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    Guys, we need to talk. I'm sorry.

    So here we are over two years later... Let me explain with what's been going on for anyone who saw this post when I created it... The end of April 2012 I started working on an RPG mod, The Precursor. I got a lot done, mainly with GUI and starting on actual content. In July 2012 my dad was having a pancreatic cancer scare, but it came clean. In October 2012 he was getting a stint replaced in his liver, and they found something abnormal. They tested him again for pancreatic cancer, and it came out positive. On December 28th, 2012, my dad passed away from Pancreatic Cancer.

    From the day he was tested the first time, my modding days slowed down drastically. Then the second time he got tested, my times modding stopped completely. From the time my dad passed away, I completely stopped playing Minecraft. I then finished out my Senior year of high school, started my college schooling for Computer Science in Computer Programming. At the end of my freshman year of college, my mom and I decided to move half way across the country; From North Dakota, all the way to Maine, I just moved in. Now I want to start my new life by finishing the project I've always wanted to finish. The Precursor. I haven't played Minecraft in a very long time, and modding seems to be completely different from back in the day. I'll be using Minecraft Forge instead of ModLoader, so I'll have to relearn modding. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I'm incredibly sorry for anyone who wanted to play this mod, I'll do my best to get this finished ASAP :)


    What is The Precursor?

    The Precursor is an RPG mod based around skilling and unlocking. The goal of the mod is to give the community what they want by taking in and considering any suggestion that is given. Not only that, but most content will be given a vote to make sure it's what the community wants.

    Player Stats

    Health Player's Health. The Player will die once this meter runs out.

    Armor Player's Armor. This meter shows how much protection the Player has.

    Mana Player's Mana. The Player will be able to cast magic as long as they have mana.

    Stamina Player's Stamina. This allows the Player to sprint as apposed to being based off of hunger.

    Basic Elements

    Water Element Harnessing the power of Water will allow the player to breathe underwater and swim at faster speeds.

    Air Element Harnessing the power of Air will allow the player to double jump.

    Earth Element Harnessing the power of Earth will allow the player to run faster on land.

    Fire Element Harnessing the power of Fire will allow the player to swim in lava and be immune to fire damage.

    Everything in Spoiler is out-dated and not guaranteed as of now


    This mod is designed to be an RPG mod for SMP. It includes simple interfaces, skills, abilities, and much more.

    New Hud

    -Picture Below-
    Red bar - HP bar
    Blue bar - Mana bar
    White bar - Armor bar
    Orange bar - Stamina bar
    Blue circle bar - Combat exp bar
    Teal bar - Enchantment exp bar
    Number - Enchantment level
    Light blue bar - Oxygen bar

    New Sprint System
    You can run for 30 seconds until your stamina runs out.
    After 3 seconds your stamina starts to regen.
    If your hunger is out, stamina regens a lot slower.

    Some of the features include skills, elements, achievements, and more.
    If you'd like to look at a specific feature, click one of the buttons below.


    You can select one Element, will be able to change for a price.

    Allows you to double jump

    Immune to fire and lava

    Allows you to breathe underwater

    Allows you to run faster (Toggle Key defaulted as 'F')

    Skills and Levels

    I'll post how much exp is given for each later. They will probably be changed over time

    Exp from creating potions

    Exp from getting kills with a Bow and Arrow

    Exp from breeding animals

    Exp from killing mobs with weapons or fist

    Exp from cooking food in a furnace

    Exp from harvesting plants

    Exp from catching fish

    Wooden Fishing Rod Sardine Clown fish Bluegill Bass Puffer fish Salmon Catfish Eel Octopus
    Iron Fishing Rod Anglerfish Carp King Salmon Giant Octopus
    Gold Fishing Rod Squid Red Snapper Tuna String Ray
    Diamond Fishing Rod Sturgeon Mako Shark Blue Marlin *SECRET*

    Exp from gathering flowers, reeds, etc.

    Exp from mining ores

    Exp from cutting down trees

    Pictures (Out of Date)

    New GUI Hud

    Thanks To

    Antiqua - Making the banner, her DeviantArt


    Banner coming soon :)

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    you want to make an if statement using minecraft.thePlayer.inventory.armorInventory[3];
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    Merry Musemas!
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    My guess is because you have -100F, players are defaulted as 0.1F
    I'd go something like 0.05F or something

    If that doesn't work, it might be because it's in a mod_ class and not EntityPlayer. It sucks that you'd have to edit a base, but the ModAPI will stop that when it comes out, hopefully anyway.
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    I'm a little busy for the next few days, I have to take a 3 hour test tomorrow, for example.
    I'll get to it as soon as I can, don't you worry.

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    I'm sorry everyone who's waiting for 1.3.
    I've been really busy with school and work, and I'm trying to release a project I've been working on.

    Days I don't have school, i work, and I get a lot of homework from school, so I'm busy and tired every day. On the rare occurrence I don't have anything to do, I work on The Precursor so I can get it released as soon as possible. The tweaks aren't dead, but I promise I'll do my best to update them to 1.4 when it decides to come out in less than a month.

    Again, sorry
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    Muserae's Tweaks won't update till 1.4, I'm sorry.

