take some time so please be patient
    Give me more ideas about what you want to see on the adventure map.

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    posted a message on W.I.P Lava Survival,The Apocalypse! (Lava will go up and invade you!)

    Sorry for no screenshots, but i actually dont know how to insert one, there is an insert/edit image button but when i click it, it says source and stuffs... i dont know how to use it...

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    posted a message on W.I.P Lava Survival,The Apocalypse! (Lava will go up and invade you!)


    I created a map where lava reached very high mountains with a few resources but lava is still going up and invading the map! you cant do anything to get out but you can do many stuffs to build a shelter with your supplies to live in until lava goes down again!

    You will spawn in a small wooden shelter with a small supplies chest and a small farm.

    There are also many secrets on the map to explore before lava gets to you so you better hurry!

    You do not need any mods to play on this map!

    The difficulty is locked at hard so it makes it harder and more fun!

    Lava normally takes some time to get up so do not worry, you have time to get resources! when it needs to




    (W.I.P) Also download the custom resource pack to make the map looks more realistic! (adds lava raining and burned mobs and more!)

    As i said, this map is W.I.P (work in progress) so there may be some bugs, i will add a lot of new features soon!

    Report any bug found so i can fix it asap, thank you.

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Minecraft More Dimensions Mod (adds 12 new dimensions!)

    Do you guys want me to add custom mobs for every dimension?

    Tell me what other dimensions you want to see in the next update.

    also thanks for the 125 views!

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    posted a message on [1.7.10] Minecraft More Dimensions Mod (adds 12 new dimensions!)

    Hello everyone!

    Today i made a Minecraft mod called More dimensions that i wanted to share with you, this is my first mod ever uploaded.

    This mod adds 12 new dimensions, 12 new items, 1 new block and many new achievements.

    This mod works on Minecraft 1.7

    Here is a video i made to review the mod: (skip the tornado intro thing... it is my YouTube intro not the mod)



    Check out my latest mod: CUSTOMIZABLE WEAPONS!(for minecraft 1.12.1 and 1.11)

    here is the link: https://bit.ly/2yEh6Oo

    I may upload many other mods soon so check them out :)
    Comment down what dimension you want me to add for the next update and if you found any bugs please tell me so i can fix them!
    Have a great day!
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