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    posted a message on [Forge] Father Toast's Mob Mods - Special Mobs, Utility Mobs, and Lava Monsters!
    Could you please add the ability to make bound souls and scarecrows to use enchantments of items and also be able to stop follow.
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    posted a message on [0.8.2] Building Blocks Mod Maker [Forge 9.11.0][Custom Furnaces!]
    Quote from Guff

    Infinite armor durability just by using -1 as the durability base. Your items aren't appearing in game because you're using IDs which are WAY out of range. Use only IDs below 32000.

    Yes, only standard blocks are available for creation at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Thanks but I tried -1. It makes armor give more damage instead of take away damage. Tools id fixed but still don't work
    Edit: Could you perhaps add bows as tools too? Or are they already in?
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    posted a message on [0.8.2] Building Blocks Mod Maker [Forge 9.11.0][Custom Furnaces!]
    How do I get infinite armor durability in this?
    and My tools aren't appearing in-game. What did I do wrong?

    tool material, lapis, 1, -1, 12.0, 40, 1000

    tool, Infinity Hoe, 260540, lapis_hoe, hoe, lapis
    tool, Infinity Pick, 260541, lapis_pickaxe, pickaxe, lapis
    tool, Infinity Axe, 260542, lapis_axe, axe, lapis
    tool, Infinity Spade, 260543, lapis_shovel, shovel, lapis
    tool, Infinity Sword, 260544, lapis_sword, sword, lapis

    crafting, Infinity Sword, 351:4, sword
    crafting, Infinity Pick, 351:4, pickaxe
    crafting, Infinity Axe, 351:4, axe
    crafting, Infinity Spade, 351:4, spade
    crafting, Infinity Hoe, 351:4, hoe
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    posted a message on [MC 1.12.x] Minecraft Comes Alive v6.0.0 (MILLIONS OF PLAYERS!)
    Quote from AnEpicApple

    I'm using minecraft 1.6.2. I'm using mca version 3.5.4. I have mo creatures, aether 2, insta house, too many items, mrcrayfish furniture, tf2 sentry and superheroes unlimited mods.

    I have same problem except the only mod we have in common is Mo'Creatures.
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    posted a message on Looking For Staff On New Server: COMING SOON!
    1. What is your minecraft username?

    2. How old are you? (be honest, age doesn't really matter) 13

    3. What is your skype username? keylan118

    4. Do you have any experience with server plugins and programming? (Again be honest, it doesn't really matter too much) I have some experience with plugins and very little with programming.

    5. Have you ever been banned or temp-banned from any other server? (be honest, we can check!)
    I don't think so.

    6. Have you ever been staff on any other servers? Yes

    7. How often will you be able to be online per day? Once or twice(a couple hours to 6 hours)

    8. Why should we pick you to be staff? I would like to get more staff experience and just have fun.

    9. What would you contribute to our server? I'm a good builder so I can build and I've been an admin before so I can regulate "traffic".

    10. Anything else we should know? (answer carefully, this is the most important question) I talk to much and people tell me my imagination is super amazing sometimes, not sure if it is true.
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    posted a message on How do I increase the amount of block ID's?
    Hmmm I wonder if you could increase that limit. As soon as I'm done learning java I'm going try to increase that limit by 20000 blocks? That enough elbow room for you guys?
    And maybe something that'll resolve ids while I'm at it.
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    posted a message on Unable to install forge
    What about installing the universal version?
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    posted a message on 1.6.2 Multiworld Server - Staff Required
    Age: 13
    Previous Experience, if any: I have some experience with players but not much. I would like to further my experience however.
    Timezone: Mountains
    Skills, for example, can work well with Redstone: I can build, Work with redstone, Work with plugins, and I am friendly to people(although it might not be a skill)
    Why you would be the best for the position: I don't think I am the best for the position. I would like to have new experiences however and this would be a new experience.
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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    Quote from Noppes

    There will be an npc that follows you forever and need food and properly use armor and weapons. It will be the companion

    When are you going to add this?
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    posted a message on Lets Play:D!
    Age: 11
    Experience: 2 years
    Abilities for mc: Good at everything except a select few things that don't really matter and pvp.
    Can you record:(will not affect) Nope.
    Do you have a server:(will not affect) Nope.
    Are you creative:(If so, can you send me a pic of something you did?) Yes but my computer is a bit slow and such so I can't really show you.
    Would you consider yourself a Hunter, Miner, or Builder: If I could I would be a farmer but other I'd be a hunter.
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    posted a message on I am Looking to Own a Server
    I have figured much of this out. Unfortunately I calculate it will cost 150$ to host the server on the CHEAPEST website so...
    Also I don't have much money and my computer isn't very powerful.
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    posted a message on I am Looking to Own a Server
    Hello. I'm keylan118 (Ign) and I want to own a server. Unfortunately I'm only 11 so there is a minimum chance for me to do this. I need advice and help. I have great ideas for a server. So If you want to help you can whether if it's from plugin/mod making or texturepack to you can host a server for me post a reply saying it bro and give me a way to contact you again! I hope one of you are nice enough to give me a server that I can shape into the BEST server ever!

    P.S. If you could help get me money in anyway that would be great!
    Also can't find the Supernatural RPG plugin anywhere! If you could tell me where that would be awesome.
    Also Also if you could refer me to adflly that'd be great!
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    posted a message on 【✙Chaotic Uniformity✙】[1.3] SuperNatural RPG {No Whitelist} 24/7 -Voting Rewards- 《Hardcore PvP》Shops┋Jobs┋Towns┋Bounties/Kill $
    In-game name: keylan118
    Real life age: 11
    Did you read the rules? Do you agree to follow them?: I did and I promise!
    Where did you hear about us?: Minestatus!
    Why do you want to join?: To have fun!
    Did you vote for Chaotic Uniformity? (If not, click here. It has rewards!):Yes!
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