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    Quote from DjGyarados

    Wow, looks great. Would you consider a single player version?

    Yes. It's being coded in singleplayer right now. The beta tests will probably be in singleplayer, and once working fine, move it over to multiplayer.

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    Quote from bones090

    This looks like it could be a great mod, as soon as it is done, I WILL PLAY IT! :)

    Thanks :)
    I'm trying to get it to where it's playable by the next update
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    Quote from Gentlementlmen

    Looks fun.

    The information on the elf was just added by me. We haven't discussed all the perks and what not yet, so that might change. There will be better mining and what not, but that will be a talent. Talents will have 1 race specific, and the rest can be used by all races.
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    Quote from Bryguy

    Would you be able to show at least your modified drawScreen?

        public void drawScreen(int i, int j, float f)
    	 int x = (width - 176 ) / 2;
    	 int y = (height - 166) / 2;
       int wtf = mc.renderEngine.getTexture("/RPG/RaceGui.png");
       GL11.glColor4f(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F);
       drawTexturedModalRect(x, y, 0, 0, 176, 166);
    	  GL11.glScalef(0.8F, 0.8F, 0.8F);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "1", width / 2 + 55, 103, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "2", width / 2 + 55, 113, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "3", width / 2 + 55, 123, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "4", width / 2 + 55, 133, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "5", width / 2 + 55, 143, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "6", width / 2 + 55, 153, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "7", width / 2 + 55, 163, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "8", width / 2 + 55, 173, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "9", width / 2 + 55, 183, -1);
    		 drawString(fontRenderer, "10", width / 2 + 55, 193, -1);
    	    drawString(fontRenderer, "Information", width / 2 + 10, 62, 0xffffff);
    	    drawCenteredString(fontRenderer, "Choose a Race", width / 2, 42, 0xffffff);
    	    drawString(fontRenderer, " Human", width / 2 - 70, 62, 0xffffff);
    	    super.drawScreen(i, j, f);
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    Alright, I'm trying to add this in, but when I do my buttons disappear and it still doesn't show. I'm adding it to public void drawScreen(int i, int j, float f) because it isn't a container. Would I just make a new method and keep it as a container, or is there something completely different I should do?

    I would give the .java, but I'm recoding the GUI completely right now, but I still need to get this to work D:
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    Guys, we need to talk. I'm sorry.

    So here we are over two years later... Let me explain with what's been going on for anyone who saw this post when I created it... The end of April 2012 I started working on an RPG mod, The Precursor. I got a lot done, mainly with GUI and starting on actual content. In July 2012 my dad was having a pancreatic cancer scare, but it came clean. In October 2012 he was getting a stint replaced in his liver, and they found something abnormal. They tested him again for pancreatic cancer, and it came out positive. On December 28th, 2012, my dad passed away from Pancreatic Cancer.

    From the day he was tested the first time, my modding days slowed down drastically. Then the second time he got tested, my times modding stopped completely. From the time my dad passed away, I completely stopped playing Minecraft. I then finished out my Senior year of high school, started my college schooling for Computer Science in Computer Programming. At the end of my freshman year of college, my mom and I decided to move half way across the country; From North Dakota, all the way to Maine, I just moved in. Now I want to start my new life by finishing the project I've always wanted to finish. The Precursor. I haven't played Minecraft in a very long time, and modding seems to be completely different from back in the day. I'll be using Minecraft Forge instead of ModLoader, so I'll have to relearn modding. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I'm incredibly sorry for anyone who wanted to play this mod, I'll do my best to get this finished ASAP :)


    What is The Precursor?

    The Precursor is an RPG mod based around skilling and unlocking. The goal of the mod is to give the community what they want by taking in and considering any suggestion that is given. Not only that, but most content will be given a vote to make sure it's what the community wants.

    Player Stats

    Health Player's Health. The Player will die once this meter runs out.

    Armor Player's Armor. This meter shows how much protection the Player has.

    Mana Player's Mana. The Player will be able to cast magic as long as they have mana.

    Stamina Player's Stamina. This allows the Player to sprint as apposed to being based off of hunger.

