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    ((( Follow-up to 1.9 Thread: )))



    Minecraft 1.11 is coming. It had a glorious showcase at Minecon 2016. Thousands of fans, there in Anaheim and from elsewhere, were letting out their excitement for all the new features in this Exploration Update, especially for the Shulker Box. I was hyped too.

    But then a few days later, "minorities" of the MC community passively destroy all of my joy. Now my love for 1.11 is not the same.

    The response similarities are applicable to most game discussions on the Internet. There is always a group whom harm the community with voices potentially louder than the majority, but often under-representing. Every Minecraft update, I see an illusion of hate by all people. At present time, 1.11, this includes:

    1) 1.11 is an underwhelming update (yet this update is larger than 1.10).

    2) Mojang is running out of ideas.

    3) Vanilla Minecraft is now effectively modded.

    4) Mojang doesn't work hard enough on the game. They cannot satisfy their die-hard fans.


    I'm probably making most resolutions to the issues I have with Minecraft and other game communities. But I'm certain they're other people hurt as much as I am. Negativity makes my efforts at Minecraft seem obsolete and ineffective, worthless, etc., and I wouldn't want those feelings to carry over through my whole life.

    Were my words unclear?

    What do you think I'm missing?

    Let me clear things for you ...

    Just because due to those people who doesn't like the brand new Minecraft update, it doesn't mean that it is a bad update or Mojang isn't working hard for this game.

    To make it more clearer:
    1. People are'nt disappointed or underwhelmed by the brand new update. Well at least some, but it is still in a snapshot status which means any flaws could be removed.

    2. Well, we could say that but most of the brand ne features were like on twitter possibly from the Minecraft Devs saying "Would you like to add this Woodland Mansion in Minecraft?". They're not running out of ideas, well maybe but not.

    3.Why is it effectively vannila effectively modded? They added those in VANNILA Minecraft.

    4. Mojang is definitely working hard for Minecraft, especially when Minecraft is Mojang's trademark. They did'nt let us down with the new updates though, they are working hard to make Minecraft more fun to play.

    That is all I've gotta say, to sum it all, Mojang is working hard for their games.
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    posted a message on What's the type of Minecraft video you hate?

    I believe most of you hates "SECREEEETT STUFFS IN MCPE/MCPE". You know why, because most of them are in capital letters like all of them are and there was nothing secret in those videos at all like, "Hidden music disc image in Minecraft PE files".

    And videos like parkour or survival let's play that doesn't have a cut when doing boring task (getting wood, failing all over again)

    And finally, inappropriate Minecraft videos, usually with stuffs that most people doesn't really want.

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    Quote from Theawesomehwyh»

    Alrighty, my idea is kinda short but what if, there would be a chance that a villager would offer a rare trade (But only after you defeat the enderdragon because it would drop a new block, Cant think of a name for it.), where it wants a new item, the posion apple! A rare item, which could be crafted (Idk how) and gives you every bad status effect! Now what about the trade? It would want 1 poison apple, and it would give you 10 emeralds, but! If you accept that trade, the villager would turn into a new type of illager which I dont have a name for and it would spawn the 2 other types of illagers next to it! The new illager would have the abilities of a witch, but when it throws a bottle at you, it gives every bad status effect to you at once! Also when they are spawned, the world turns to night! this illager would have 150 hearts so slightly less health then the enderdragon. after defeating it it would naturally spawn in mansions, it would drop a new item, a speical new potion that inflicts every type of bad status effects.

    So tell me what you think of the idea!

    Edit: More detalis!

    Not trying to be very mean or bad but:

    Starting from the "Crafting poison apples to trade with villagers" is possibly the dumbest thing to do. And the new type of IIlagers has 150 HP? Much higher than the iron golem and elder guardians health?

    And here, when the new Illager has spawned, it spawns the 2 current Illagrs right and turns the time to night? The new Illager throws the potion which has every bad status effect (nausea,blindness,posion,wither,slowness), the "summoner" Illagers summons those annoying mobs plus the axe Illagers charging at you is equals to INSTANT DEATH.

    Why would we spawn it, if it is not worth it at all. (Just for one OP potion). Sorry but absolutely NO SUPPORT.
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    posted a message on Importing structures to other worlds (Tutorials)

    So are you tired of building large structures again on another world, with 1.10's awesome structure blocks, things got a little exciting!

