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    posted a message on Cynical MC Prison Server || Crates || Gangs || Custom Plugins

    Really nice server, it's a shame noone's online :/

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    posted a message on [1.7] Dragon Vortex [Whitelist] [Medival Kingdom Roleplay]

    Application: What do you mean? If this is what you mean, I'm a very trustworthy player (I don't like griefing/trolling/etc.), I like building cool stuff, and I think I can be a great player xD


    Age: 14

    Gender (Male/Female)

    Skype: Lolwatoid

    RP Name: Joel Händler.

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    posted a message on ~VenCraft~ STAFF NEEDED!

    Minecraft Name: Lolwatoid

    Minecraft Nickname (optional): You can call me L or something.

    First Name: Daniyyel.

    Age: 14

    Location (Country, State, Timezone): Israel, UTC +3

    Gender: Male

    Language(s): English (somewhat), Russian, Hebrew.

    Skype (Mandatory): lolwatoid

    Any other contact info: Not really.

    Have you been a part of VenCraft before? If so, how long?: Nope.

    What Rank are you applying for? Why do you want this rank and how would this rank fit you?: Moderator. I know how to deal with people nicely. I don't punish for small stuff and I know what to do in different scenarios.

    When did you start playing Minecraft?:

    Have you ever been banned before? Please be specific with why you got banned and from what server and when was it. (This will not affect you with getting a rank; we just need to know your history and if something comes up):

    Do you have your owner server? If so, what kind?: Yes. A survival server.

    Do you have any other accounts that you use?: This one only.

    If a player was over swearing and being rude even after you tell them to stop, how would you take care of this problem? List out each step you would take to solve the problem.

    1. Mute them for a while and tell them to relax.

    2. If stuff continue jail him if possible or mute him for some more time.

    3. If anything does not work, warn him last time before a temp ban.

    4. Temp ban him.

    How often would you be able to go on VenCraft? (School and summer)?: For the next few weeks I will be able to be on the server for a few hours a day except Saturdays.

    Have you ever been staff on another server? Please list all and if you are still a part of that server with that staff position and how often you are working on that server.: N/A.

    Any other info and things about you: Nothing much to say. I like cats.

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    posted a message on {1.8.x - Vanilla} DB SMP - Looking For Members - Whitelisted

    Minecraft Username: Lolwatoid

    Skype: lolwatoid

    Age: 14

    Tell Us About Yourself: Well, I'm playing minecraft for about two and half years. I like building and playing with other people.

    Skills In The Game: Mining and building underground stuff.

    Anything Else: Nope.

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    posted a message on **[Hell's Server]** 1.8 WHITELIST/ VANILLA ONLY!

    Name: Daniyyel.
    IGN: Lolwatoid
    Age: 14

    Skype: Lolwatoid

    Do you have a mic?: Yes. (For about a week. But I will buy a new mic soon after that.)
    What reasons do you have for applying?: Just want to play survival with people, you know.
    What time periods will you play on the server?: A few hours a day. It varies. Some days I won't play at all.
    What is your previous server history?: I have played survival with friends and owned a few servers.
    What time zone are you in?: UTC+3
    What servers do you currently play on?: None.
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: A bit more than two and a half years.
    What is your favorite feature in Minecraft?: I guess mining, I don't really understand the question.
    What is your Minecraft skillset?: I build nice stuff. I can build amazing tunnel networks and mines.
    Will you be willing to participate in server events?: Probably.

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    posted a message on Anyone wanna play MC PC and skype?

    Sure :) My IGN is Lolwatoid and I'm 14 years old.

    (Skype is Lolwatoid aswell).

    Note that I'm not a native speaker :P

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    posted a message on Looking for builders

    Hey. You seem pretty okay. Connect to the server and we'll talk there.

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    posted a message on Looking for builders

    Hey, I'm looking for builders for my server. (Lolwatoid.No-IP.ORG)





    Time Zone:


    How often can you be on the server?:

    Building Skills (Rate 1-10):

    Redstone Skills (Rate 1-10):

    Other Skills:

    Why should I accept you:

    Anything Else?:

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    posted a message on Laser gun for 1.9

    In my opinion, Minecraft belongs more to the medieval times. Laser guns are too modern. So sorry, no support.

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    posted a message on Looking for moderators
    Quote from likestar



    I want to choose me because i can help your server a lot. First of all I can tell all my friends join to your server without giving items.I can help you about plugins because I am good Developer too .I can build you any build you want and i am A lot of Hours Online!I am 15 years old and my skype is : kiriakos.kiriakos8

    I am Good at plugins(general developing) and building.I live in Greece But i know English.15 years Old

    I have been Owner at 5 Servers Builder at 2 Helper at 1 and Co Owner at 2 Servers moderator i have been only 1 Time. I was Owner at a server before 5 minutes but i leave this server because Owner told me bad words!

    Quote from ryan001CooL

    Name: Ryan Pol Mierla

    Why should I choose you: you can choose me cause i am a trusted staff at many many servers i play 3-4 hours a day just to help the server

    Biography:i live in manila,philippines and i am bored in house after class i waste all my day playing minecraft and im 14

    Previous experience: i helped the newbie in the servers and i,m banning for those who broke the rules helping in servers minigames

    Join the server and I will test you. It works indeed.
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    posted a message on Looking for moderators
    Hi. I'm looking for some moderators for my server (3 moderators).

    I need them to help me build and manage the server (Lolwat-server.no-ip.org).

    Apply with this:



    Why should I choose you:


    Previous experience:

    Good luck.
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    posted a message on Re-Add Arrows in Mobs!
    I'mma support.
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    posted a message on 1.8 name changes can screw over server owners
    Quote from Bjossi

    Those conspiracy theories are amusing but ultimately just that; conspiracy theories. Mojang are simply implementing one of the most requested features since the game first came out, mods will have to be rewritten from scratch any ways to make use of the upcoming plugin interface which also happens to be among the most requested game features.

    Pretty much. As a server owner, I can say that when it came out it was a bit buggy, though, since updated craftbukkit to #3058+ it works really well. And most plugins aren't breaking too much (even if they are, it's not that hard to update).
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    posted a message on Lolwat's Server -[1.7.9]- [Survival-Economy]
    Edited- added donation link, added more pictures, edited OP a bit.

    (Secret bump)
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