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    So I'm currently in need of some cats to tame for a farm I'm working on, and the only village near me had but one cat (that i sadly managed to chase away when trying to tame), and others don't seem to spawn. I looked up the requirements for spawning a stray cat and it said there must be at least one villager, and 4 beds (only one bed needs to be claimed) for a cat to spawn. In my village I've transported all but one villager (a nitwit) to my base, but this appears to still meet the requirement of spawning a cat (unless nitwit's don't count as villagers at all?). Assuming no other cats will spawn in the village since all that's left is a nitwit, would I be able to spawn stray cats in my own artificial village?

    Thanks for your time.

    Update: Solved! Cats will begin spawning in artificial villages once the requirements are met!

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