    Basic Elements

    Water Element Harnessing the power of Water will allow the player to breathe underwater and swim at faster speeds.

    Air Element Harnessing the power of Air will allow the player to double jump.

    Earth Element Harnessing the power of Earth will allow the player to run faster on land.

    Fire Element Harnessing the power of Fire will allow the player to swim in lava and be immune to fire damage.

    Everything in Spoiler is out-dated and not guaranteed as of now


    This mod is designed to be an RPG mod for SMP. It includes simple interfaces, skills, abilities, and much more.

    New Hud

    -Picture Below-
    Red bar - HP bar
    Blue bar - Mana bar
    White bar - Armor bar
    Orange bar - Stamina bar
    Blue circle bar - Combat exp bar
    Teal bar - Enchantment exp bar
    Number - Enchantment level
    Light blue bar - Oxygen bar

    New Sprint System
    You can run for 30 seconds until your stamina runs out.
    After 3 seconds your stamina starts to regen.
    If your hunger is out, stamina regens a lot slower.

    Some of the features include skills, elements, achievements, and more.
    If you'd like to look at a specific feature, click one of the buttons below.


    You can select one Element, will be able to change for a price.

    Allows you to double jump

    Immune to fire and lava

    Allows you to breathe underwater

    Allows you to run faster (Toggle Key defaulted as 'F')

    Skills and Levels

    I'll post how much exp is given for each later. They will probably be changed over time

    Exp from creating potions

    Exp from getting kills with a Bow and Arrow

    Exp from breeding animals

    Exp from killing mobs with weapons or fist

    Exp from cooking food in a furnace

    Exp from harvesting plants

    Exp from catching fish

    Wooden Fishing Rod Sardine Clown fish Bluegill Bass Puffer fish Salmon Catfish Eel Octopus
    Iron Fishing Rod Anglerfish Carp King Salmon Giant Octopus
    Gold Fishing Rod Squid Red Snapper Tuna String Ray
    Diamond Fishing Rod Sturgeon Mako Shark Blue Marlin *SECRET*

    Exp from gathering flowers, reeds, etc.

    Exp from mining ores

    Exp from cutting down trees

    Pictures (Out of Date)

    New GUI Hud

    Thanks To

    Antiqua - Making the banner, her DeviantArt


    Banner coming soon :)

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    I'm making a custom GUI that I need to display the current Player's model, like with the inventory screen. I'm assuming the code is in GuiInventory, but I can't find where in the file it is. My guess is that it's somewhere in here:

        protected void drawGuiContainerBackgroundLayer(float f, int i, int j)
    	    int k = mc.renderEngine.getTexture("/gui/inventory.png");
    	    GL11.glColor4f(1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F, 1.0F);
    	    int l = field_40216_e;
    	    int i1 = field_40215_f;
    	    drawTexturedModalRect(l, i1, 0, 0, xSize, ySize);
    	    GL11.glEnable(32826 /*GL_RESCALE_NORMAL_EXT*/);
    	    GL11.glEnable(2903 /*GL_COLOR_MATERIAL*/);
    	    GL11.glTranslatef(l + 51, i1 + 75, 50F);
    	    float f1 = 30F;
    	    GL11.glScalef(-f1, f1, f1);
    	    GL11.glRotatef(180F, 0.0F, 0.0F, 1.0F);
    	    float f2 = mc.thePlayer.renderYawOffset;
    	    float f3 = mc.thePlayer.rotationYaw;
    	    float f4 = mc.thePlayer.rotationPitch;
    	    float f5 = (float)(l + 51) - xSize_lo;
    	    float f6 = (float)((i1 + 75) - 50) - ySize_lo;
    	    GL11.glRotatef(135F, 0.0F, 1.0F, 0.0F);
    	    GL11.glRotatef(-135F, 0.0F, 1.0F, 0.0F);
    	    GL11.glRotatef(-(float)Math.atan(f6 / 40F) * 20F, 1.0F, 0.0F, 0.0F);
    	    mc.thePlayer.renderYawOffset = (float)Math.atan(f5 / 40F) * 20F;
    	    mc.thePlayer.rotationYaw = (float)Math.atan(f5 / 40F) * 40F;
    	    mc.thePlayer.rotationPitch = -(float)Math.atan(f6 / 40F) * 20F;
    	    GL11.glTranslatef(0.0F, mc.thePlayer.yOffset, 0.0F);
    	    RenderManager.instance.playerViewY = 180F;
    	    RenderManager.instance.renderEntityWithPosYaw(mc.thePlayer, 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0D, 0.0F, 1.0F);
    	    mc.thePlayer.renderYawOffset = f2;
    	    mc.thePlayer.rotationYaw = f3;
    	    mc.thePlayer.rotationPitch = f4;
    	    GL11.glDisable(32826 /*GL_RESCALE_NORMAL_EXT*/);

