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    posted a message on Which Minecon cape do you like best?

    I like the 2012 one but the 2011 one had better memories and meeting a lot of my colleagues. ^_^

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    posted a message on Introductions & Leavings
    Quote from JeromeAlbert»

    Who remembers me from 2013? :D

    I'm formerly known as ISFIGU75minecraft.


    I'm this guy who broke the rules uncountable times and who did those horrible moderator application (remember citricsquid? xD).

    So who remembers me?

    I have absolutely no idea.

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    posted a message on Balanced Emerald Tools/Armor
    Quote from DrWeegee123»

    Rubies are not going to be added because a Mojang staff member, (I think Dinnerbone) is colorblind, and has a hard time telling the difference between redstone and ruby, and that's why emeralds came in.

    You're right in that he's colour-blind and that's the reason why rubies became emeralds. He picked the wrong colour gradient making them green.
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    posted a message on Regular moderators shouldn't be allowed to see previous infractions
    Infraction history is important as a gauge of sorts when a member has outstayed their welcome due to complete and utter lack of regard to the rules they agreed to follow when they joined. :)

    They're not that hard. Be nice. Be civilized. That's pretty much it. ^_^

    Other reasons for the infraction history is to prevent multiple warnings for the same infraction. Like if a member posts two or more dupe threads in different sections then we don't want him/her getting double or more warnings because that's unfair.
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    posted a message on This is so ugly.
    Quote from 16cadrian

    Quote from Luke

    Confirmation from Sacheverell that the UI will be changed soon:
    Quote from Sacheverell »
    Quote from CeruleanNutter
    Is it too late to ask for an option to switch between this UI and something that looks like the old one?
    I don't like this UI one bit, it doesn't show near as much information. And (in my opinion!) it's really ugly.

    Call it wishful thinking, but maybe it'll get better as I find my way around...?
    Yeah, I'll probably just not use the forum as much, if any at all. This just isn't my style.

    The UI will be pretty, no worries. Just want to make sure things are working as intended first. UI changes are much easier to address. :)

    You were paid to say this, the new forum is garbage.

    First you make sure everything works as intended THEN you make it pretty. ^_^
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    posted a message on The Dumbest Thing Anyone Has Ever Said
    Quote from MineliteHosting


    I like how I'm still getting comments and points from that post. XD
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    posted a message on Do you miss good old minecraft?
    Not really. I like the game as it is. Using a few convenience mods but nothing much. Love the hoppers though. Slime blocks is possibly going to be a big favourite.

    Quote from Rockyroxay

    not just downloading some mod that does it ALL for you (ahem, tree capitator) But i guess that's just their style of playing.

    I configured it so it takes just as long to chop down the whole tree as it would take hacking away at it bit by bit. :P
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    posted a message on Teleporting
    Quote from Airious87

    Also can someone please let me know how to upload a picture to this site? It wont give me the regular attacha file option, only the ability to link to it and whenever I do, it says i cant use that image extension in this community. Help?

    You have to upload the images to an image host first like Imgur and then copy the image links from the host to here.
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    posted a message on [v0.6] Teleportals ~ Teleport anywhere in your world!
    Quote from Zaleramancer

    I like this mod. It's nice and simple, but also useful. So many teleportation mods I see either have rather complex gui's or tend to rely heavily on coordinate-insta-porting.

    It's nice to see a change.

    So, do the corner blocks all have to be the same, or can they be of any combination of block-types?

    Any combination. Think of it as a code lock. At least two portals has to have the same code to allow travel between one another.
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    posted a message on Pics of your storage room?
    I don't have much of a storeroom... It's more of a warehouse.

    Got room for about 90 more.
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    posted a message on Why are there so many trackers on this website?
    Quote from Msiku

    It's not that popular if you put it into a perspective.

    Still popular enough to get, what, 250 million page views or something like that a month.
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    posted a message on Why are there so many trackers on this website?
    The answer is pretty much: It's a popular site.
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    posted a message on Go through the alphabet before someone posts a My Little Pony picture (Replacement)
    Quote from Flying_Flames_13

    So basically, the orginal Go through the alphabet before someone posts a My Little Pony picture thread was locked because treeco123 was posting sexual MLP images, and people were role playing and chatting.

    So this is a revived version of that thread.

    But we're going to have some ground rules.

    No sexual or otherwise inappropriate pictures.

    No role playing.

    Now let's go!


    Just a reminder that chatting is not allowed in forum games. If you want to chat then use the PM system or a chat program/IRC client.

    Thank you. ^_^
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    posted a message on Can't change my Display Name?
    Quote from darthluke824

    If i'm thinking about what you mean you can't change it until a future update!

    PS What is the username?

    He means the forum display name.
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    posted a message on [v0.6] Teleportals ~ Teleport anywhere in your world!
    Quote from Sythurion

    I think that 1 diamond block to activate a portal is a bit too expensive. It would be nicer if the diamond block would be used as a tool of some sort to light it or it you had some cheaper way to light the portal if it will stay as a 1 time use igniter.

    The advanced portal is worth the price tag in my opinion with the new functionality which was planned from the start. The ability to change the combination on the fly. So now from just one advanced gate you can travel to all other advanced gates as long as the combination matches.
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