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So who are you and why should I care?
Well me and I are The Pastmaster. Former Global Moderator of Minecraft Forum and probably the nicest person on the site.

Okay then... Wait a sec... What's that "Me and I", are you a schizo or something?

Hehehe, no. In my belief the Individual encompasses two personalities. The Mind, or the I, that holds the real you, your thoughts, dreams and deepest darkest secrets. And the Body, or the Me, that holds the mask you show the world around you. As such it is only polite in addressing both of my personalities when greeting someone.

You're weird. No really.
Why thank you.

Oookaaay. So who are you then? What do you do?
I am Alastor Talugara (Silent U) and I am 26 years of age. I work as a Decompiling Engineer and Section Chief at a major retail chain in Sweden.

A Retail Slave huh. What's a "Decompiling Engineer"?
I unpack boxes and stock shelves.

You smile an awful lot, don't you?
Well I'm just being polite.

Okay then. Goodbye.
Goodbye. Thank you for your patronage and have a nice day now.

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