    Table of Content
    Tweaks Added to the Game

    These are the tweaks that were eventually added to the game:

    Netherwart Farming (Makes netherwart grow in any dimension)
    Apple and Cocoa Bean Drop (Added ways to get apples and cocoa beans)
    No Crush Crops (Added but changed to jumping can break)
    Boat Return (Drops a boat when broken)

    If you make a video spotlighting these tweaks, please send the video to me in a message or as a post in this thread and your video will be put here
    Here's a few things you can expect in future updates:
    Vein Miner Bug fixes
    POSSIBLY: 1.7.3 Animal Spawning
    Tweak requests
    Magnetic Drops will get a timer so you can burn items
    Glass Panes will drop Glass Panes
    Full Tweak Pack


    This pack has every tweak on this page in one download. Open the txt that comes in the download to see which .class is which tweak and you can add which ever you like.

    Wolf Herder
    Wolf Herder will make passive mobs scared of wolves and run away from them.

    TNT Cannon
    TNT Cannon will make so when you put TNT inside of a dispenser, it will shoot the TNT.

    Passive Bones
    This tweak makes so you can get bones in Peaceful. Pigs, Cows, Sheep, and Chicken will have a chance to drop bones. The drop rate is the same as skeletons.

    Lava Physics
    This tweak will make lava work like water. The decay rate is still slow, but not as slow. You will be able to make an infinite lava pool, along with having lava travel eight blocks.

    Magnetic Drops
    This tweak will cause the item entity's to follow you, like XP Orbs.

    Netherwart Farming

    This tweak will allow you to plant Netherwart in the regular world. You still need to go to the Nether and get some, and it still has to be planted on Slow Sand.

    Mushroom Growth
    This tweak brings back the old mushrooms from 1.7. It will allow mushrooms to spread while still being able to grow into giant mushrooms.

    Vein Miner
    This tweak will break an entire vein of coal, iron, gold, etc by breaking one. There are a few minor bugs, but nothing game breaking.

    Melon Generation
    This tweak will cause melons to generate within a newly generated Minecraft world. They spawn with the same rarity as pumpkins.

    Apple and Cocoa Bean Drop
    This tweak will make apples drop more frequently from leaves, while also having a chance to drop cocoa beans. You also have a very rare chance of getting a golden apple drop.

    No Crush Crops
    This tweak will change farmland so you can't break farmland while jumping or running. The current Minecraft version will still break farmland when you jump on it, and this tweak will fix that.

    No Fire Spread
    This tweak will stop fire from spreading. It will still set off tnt and set Nether portals.

    Creeper Nuke
    This tweak will stop creepers from doing explosive damage. It is unclear if they do damage to players or not.

    Enderman Nuke
    This tweak will stop all Endermen from picking up block.

    No Drowning
    This tweak will allow you to breathe under water.

    Web Return
    This tweak will return a web instead of string when breaking a web block.

    Ice Return
    This tweak will drop an ice block instead of placing water. It will also stop ice from melting when it's by a torch.

    Boat Return
    This tweak will fix boats so they no longer break and return sticks and planks. They will now return boats.

    Grass Return
    This tweak makes grass blocks drop grass instead of dirt, but dirt blocks will still drop dirt.

    Glass Return
    This tweak makes glass drop when breaking a glass block.

    -Permissions- Redistributing: Do NOT redistribute, please refer the the copyright below. ModPacks: Please PM me before using it in your modpack. Videos: Feel free to use in videos. This document is Copyright ©(2011)(Muserae) of (hereafter referred to as "The Owner") and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only Minecraftforum.net and PlanetMinecaft.com (Under username 'Muserae') are able to host any of The Owner's material without the consent of The Owner. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. (Electronic mail is acceptable as long as you wait for a response.) If you mirror this mod page or anything The Owner has made on any site, The Owner may seek compensation for the damages through a lawsuit.
    If you enjoy these tweaks, please feel free to like this post
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    I figured I'd take some pictures so Rogue has some competition. People can't just be handed the Best Looking Staff Member award, you know.

    This next picture is for the ladies that love a bad ass. My friend was making me take a picture for him so I made myself look mad. This was taken about 3 months ago(?)

    Warning: High chance of orgasm. View at your own risk
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    Quote from Rogue

    I never did it here, since I already did it in O.T.:

    I suppose I'm late for this comment, but I couldn't get on my internet.
    Pick whichever one you like the best :)
    Pick all of them if you really want to.

    How can one picture hold so much beauty?
    Am I dead?
    Is this what heaven looks like?
    All that I know about beauty is a lie.

    But seriously, you're very beautiful :)
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    I've repeatedly been seeing this, so I'm going to explain this for everyone.

    The Section "Mod Development"
    This section is for getting Java help
    • Errors you're getting
    • Codes to do something specific
    • Etc
    This section is NOT for
    • Posting invites to a mod team
    • Posting WIP Mods (read below)
    • Asking for help on how to Install a mod
    The Sub-Topic "WIP Mods"
    This section is for mods that you're currently working on
    • Information on the mod
    • Not ready for full release
    This section can be found HERE

    If you need your WIP mod moved, send a PM to a sectional moderator for the Mapping and Modding section or an Admin

    A staff list can be found HERE
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