    So before anything, read the basics of structure blocks before we proceed to the tutorial ...

    If you already knew the basics of structure blocks ... Then let's get started:

    File Exploring:

    So to find your saved structure on a world, example we saved the original structure named "Experiment" on the world "One Command Practice". Then go to ".minecraft/saves/One Command Practice/structures" and you could find the file "Experiment.nbt". To import the file "Experiment.nbt", just find your target world for example, we are going to import it to the world "Anvil Access". The folder "Anvil Access" must have the folder "structures", you could make one and after that, paste the "Experiment.nbt" on ".minecraft/saves/Anvil Access/structures". If the result is the same as the one on the image, it is done!

    Loading The Structure:

    So you got the structure saved into the target world? The next step is for you to activate the block and place the structure ...

    /give <player> structure_block

    Choose the Load Type Block and type in the structure name, "Experiment", type down it's relative position to where the structure is to be placed. And DONE!


    Now, people could stop doing complicated one command vannila mods and creators could just save the structure and just let their viewers download their saved structure. Plus the huge mansions, great castles, that you want to place somewhere in the other worlds.

    Hope the tutorial helped you! Reply to the thread if you didn't understand ...

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    posted a message on Do YOU get scared in survival mode?

    Yes I was, back in the days where Herobrine sightings were very common, I used to just mine inside my house back days. But now I am not scared of going to deep cave operations, I even finally defeated an Ender Dragon. The only thing I am scared of is, when I have loads of cool stuffs in my inventory which I forgot to store in the chests then I am gonna die. I am still afraid of creepers like one time in the mineshaft, there was a creeper in a corridor and when I saw that just when I turned around, I screamed like I saw a terrible ghost. Early days ...

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    posted a message on Minecraft framerate issue, known "fixes" failed

    That image seems Win 7, but hey I had once that problem but I didn't mess anything with the JVM stuffs like that . And one factor is that Mipmap Settings will totally make Minecraft laggy. I suggest you disable Mipmap level and see if anything changes.

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    posted a message on Episode 7 Theories

    Hello people! This thread is a place where people can talk about their speculations for Episode 7 ... If you can see irrelevant topics here, just ignore them! So what do you think could happen on Episode 7?

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    posted a message on Episode 6 Updates!

    Hello guys! And today (well this was from like last week's news) we had a minor information and probably the first info about Episode 6:

    May 12th:

    • Tweet from Job Stauffer:

    Minecraft: #StoryMode Ep 6 has shaped into something special. Mysterious, lengthy, tense, hilarious, & chock full of awesome guest stars!

    (When someone asked a release date, he tweeted out saying:)

    • Tweet from Job Stauffer:

    Not long now! Stay tuned for news in the coming weeks & we should have it in your hands this June w/ Ep 7&8 this summer!

    (About the first one, there is gonna be another new character probably like that and I don't why are they referencing them like that, and about the release date, well you heard them, June this summer! Probably we'll expect Episode 6 days or tuesdays after June 21 (June 21 is the start of summer in the Northern hemisphere) so yeah, thats all for now.)

    June 1 Brand New Updates! And must read!:

    Several Youtube channels and Goggle results are all discussing about these special characters that showcases Youtuber guest stars like DanTDM and CaptainSparklez. If you search Episode 6 teasers, it will show you the teaser image. That was from May 27!

    Now, this one, is for the release date! Everyone in Google and Youtube are saying Episode 6 launches next week! And was now rated by PEGI! And much surprise! Telltale confirmed it to come on June 7th to multiple platforms across the world!

    Storyline Updates? Everybody is saying about high percentage of the Episode being a time travelling adventure but Telltale did not confirm anything yet and letting us be overhyped!

    Well that's all what I got for this day so! Enjoy Minecraft! You could also check the Telltale discussion page about Story Mode for more info and interviews on Youtubers about their cameo.

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    posted a message on Things every city needs?

    I suggest you read this suggestions from the Minecraft Wiki:




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    posted a message on A new default skin?

    Man, I like the skin! But don't you think it is a little weird if that skin will be used as a default skin and that will look like the player being so newbie than the Steve skin (btw I've seen so many players using these kinds of skins that are really not good at Minecraft (sorry no offense).)

    Maybe you got my 12% support!


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