    My questions is, if it's there, what part of it is it? If not, how can I go about adding it?

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    I'm making a mod for a few friends, and I was wondering where I would add a code to change player model depending on what the player selects. Example being:

    if(mc.thePlayer.mobSelected == 1)
    <change mod model here>
    if(mc.thePlayer.mobSelected == 2)
    <change mod model here>

    Sum up: What code would go in the if statement to change it, and what base file would that go under?

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    Quote from littledude072

    ah little gameplay tweaks make a big difference :D
    can you make another tweak that adds the sponge? i like your tweak pack, pretty nice yet not too overpowering

    I can make sponges work again, if I remember right they stopped them from working.
    If I were to add a way to get sponges, it would require ModLoader or editing Items.java, and I want to avoid doing that.

    Quote from Surge007

    i am having problem with magnetic drops. my inventory is always empty after it starts picking up items alot the quick bar also when i hit inventory screen.

    I have no clue what you're saying...
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    posted a message on [1.2.5]Muserae's Minecraft ~ New Release
    Now release
    -All textures are subject to change
    -More releases as soon as I can figure why they're not working D:
    -All feedback accepted

    Hope you enjoy :)
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    This thread is for the Muserae's Minecraft Mod

    If you have any suggestion on what you'd like to see, please leave it below.
    This is not posted in the Suggestions section because that is for posting, not asking for suggestions.

    Suggestions Added to the Mod

    None Yet

    Suggestions Posted

    None Yet
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Muserae's Tweaks
    Adf.ly was fixed. They had a bug and accidentally blocked MediaFire.
    All download links should be working :)

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    Quote from TFCxAddict

    Ya, and I just checked again and still got nothing :/
    I'm going to browse around a little also, see if I can't find anything about this on the forums that's already solved. From the little I already looked, there wasn't one yet :/
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    Quote from TFCxAddict

    Your numbers are backwards. Boots are 3, helmet is 0. Legs 2, chest 1.

    I did notice that and tried flipping them, but I got the same thing.
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    Alright, I'm making these boots that make you run faster when you have them on. I've tried 3 ways and all of them didn't work. Is there something I'm missing or doing wrong?

    		public boolean OnTickInGame(Minecraft minecraft, Entity entity)
    			Minecraft mc = ModLoader.getMinecraftInstance();
    		 ItemStack boots = minecraft.thePlayer.inventory.armorInventory[0];
    		 ItemStack legs = minecraft.thePlayer.inventory.armorInventory[1];
    		 ItemStack chest = minecraft.thePlayer.inventory.armorInventory[2];
    		 ItemStack helm = minecraft.thePlayer.inventory.armorInventory[3];
    			EntityPlayerSP entityplayer = minecraft.thePlayer;
    			InventoryPlayer inventoryplayer = entityplayer.inventory;
    		 if(boots == null || legs == null || chest == null || helm == null)
    		  return true;
    		 if(boots.itemID == speedBoots.shiftedIndex)
    	   //entityplayer.addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(Potion.moveSpeed.id, 20, 1));
    			 //((EntityLiving)entity).addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(Potion.moveSpeed.id, 20, 0));
    				minecraft.thePlayer.moveSpeed = 5F;
    				return true;
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