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    @Krafting Nether is personal preference :tongue.gif:
    Blue is probably my favorite color so it looks good to me, I was thinking of making 2 packs when I'm done, 1 with blue nether and fire, and 1 with normal fire and nether, but we'll see what I feel like doing. :smile.gif:
    Thanks for the feedback

    Added some more screenshots. I'll be updating the download with more blocks, and some items changed.
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    Thank you guys for your reply's :smile.gif:

    @RyanMilla The nether is probably one of my favorite parts of the pack so far :tongue.gif:

    @FrigginSandvich I'll add more screenshots as I get more of it done, and they were small because I put a thread up on my server's website and the pictures were too big for it.
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    I know question 8 now, just have 7 more things, come on guys! :biggrin.gif:
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    Quote from PhanTango

    How exactly did you not realise that was the texture pack forum?!
    Also, it says in your rule that If I'm kind, I will lose my talking rights.
    You might want to change that!

    He said " (Result In Braking The Rules Are In The ()) "
    meaning that if you break the rule, the () is where the consequence is.
    So, be kind or you lose your talking rights

    But, this is still in the wrong thread :tongue.gif:
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    Oh man I love this texture pack!
    Just kidding, you got the wrong thread :smile.gif:
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    MusePack v1.5.4

    • Few items finished
    • Hotbar update
    • Chest screen update
    • Biomes SHOULD be working now

    MusePack v1.5.3

    • Terrains finished!
    • I'm about 25% done with Items
    • Most GUI left to do
    • Most Mobs left to do

    Thanks to NexTlzeProductions for doing a texture pack spotlight

    Texture Pack Download
    Click here to download from MediaFire

    To get the MusePack water, you need MC Patcher
    Click here for the MCPatcher thread

    All the artwork for pictures are done by my friend Hotaru
    Click here for her DeviantArt

    Texture Pack Spotlight video by NexTlzeProducions
    Click here for his Youtube Channel

    MusePack is nearly finished, I would GREATLY appreciate if you guys gave me feedback. This is all for you guys, and I would love to hear from you. If you love it, hate it, it's your opinion and I respect it. If you download, please use the adfly link, it only makes you wait a few seconds and it helps me make a bit of cash. Thanks for everything

    These are somewhat out-dated, I will take updated ones later, feel free to post your own
    Example of Cobblestone and Glowstone

    Church by my friend KayumiChan

    Just a boat

    Some of the art pictures, Drawn by my friend ll_Hotaru_ll
    Inventory Screen



    This document is Copyright ©(2011)(Muserae) of (hereafter referred to as "The Owner") and is the intellectual property of The Owner. Only Minecraftforum.net is able to host any of The Owner's material without the consent of The Owner. It may not be placed on any other web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. (Electronic mail is acceptable as long as you wait for a response.) If you mirror this mod page or anything The Owner has made on any other site, The Owner may seek compensation for the damages through a lawsuit.

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    Hey, I've been making a texture pack for awhile. I'm nearly done with it, but there's a few things I need help finding so I can change them.

    1.Nether portal (the purple thing)
    2.Fire (for when items are on fire, I have torches, lava, and furnaces done)
    3.Question: If you change a sound, would that be changed in the texture aswell, or just in your minecraft if you added the sound folder to the texture .rar?
    4.If sound would change from texture to texture, where is the lightning sound and what is it called?
    5.I looked around on google and the forums for this, but it said it wasn't possible, but is there a way to change sky?
    6.Question: I changed grass, but the side view of grass is grayer then the upper grass, even though it's all the same color, how can I fix that?
    7.Question: Is it possible for have lava and water to change without the use of an HD Patcher?
    8.Question: Is it possible to change item names (ex. Wooden Sword --> Wooden Paddle) If so, how?

    Thank you to anyone that helps, even if it's just answering one of these. I appreciate all your help.

    Thank you,
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    Quote from inawordnope

    Remember to zip the CONTENTS of the texture pack, rather than the folder containing the contents of the texture pack. Try exporting the texture pack .zip. If you get a single folder containing the contents of the texture pack rather than just the contents spewing everywhere, you know you zipped it incorrectly.

    You helped me realize how stupid I am. :tongue.gif:
    Thank you so much for helping
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    I've installed plenty of texture packs, but I've only started making my first one. My friend wanted to see what I've got done so far, so I sent him the ZIP over skype. When he put it in the texturepack folder, it didn't work for him. After he told me that I tried aswell, and it also didn't work. Why is that? I can see all the changes I make by putting the files in the minecraft.jar file, but that's the only way. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks.
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    I've been trying to add mods for like 3 hours now. I've done it before and it worked just fine, but now when I do it I only get a black screen. I've deleted META-INF and everything, did it exactly the same. If I only add mod loader or anything for that matter, it gives me a black screen. Anyone know why that is and how I can fix it?

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    Not sure if there's a rule on posting after a long inactivity, but could anyone make a flat grass like the one posted earlier, but allow npc's to spawn (default, mo's, and builder mobs)

    When I used the one posted earlier, no npc's spawned, idk if it's a glitch or what.
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